Christian Media CURRENTS Show Examines The Mingling

How The People Of God Seek To Mingle With The Seed Of Men

new installment of the Christian Media CURRENTS program, a radio series running on the alternative radio network, CMN, will air another program on Remnant Prophecy, and this week's episode explains the Spiritual reality which is anticipated in the book of Daniel, where the Seed of God – the true Remnant of Israel – seeks to mingle themselves with what the text calls "the seed of men" (Daniel 2:43).

The Christian Media CURRENTS program has been providing 30 minute, pre-recorded programs presenting various aspects of Bible Prophecy. The program is an outgrowth of the print periodical of the same name (sample issue freely available on request).

Airing on the Christian Media Network, a 24/7 streaming radio feed, anyone on the internet can hear it by pointing their browser, and clicking on the streaming audio link. This week's CURRENTSepisode will be streamcast on Wednesday May 15that 7:30 AM (10:30 AM Eastern), with another airing Wednesday night at 8 PM.

The Christian Media CURRENTS episode on The Mingling also airs Thursday at 4 PM (all times Pacific), and Friday at 7:30 AM and again at 12 noon. Consult the online schedule for additional broadcast information.

A further look at the provocative subject is also covered in the 2 Hour studio CD program THE MINGLING.

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