The Culting Of Christianity Part II

n the midst of the most Spiritually destructive falling away from the Gospel in history, the truth of Bible Prophecy is routinely maligned, distorted, and categorically rejected in favor of a multitude of faulty prophetic expectations. That truth notwithstanding, and in spite of the fact that there are numerous details concerning just how the end of the age will play out, the Word of God declares all that we need to know at this point in the timeline.

We know, for instance, that the Rapture Cult lie of "dispensatons" (read eras, or appointed time periods) which segregates salvation between Jews and Gentiles was engineered in the bottomless pit. We also know the Cult lie was part of a requisite wave of false doctrine which was needed to begin the process of the bundling of the tares of this world, which are led by the Gentiles and the modern state of Israel.

Having long ago established that no error is random, but specifically designed to provide modularized components needed by the dragon for his end game, we further understand that in the Cult wars of the 19th and 20th centuries, the adjacent heretical doctrinal groups which emerged (notably British-Israelism, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormonism), also planted the seeds required for the rise of the Spirit of Antichrist.

The so-called "Witnesses" task was to mask the fact that the 144,000 are indeed a peculiar body of end-time's Christians; and this objective wildly succeeded, as most "believers" now associate anyone who recognizes the Spiritual identity of the group in Revelation as having a "cultic" orientation. In an irony of ironies, the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses has marred the truth of the 144,000, and caused it to be perceived as a cultic doctrine.

To approach this same thought from another direction, while most "believers" recognize how Satan can wrap a poison pill of false doctrine in enough truth to make it palatable, they fail to see how that same Devil can surround a crucial kernel of truth with obvious layers of lies – easily refuted prevarications which were subtly charged with keeping the believers from considering the hidden core of truth. Both are dialectical mechanisms which consist of variations in the admixture of lies and truth known as thelukewarm center, as seen in Christ's words in Revelation. 

Even as the JW's distorted the identity of the 144,000, the British-Israelite doctrine spread throughout  Europe, with the idea the alleged "lost tribes" (the Northern ten tribes dispersed by the Assyrians around 756 BC), were first settled in trans-Caucasia, then moved through Britain, and ultimately most of Western Europe.

The Mormon manifestation of this doctrinal deceit is a North American variant of the British-Israelism which leavened significant portions of European Christianity, and that demonic principality quietly convinced millions of Mormons they are all descended from Ephraim, perhaps the premier tribe of the aforementioned ten Northern tribes.

At the top of this composting pile of doctrinal dung is the winner of the Cult sweepstakes we've dubbed the Rapture Cult.

Filled with love for everything but the truth, the Cult that kidnapped Christianity finally pierced the inner sanctuary of Spiritual truth, in which the body of Christ knew the elect of God were to be exclusively identified with the believers in Jesus Christ. As the various cult systems clashed with each other, the infernal Dialectical energy which empowers all of them provided fuel for the leaven, and it has progressively grown to the hideous monstrosity we call the "church" today.

Ironically, thousands of preachers every single day, already long immersed in the prophesied "falling away" from the truth, continue to warn their respective flocks about the soon to come "falling away!" As the Rapturists form the largest single group, the dominant view of this apostasia (the Greek word rendered as "falling away" in II Thessalonians) says this phenomenon is a quantifiable period of 7 years – a convenient sequence since the Rapture Cult is then able to insert their fictional pre-tribulation rapture as the trigger to the prophesied departure from the truth.

Few have been able to even conceive of the fact that not only is there no verse anywhere specifying a 7 year period of apostasy, there is nothing to preclude this falling away coinciding with the Culting of Christianity – a process which has now been underway for almost two centuries. After all, logic dictates that in the two thousand years since the cross, if the last one to two centuries in history actually encompasses the prophesied "latter days" when this Spiritual departure from the truth of the Gospel is to occur, it still amounts to less than 10% of the entire period of Christian history.

