Beating The Black Horse

Or How Barack Obama Blamed Michelle's Bad Hair Day On Bush

n the bare knuckle world of politics, few were surprised whenBarack Obama blamed the nation's economic malaise on his predecessor. After all, castigating the man in the office for making poor decisions is the stock in trade of those who wish to be elected. During the first year of what would turn out to be the odius Obama debacle, it was still somewhat credible to claim that it takes time to turn a huge ship of state around, so when the nation's woes continued to worsen, Obama could still say the Bush era policies had saddled him with a task that would take a little longer.

Then, the Obamanation began to seriously cook the books, and claim the economic "recovery" was just a tad anemic when, in fact, no fiscal recovery at all has ever been underway. And there was still that thug, Herr Bushler, who continued to make such an easy scapegoat. As Obama's second year of living stupidly unfolded, many began to sense that we were in deeper trouble than we had initially feared, as factory after factory continued to close, and the banks behaved as though they were related to 007, and possessed a license to steal.

Like the everyman engineered to be a creature of the state, in reality, Barack Obama is a consummate failure who should have, could have, or would have succeeded in every endeavor, if it weren't for ____ (fill in the blank). The liar in chief then broadened the blame, and roasted the Republicans for being "obstructionist" in their legislative agenda. And then there was that Bush guy, who still made such an easy target. Now, four months shy of four years in office, Barack Obama is still seeking to blame Bush. At yesterday's press conference, for instance, he announced that it now takes "at least 10 years" to turn around a failing economy.

This is exquisitely ironic, for it is Barack Obama himself who has issued voluminous executive orders, mostly unconstitutional in nature, and justified his edicts as decisive, and appropriate in the face of the present "crisis."

Those versed in political science know the generation of a "temporary emergency," in order to progressively seize more and more centralized power, is a fundamental feature seen in Marxist textbooks, but few spoke up. Those whose Spider-Sense provided them with an inkling of the scope of the evil that has overtaken America were vilified, discredited, or even had unlikely and convenient heart attacks– deaths which usually turned out to be the proverbial tip of the iceberg of "accidents" which increasingly befall anyone who asks too many questions. At least we weren't seeing the Clintonista practice of plane crashes, where everyone aboard was collateral damage because of the one guy on board who resisted committing what was then dubbed Arkicide.

As we come down the home stretch of 2012, and what promises to be quite the horse race as economy and empire collide at Wahabi and Wall Street, hardly anyone understands just what is occurring. At Christian Media, we've long noted how the quarter horses composed of White, Red, Black, and Pale equines represent a color coded quartet of economic and political systems. As each system is reactionary to its predecessor when it rises, it is predictable that it will vehemently reject the previous approach, and continue to affirm the new way as superior.

In previous work, we've shown that Revelation's White Horse of colonial Imperialism, as personified by the British Crown, was answered by the Socialists of the 20th century -- particularly in St Petersburg – the earlier French foray into a brutal populism notwithstanding. That Red Horse was mirrored in China, and it represented a burgeoning power which the Scriptures say, "devoured much flesh" (Revelation 7:5).

William L Shirer will tell you the Black Horse of the little corporal with the Charlie Chaplin mustache has been definitively seen as a response to the Bolshevism which threatened Germany from within and without, so Nazis were notorious in their ongoing denunciation of the Russian Red Horse next door. As the American amalgam of its forerunners emerged with composite components of the White Horse (the English speaking lion kingdom in Revelation 13), the Red Horse(the feet of the Communist Bear kingdom of Daniel 7), and the economic industrial engine of the Black War Horse (imaged as the body of a leopard), the Bible poignantly characterizes the US driven globalism of our time.

On another layer, as this New World Order was announced by then President George HW Bush in 1991, the Imperial White Horse re-initialized the sequence, sitting in the oval office within the White House. When the impulse to swing back to Red re-emerged, number 41 was superceded by William Jefferson Clinton, providing yet another Antithesis to the British White Horse/Lion kingdom, knight of the British Empire, George Herbert Walker Bush.

After 8 years of the bearish behavior of Slick Willie, replete with Monica-gate and the fiery sacrifice of the Christians at Waco, the bewildered believers in American Babylon were conned into believing that Bush the younger was indeed a born-again Christian who would lead the hapless sheep back to the promised land. In reality, W was simply another sequential re-iteration of the twisted version of the cross which rode into Berlin on a Black Horse decades earlier.

That "Black Horse" phase (echoing the lightning warfare of the agile leopard kingdom in Daniel 7) of George W Bush showed his true colors when he announced himself to be the "war president" – yet another manifestation of the bizarre Spiritual powers driving world events in the evil and adulterous generation known as the baby boomers.

Ultimately, the Pale Horse of Barack Obama, steering what Daniel called the shock and awe beast which was "dreadful and terrible," rose to power with continuing characteristics of the White, Red, and Black horses consolidated into the infamous Pale Horse of Revelation 6.

As the Obamathon seeks to continue his Antichrist anarchy another four years, the conventional political wisdom of blaming one's predecessor for such poor results diminishes accordingly. Most are scoffing at blaming Bush for a 16 trillion dollar deficit when it was 1.5 as the Pale Horse arrived. However, only the Scriptural literati realize that when Obama periodically resumes Beating the Black Horse to divert attention from his own ineptitude, he's actually doing it on an involuntary basis because he can't help himself.

The Spiritual impulses which continue to drive the kings and kingdoms of this world are unseen, and the "mighty men" of this world and age are not only helpless to resist them, they are just as deceived as the rest of the earth-dwellers who live in what the Scriptures call the Valley of Decision.

Those who claim to know the way, and promise to lead us were aptly described a very long time ago as "the blind leading the blind" (Luke 6:39). The opposite of the blind are those who have the Spiritual discernment as vessels of the genuine light – and in another great irony occurring in the midst of a period the Scriptures describe as a massive "falling away" from the truth, those who can genuinely discern the truth are rarely found in a church.

Most who think they know the truth do not, and the state of this world is the proof. The primary reason that America is falling apart is because this entire generation has crossed a threshold, a Rubicon of reality, wherein the vast majority simply cannot tolerate the truth.  As virtually everyone declares "I just want the truth," they are still lying, because the Word of God tells us thatno one wants the truth.

But God is faithful, and He has promised that He will always preserve a Remnant. We would urgently exhort all who hope they have ears to hear, that they seek the LORD while He may yet be found, for the night which cometh, that prophesied time when no man can work, is already here.

-- James Lloyd

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