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The Beast With 7 Heads:
The Cycle Of 6,7, & 8

everal weeks back, while I was listening to a repeat broadcast of The Apocalypse Chronicles radio show, I heard James Lloyd make reference to the many curious "co-incidences" which surround the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. I do not recall the context in which he brought up this subject, other than it was in passing during the teaching of some other topic. It is possible that he was speaking generally in regards to the seven heads of the beast prophecy of Revelation 13, and the predictions of a return to power for Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, but it may have been some other related matter.

In any case, this reference to similarities between the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations unexpectedly struck a nerve with me. Before I had to take a medical withdrawal due to chronic illness, I was a graduate student in American History with a 4.0 GPA. Prior to that, while in high school I also had memorized the entire sequence of U.S. Presidents including dates of service. As I went back through the history of the Presidency pondering the possible significance of the aforementioned assassinations, I suddenly realized that following both of these pivotal events there had been a sequence of leaders which paralleled on a national scale the interpretation of the seven heads prophecy which Mr. Lloyd teaches should take place concerning UN Secretaries-General.

Please note that while I am a firm believer in the Bible and a follower of CMN's ministry, I am writing here concerning this issue primarily from a historical point of view, and not from any great level of biblical scholarship. I do not have the prophetic insight to know what is going to happen in regards to the election and swearing in of Ban Ki-moon to be the eighth UN Secretary-General. Perhaps some unfortunate or otherwise catastrophic event will prevent Ban from taking office and usher in the return of the sixth UN head Dr. Ghali (see Egypts Road To Jerusalem for biographical data on Ghali), as Mr. Lloyd has predicted (see Waiting For Leviathan in book form, or The Beast With 7 Heads Revisited or Even He Is The Eighth audio tape materials). Or perhaps Ban will take office as is commonly expected, and the seven heads prophecy will then be seen to play out in some other manner. Who can truly say at this point? Only God knows for certain.

However, even if Ban should succeed Kofi Annan rather than Dr. Ghali as expected, I believe I have found strong evidence concerning the 6-7-8 pattern that Mr. Lloyd has repeatedly taught about. This regards the seven heads of the beast, in which seven sequential leaders are subsequently followed by an eighth leader, who is somehow "of the seven." I believe this is still a valid concept. While I am unsure as to precisely how we will see this prophecy fulfilled on a global layer, I have made what I believe to be a very important finding in an examination of this pattern, as it relates to the U.S. on a national layer.

In such a secondary level of parallel fulfillment, whereby the U.S. government takes on the characteristics of the beast, and U.S. Presidents are its "heads," I was surprised to find that this 6-7-8 pattern happens not once but twice in our history. For such an occurrence to take place once could be considered by skeptics as mere co-incidence. For this unusual and striking pattern to take place twice, however, is highly significant. When one takes into consideration some of the additional supporting details which can be found regarding these two occurrences as well, I believe it is nothing short of astounding.

Many may be aware of one of these patterns which was posted to the Christian Media Internet Forum and Fellowship Group a couple of years back by CM friend Ted Elhajj. I can't recall who else may have subsequently helped to develop this idea more fully, and I do not wish to overlook anyone's contribution. I believe several other group members have also discussed it, but I don't recall any specifics at this time. I do recall hearing Mr. Lloyd mention various aspects of the idea during his radio show on a number of different occasions.

Regardless, this modern version of the pattern can be seen in the aftermath of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Curiously enough, the pattern starts with the "deadly wound" being applied to a previous "head" of the beast government, in this case quite literally with the rifle shot or shots striking President Kennedy in the head during his November 1963 Dallas motorcade. Following Kennedy's death, we see a sequence commence whereby the first head Lyndon Johnson becomes President (11/1963-1/1969), then the second head Richard Nixon (1/1969-8/1974), then the third head Gerald Ford (8/1974-1/1977), then the fourth head Jimmy Carter (1/1977-1/1981), then the fifth head Ronald Reagan (1/1981-1/1989), then the sixth head George H. W. Bush (1/1989-1/1993), then the seventh head Bill Clinton (1/1993-1/2001), and finally the eighth head George W. Bush (1/2001-present), who of course is the son of the sixth head in the sequence. Under the guise of being a born-again Christian, George W Bush is carrying on largely the same New World Order agenda as his father before him.

To the honest and unbiased observer, all of the above is rather remarkable purely in and of itself. However, one can add in a few other factors which have been discussed at length by Mr. Lloyd on his prophecy show and in his writings. For instance there are similarities between Ghali and Bush Sr. in unexpectedly being denied a second term of office, and also similarities between Annan and Clinton regarding rampant corruption during their administrations. There may be other links as well of which I am not fully aware which would additionally serve to strengthen the significance of the 6-7-8 pattern just described.