The assumption that the prophesied falling away must be the fictional 7 year tribulation is roughly akin to the distortion of what the prophet Jeremiah called "the time of Jacob's trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7). There is not even a hint this "time" is 7 years, or 3 ½ years, or even 10 minutes in the text. Furthermore, in the wake of what "Jacob" himself has called the signature event known as the Holocaust, it's singularly amazing that hardly any believers ever even mention the possibility that this hideous tragedy was the fulfillment of Jeremiah's prophecy.

The answer to this enigma is found in the fact that the prophesied leavening of the Kingdom of God, as expressed in the body of Christ, has an ultimate destination; and by pushing "Jacob's trouble" into a future event identified with the tribulation, the perspective provides an additional support mechanism for the spurious idea that the end time's tribulation is focused on the Jewish people.

The fact is, a Scripturally astute researcher can trace doctrinal threads in every cult movement back to the Judaean rejection of Jesus Christ which occurred so long ago. For instance, most have heard of the Gnostics, but only a literate few are actually aware of how the mysticism which ravaged the first few generations of Christians was resurrected in Euro-American occult movements in the 19th century – the very period I've been citing.

"Christian" occultism was directly related to the Jewish embrace of Egyptian mystery religion which emerged in the last two centuries before Christ. Emanating out of a Jewish colony in Alexandria, Egypt, the falling away from the Israelite religion among the Jewish Gnostics in the late centuries before the cross, anticipated a repetition of the pattern in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The contemporary Culting of Christianity is comprised of a series of progressive steps, and the common denominator, while not always obvious, is an overriding move leading the entire world back to Jerusalemas ground zero in the nation's efforts to avert Armageddon.

It rarely occurs to Christians that the so called "Watchtower" society's emphasis on legalism has a clear relationship to a works oriented form of salvation – a theological tenet which originated with Israel.Although Mormonism is a bizarre blend of Masonic lore, coupled with a thoroughly fictional "Christian" series of traditions, the unwritten thread in the Latter Day Saints is their alleged descent from Ephraim – a tribe of Israel.

The 7th Day Adventist corporate cult, has undergone multiple doctrinal transformations, but in its most basic form, the emphasis on the Sabbath is clearly related to the 10 Commandments which, of course, originated through the family of Israel.

The Christian Science cult regurgitated by one Mary Baker Eddy, sought to separate Jesus the man from the Christ spirit (you too can be Christ!), and it is directly linked to the Gnostic lore imported from the Alexandrian Jews. Herbert W Armstrong's Worldwide Church Of God (now splintered into multiple smaller corporate cults), engineered a hodgepodge of Jehovah's Witness, 7th Day Adventist, and British-Israelite doctrines which, you guessed it, emphasize the resilient lost tribe myth, and how the Europeans and the North Americans are actually descended from the lost tribes of Israel.

The largest cult of all is the Rapture Cult, and in that particular abomination, all roads lead to the alleged Rapture, so God can finally succeed in redeeming his true chosen people, the Jews.

Space precludes a dissertation on the cult of Mary which penetrated Roman Catholicism so long ago, and the various "Protestant" denominational structures are simply variations on a Pope-less incorporated hierarchy. As systemic theologies such as the Methodists clashed with the Rapture ridden Baptists, new hybrid cults have continually been generated, frequently known as the "Reformed" version of its predecessor

Invariably, each cult at its very core is all about identity – even though some attempt to mischaracterize their primary description via their respective cardinal doctrines. Furthermore, in addition to the fact that doctrinal threads from every cult system has a corollary of one type or another which is inexorably leading the world to the abyss, the very process of the Culting of Christianity is to diminish the finished work ofJesus Christ as the Saviour of all who are called to salvation in Him.

Ultimately, the Kingdom of God, as manifested in the body of Christ, was to be fragmented and fractured until the entire body was composed of the metaphoric "salt" which has lost its savor.

"The Kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened" (Matthew 13:33).

Once this mad assortment of potpourri religion has reached its apex, and become a repository of every unclean and hateful bird, the only course of action is to come out of her -- but that phase of the Culting of Christianity will have to wait for the next installment of the present work.

-- James Lloyd

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