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A Criminal Bill Of Indictment:

Broadcaster Bill Brumbaugh
Exposed As A Liar, A Thief & A Fraud

ill Brumbaugh is a radio host, presently the host of an internet radio program. His program, the ProActive News, is heard daily. Brumbaugh has been closely associated with veteran "patriot" broadcaster Steve Quayle - when both were broadcasting on a daily basis with the Genesis Network, one of the networks that Mr. Brumbaugh was previously associated with. Extensive evidence has been available for over 7 years that conclusively demonstrates Bill Brumbaugh is a pathological liar.

I was, for example, once told by Steve Quayle that he believed that "Bill Brumbaugh is one of the brightest people on the radio today." Because Steve Quayle helped to sustain Mr. Brumbaugh, his support lent credibility to Brumbaugh's capricious commercial scams. As a result of a continued scrutiny of the indefensible actions of Bill Brumbaugh, it is most appropriate that this exposé appear under the category of Wolves on the ChristianMediaResearch website. 

In addition to his own radio show, Mr. Brumbaugh has also frequently guested as well as functioned as guest host for Mr. Quayle. As a case in point, Bill hosted Quayle's show twice the week of March 5th 2001. The week before that, Brumbaugh was Quayle's special guest. They've done dozens of shows together. Indeed, Steve Quayle was the person most responsible for bringing Bill Brumbaugh into radio in the first place.

When Quayle was with the Amerinet Broadcasting Network, he repeatedly booked Bill Brumbaugh as a guest. When Quayle moved to the Republic Network, Brumbaugh guested with Quayle and substitute hosted for him there. Bill began broadcasting his own program at the Republic Network as a result of his close association with Steve Quayle.

It is not known to the general public, but Steve Quayle was actually a "silent partner" at the Republic Network as he quietly provided the fledgling net with $12,000 at its startup. (1)  Thus, Bill Brumbaugh was able to convince the network management that he was a viable prospect to become a full time host at Republic due to his friendship and alliance with Steve Quayle.

One of the problems at Republic was the same problem that plagues the independent radio network sector today. To put it bluntly, very few of the broadcasters actually pay the airtime bills they agreed to pay. This certainly seems to be the case with Bill Brumbaugh. Ultimately, during a power struggle over control and finances of the net, the Republic radio network folded and split into two separate networks - both claiming ownership of the assets of Republic. The result was the formation of Heritage Broadcasting Systems, and the Genesis Communications Network. The full story of this strange episode is beyond the scope of the present examination of Bill Brumbaugh, but it is covered in detail in the book Shortwave Wars - Volume I, by the present author.

The short version is the Genesis Network was formed by Ted Anderson, Michael Trudeau, Paul and Debi Wright, and Chris Hanson. Anderson and Trudeau of Midas Resources, a gold and silver brokerage, provided the start-up capital. They stole the Republic network assets, studio equipment, and staff without paying the rightful owner - a woman named Loris Thompkins. The Genesis people repeatedly lied and sought to cover up their blatant theft. So naturally, as a good Christian man, Bill Brumbaugh decided to place his show with the thieves instead of the unjustly wronged Loris Thompkins of the Heritage Network.

The Midas people quickly formed Genesis utilizing studio equipment they had stolen from Republic literally on a weekend when Loris was out of town. Ms Thompkins, who was the rightful owner of Republic, formed the Heritage Network and promptly sued the slithery Genesis founders. Thus, all the former hosts at Republic had to make a decision as to which network they would continue to broadcast with.

Because Ted Anderson of Midas Resources seemed to have all the money and Loris Thompkins was almost insolvent due to the treachery of the Genesis crowd, Bill Brumbaugh went with Genesis instead of Heritage. Bill Brumbaugh's siding with the evil perpetrators of this crime was an act of gross indifference to the scriptural admonition to take a stand for the right and "do justice for the afflicted." (2)  But Bill was just getting started in his treacherous radio "career" and hadn't yet learned the full depth of the sleazy tactics he now employs.

I might add at this point that since all of this occurred, Loris Thompkins has been completely vindicated, since the criminals at Genesis have covertly admitted their wrongdoing and settled her lawsuit by promising to pay Thompkins an undisclosed sum of money. Predictably, they insisted on a non-disclosure clause, so no one is allowed to say how much they agreed to pay her. Thus, my assertions of illegal and unethical behaviour on the part of the Genesis people have been proven in a legal proceeding.


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