The Dragonspeak Dialogue Part II

"nd I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon" (Revelation 13:11).

In part one of the present exposition, I sought to commit to print a rudimentary analysis which would outline how the insidious nature of the Dialectic process (that which the Scriptures callDragonspeak) has already succeeded in penetrating virtually every institutional construct imaginable – including the collective churches of America. Indeed, as I sent out that particular essay to a large number of presumed believers in Christ, every single negative reply extensively utilized the Dialectic process in their response.

In other words, the truth simply bounced off their hardened hearts and, professing themselves to be wise Christians, they demonstrated they are actually fools:

"When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side" (Matthew 13:19).

Many will react antagonistically (read emotionally) to the use of this Scripture, as applied to those who refused the Holy Spirit's reproof embedded in the original essay. Were it not for the fact the LORD opened this writer's eyes to the horrifying reality of how the Spirit of Antichrist is flourishing within the Dialectic system – the very phenomena I've been called to repudiate -- I would have exhibited the same response.

Large numbers of America's populace are aware the nation has gone mad in its pursuit of "political correctness," and the touchy feely group-think process which now permeates our social structure has become so pervasive that it's even become the subject of satire in secular entertainment venues. However, very few realize that America was specifically targeted, via our educational infrastructure, shortly before the onset of the baby boom; and the architects of this manipulative mind meld openly stated their goal was to transform the entire nation into a new way of thinking.

For example, everyone knows the children are taught by the teachers, yet how many know the educators themselves represented the first goal set by the social engineers, in an open conspiracy to reach the children – kids who would eventually grow into positions of authority with subtly conditioned thought processes? In fact, any teacher in the nation can tell you about a crucial book entitled Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, for it became the virtual Bible of education.

Indeed, the Taxonomy is so foundational that there is not an accredited teacher who has never seen it, and like the title says, this book provides the actual definition of education – and just what is to be the "objective" of any aspect of instruction. Since this work is foundational, and since America was built upon the foundation of the patriarchal model of God, family, and the Biblical concept of absolute truth, the worldview of Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy should be of interest. He writes the following:

"We recognize the point of view that truth and knowledge are only relative and that there are no hard and fast truths which exist for all time and places" (Taxonomy, published in 1956, with the research commencing in the prophetically significant year of 1948).

This is the wicked worldview which lurks beneath the entire educational system in America.

Such relativism should sound familiar, for we now live in a world where truth is defined by a process known as theDialogue to Consensus. In other words, in any group setting, what we can agree upon becomes the very definition of truth. This is the bedrock lie on which America has built every educational institution – and that includes private "Christian" schools, for no institute of learning can be legally accreditedwithout acknowledging the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.

Bloom's assertion that there is no such thing as absolute truth was taken directly from Karl Marx, who wrote the following:

"In the eyes of the dialectical Philosophy, nothing is established for all time, nothing is absolute or sacred…" 

Unfortunately, when Christians hear a citation from Marx, they instantly relegate the threat to the political vein, thinking that "Marxism" is certainly a serious threat to America, in terms of our historic freedoms. Few realize the hidden goal of this way of thinking is not just to seize control of the nations of the world through Communism, it is actually an intellectual dagger aimed at the soul of the Christian believer.

The truth is, Marx only appropriated concepts which originated much earlier in philosophy (notably German), but his written work demonstrated he firmly believed that what became Marxism could never fully succeed until the world's thought processes were altered. Furthermore, Marx was well aware of the concept of God and absolute truth, as manifested in the previously dominant patriarchal, Didactic paradigm, and he was convinced that all people must be retrained through education to shift the authority away from the father figure:

"Once the earthly family is discovered to be the secret of the holy family, the former must itself be annihilated theoretically and practically" (Marx, Thesis on Feuerbach #4).

The perverted psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, who believed in and promoted pedophilia, agreed that the parental, patriarchal model stood in the way of a shift in the global mindset, and he taught that the father should be emotionally "annihilated" in order for the child to more fully express himself, and reach his/her "potential." Since it was impractical for the globalists to stand up and execute every father, the group consensus came to believe the father, as the physical extension of the role of God the Father as the source of absolute truth and authority, must be rendered irrelevant, so the Beast government could be transitioned into the parental role. 

By the time this Dragonspeak Dialogue had completely permeated virtually every significant institutional strata within the American social order, our schools were being driven by intellectuals such as Erich Fromm, a highly respected figure at Columbia University. The following quote from one of Fromm's hugely influential books says it all:

"In the process of history man gives birth to himself. He becomes what he potentially is, and he attains what the serpent – the symbol of wisdom and rebellion – promised, and what the patriarchal, jealous God of Adam did not wish: that man would become like God himself" (Erich Fromm, from the book You Shall Be As Gods).

Although most believers sigh at such apostasy, and immediately assume they and those they love are not caught up in this intellectual witchcraft, the overwhelming majority of believers are already practicing a more subtle form of the same way of thinking – so it is now just a question of time before the leavenous, progressive state of this evil comes "to the full" (Daniel 8:23). Indeed, this Dragonspeak Dialogue has already wildly succeeded in altering the very thought processes of the believers of our time, and even though they are convinced they are washed in the blood (and look like lambs), practically all the "Christians" of our time speak like dragons.

-- James Lloyd

A further look at the mysterious Dialogue to Consensus is found in the book from the present author entitled DANCING WITH THE DRAGON.

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