However, this is not the only such occurrence of this pattern among U.S. Presidents. Mr. Lloyd's remarks on that repeat broadcast early this month mentioning the "coincidences" between the assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln rang a bell in my memory and sent me scrambling through my history books and on the internet checking certain facts. Quite frankly, what I found in my study of the matter shocked me, first of all in its clear and unmistakable significance, and secondly that apparently no one else had ever noticed or commented on it before.

Wanting to double-check my findings, I contacted my friend Jeff Cross (formerly one of the rotating hosts of the Threshing Floor broadcast on the Christian Media Network, who is now hosting the patriot show Shortwave Wars) the next weekend, and outlined the details as best as I could. Unfortunately thanks to the lingering effects of my chronic illness, I generally am able to write with a much greater clarity of thought than I convey when speaking. Jeff nevertheless listened patiently while I presented my ideas over the phone, interspersed with all the difficulties of forgotten words, stops-and-starts, and other verbal glitches common to those of us who suffer from too much toxicity in our systems.

When I was finally finished with the explanation of my findings, Jeff reminded me of Ted Elhajj and his posting of the 6-7-8 sequence listed above in an old message to the cmnfolks group. However, Jeff also stated that prior to my call he had been completely unaware of the existence of a second such pattern in the history of U.S. Presidents. He further stated that certain additional details I had presented to him regarding the deaths of two other Presidents seemed significant to him as well. When I asked him if he thought I should either contact Mr. Lloyd regarding my findings, or post them to the group for general consideration, Jeff encouraged me to follow up however I saw fit when I got the chance.

It has taken me some time to research the matter further by combing through the cmnfolks archives as well as by looking through additional historical sources. I have also been delayed in following up on this matter due to several personal matters at home, one of which involved my wife going to the hospital for a short stay in the ER. However, I now feel sufficiently confident in presenting the details of this second 6-7-8 historical pattern in the U.S. Presidency as one which confirms the overall validity of the pattern in regards to prophetic fulfillment.

This second pattern can be seen during the 19th century in the aftermath of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Curiously enough, the pattern again starts with the "deadly wound" being applied to a previous "head" of the beast government in a quite literal manner with the pistol shot striking President Lincoln in the head during his April 1865 viewing of a play at Ford's Theater. Following Lincoln's death, we see a sequence commence whereby the first head Andrew Johnson (note the parallel in last name here) becomes President (4/1865-3/1869), then the second head Ulysses Grant (3/1869-3/1877), then the third head Rutherford Hayes (3/1877-3/1881), then the fourth head James Garfield (3/1881-9/1881), then the fifth head Chester Arthur (9/1881-3/1885), then the sixth head Grover Cleveland (3/1885-3/1889), then the seventh head Benjamin Harrison (3/1889-3/1893), and finally the eighth head once again Grover Cleveland (3/1893-3/1897), Cleveland being the only President in all of U.S. history ever to serve a second non-consecutive term in office.

Naturally there are many people with a knowledge of American history who are familiar with both the general sequence of U.S. Presidents listed above, and also with the details of their lives and service. However, to date I am completely unaware of anyone who has brought forth this data and discussed it in regard to the 6-7-8 pattern of leadership which seems to relate to the seven heads prophecy concerning the beast. If I am mistaken in making this assertion, then I humbly offer my apologies to anyone I may have slighted by overlooking their research and study.

Yet I believe I can safely say that no one has publicized this important information precisely because it offers such strong evidence in support of the significance of the 6-7-8 pattern in prophecy. To wit, if what I am presenting here weren't a novel concept, one would reasonably expect James Lloyd to already be aware of the idea, and talking about it on his show in relation to current events. I therefore put forth the notion that this is a new discovery, and that it serves at the very least as a reinforcement, if not a confirmation of the prophetic pattern in question.

There is still more, however, regarding this historic parallel. In studying both the modern as well as the 19th century Presidential patterns, I was taken by the fact that each was begun by the assassination of a sitting President in a manner that curiously resembled the prophetic deadly wound of the beast. Both Lincoln and Kennedy as Presidents could be said to be representational of the beast governmental system as it existed during their time. However, there was an additional parallel in that both men were actually killed by shots to the head. This may seem insignificant when one realizes that there were two more U.S. Presidents who were also assassinated, as well as at least two other Presidents who were wounded in assassination attempts, but who survived their wounds.

All of these others differ from Lincoln and Kennedy in several very important factors. First, none of the other Presidents who were assassinated or wounded by assassins was struck in the head. President James Garfield was shot in the arm and back, dying from the back wound. President William McKinley was shot in the chest and abdomen, dying from the abdominal wound. Former President Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the chest while campaigning for a third term, but was saved by a failure of the bullet to penetrate certain items in his breast pocket. President Ronald Reagan was shot in the chest but survived when the bullet just missed his heart. Other Presidents survived attempts on their lives without notable injury.

Second, none of these other assassinations or assassination attempts commences a recognizable 6-7-8 sequence such as the ones previously described. Following Garfield's death in 1881, we have Arthur-Cleveland-Harrison-Cleveland-McKinley-T.Roosevelt-Taft-Wilson. While there is repetition with Cleveland once again, the pattern shows no significance. Following McKinley's death in 1901, we have T.Roosevelt-Taft-Wilson-Harding-Coolidge-Hoover-F.Roosevelt-Truman. While there is familial repetition in that the Roosevelt cousins are both present, one is first and the other seventh, also a seemingly insignificant pattern. Nor is there any pattern possible to be seen from the unsuccessful attempts.

There is one exceptional feature however which may reflect some prophetic significance regarding these men. Both President Garfield and President McKinley died in mid-September during the first year of a term of office. This took place at a time in history when Presidents were still inaugurated on March 4th rather than on January 20th. This means that each of their Vice-Presidents was granted power under the Constitution to continue as the new President for a period of just under 42 months. I will leave it to the reader to judge whether or not this is somehow meaningful or mere coincidence.

Third, while of course tragic, none of the other assassinations or attempts were all that significant in terms of their overall historical impact. Arthur's presidency following Garfield's death is generally regarded as forgettable. Teddy Roosevelt's presidency following McKinley's death was of considerably greater importance, but in many ways it tended to follow the political trends of its age, bringing about progressive reforms in a controlled manner rather than ushering in fundamental changes in the governing system. The subsequent attempt on T.R.'s life in 1912 didn't stop him from continuing his unsuccessful campaign for a third term. Nor did Reagan's 1981 injury prevent him from continuing in office for a full eight years.

The deaths of both Lincoln and Kennedy, on the other hand, were highly traumatic on the whole to the people of the country at the time, as well as being quite significant in altering the nature and/or structure of government. In the years following Lincoln's assassination, the conquered states of the Confederacy were thrown into the Reconstruction period, which has left bitter feelings among many southerners to this day. More importantly, three constitutional amendments were passed, not just ending slavery all throughout the nation, but also seriously changing the nature of the relationship between the federal government, the separate states, and the individual citizens. This original era of big government was subsequently added to in many ways over time, particularly during the Great Depression, but its next real expansion took place following Kennedy's death. In the years following Kennedy, U.S. involvement in Vietnam was heavily exacerbated rather than being phased out, the civil rights movement was more or less taken over by the federal government at the expense of states rights, and the great majority of today's social programs were either created or vastly expanded in the War on Poverty.

There is still more concerning the deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy that is relevant to the discussion here. Conspiracy researchers such as Ralph Epperson, Craig Roberts, and various others have shown that both President Lincoln and President Kennedy were very probably killed as a result of secret Illuminati machinations. Their assassinations were intended, among other things, to prevent them from carrying out certain financial plans which would have gravely weakened the control of international bankers over our nation's money supply.

During the Civil War, Lincoln had issued "greenbacks" as a form of emergency currency unbacked by regular gold and silver to be used in funding government obligations without the necessity of borrowing money from foreign banks at exorbitant interest rates. There is some indication that Lincoln regarded such currency as having saved the nation from financial ruin, and that he intended to continue the use of such an interest-free money substitute for some time to come following the war. Also during the early 1960s, President Kennedy issued orders for the printing of a large sum of United States Notes, which were essentially a more modern form of greenback currency. It is reported that such orders were intended as the opening move in a plan to eventually replace most if not all Federal Reserve Notes in circulation, drastically reducing the power of the Fed to control the national economy. Both of these intended financial changes coming almost a century apart were developments that the secret controlling elite simply could not allow to take place under any circumstances.

In short, if the "beast" in prophecy is properly understood to be a system of governmental power in opposition to God, and the monetary system under such power is said to function as the life blood of this beast (see Blood Beast Of Babylon for more on this subject), then the assassinations (read "deadly wound") of both Lincoln and Kennedy actually served to significantly advance the satanically-inspired antichrist power structure. The proof of this prophetically related spiritual signature can be clearly seen in the dual repeating 6-7-8 patterns of U.S. Presidents which followed the assassinations -- the equivalent of Satan's own fingerprints. Regardless of what may happen in days to come on a global level with the UN and its leadership, the significance of this pattern in relation to the seven heads prophecy should not be minimized or ignored.

-- Mark Langston (December 25 2006)


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