Enemies Of The State Who Store Food

hile millions of Americans continue to live in the fantasy world where tyranny only occurs in foreign countries, the US Police State continues to take shape. In the latest bit of outrage, federal agents have visited a food canning operation in Tennessee, run by the Mormon Church, and demanded they be provided with lists of the parties which have used the facility.  

As this story broke on the Internet, lighting up chat rooms, forums, and talk radio, it became self evident the tyrants can do anything they wish at this point, and the now completely dumbed down American populace will simply dismiss it as the rantings of some conspiracy nut. However, in the present instance, the ongoing illegal behaviour of a government clearly out of control is undeniable.  

A spokesman for the Oath Keepers group, a pro-Constitution watchdog group with chapters around the country, has personally visited the cannery and confirmed the story. The people of Tennessee are already seeing similar encroachment from state agencies, so this is probably the shape of things to come around the nation. For instance, the Nashville Public Health Department, as well as the Tennessee Department of Health, are actually conducting "door to door assessment" of disaster preparedness within 30 neighborhoods in Davidson County.  

At a time when local, municipal, and state governments are practically bankrupt, this is not only an unprecedented intrusion into citizen's civil liberties, it is highly suspicious as it indicates an ongoing wish to monitor anyone with a degree of independence from central government's controls.  

Ominously, the fact the federal government is poking in to citizen's food storage practices in the present instance follows recent revelations by Senator Rand Paul, who has publicly stated the renegade Department of Justice considers anyone storing more than 7 days of food to be a potential terrorist.  

That particular insanity, denounced by the son of Constitutionalist Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, follows the Senate's passage of The National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the military to police domestic streets, and detain US Citizens indefinitely, without trial, if they are "suspected" of terrorism. By placing the latest developments side by side, in view of the fact the federal government has now said food independence is a telltale signal of possible terrorism, the legal apparatus is now in place to put YOU in Guantanamo Bay if you have a modest pantry. 
While multitudes of stupid Americans figure they can trust the government, or worse yet, they've been programmed by the liars in the churches to unconditionally obey the government (via the Biblical chapter we call Egyptians 13) because God must have put them here to oppress you, those with mental faculties as yet unimpaired by unrestricted consumption of the mind numbingly nasty food supply know better.  

While the Mormons have demonstrated sound political and utilitarian good sense concerning food storage, most mainstream Christians are so unconscionably brain dead concerning such things that they continue to make lies their refuge(Isaiah 28:15) -- with vast numbers of them figuring they'll be on the Rapture bus before anybody actually gets hungry. Besides, they posit, this is America, it can't happen here!  

We submit the "can't happen here" worldview is now moot, for it's already happening here NOW. During the "crisis" conditions after "Uncle Joe" Stalin (whom we now find was apparently related to Uncle Sam) came to power, and the Russians were being "helped" by relocating vast numbers of the citizenry to food collective farms, millions died -- probably still thinking to themselves "it can't happen here."  

For those who have showed a modicum of common sense, and have a food storage program because they can see the writing on the wall, we hope you've followed our advice of many years, and kept the actual locale of the foodstuffs rather low profile. When Jesus said "let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth" (Matthew 6:3), we don't think He was talking about the Beast government, but it's still excellent advice in multiple scenarios.   

Here at the GEO group, I'll hasten to add that we are still distributing survival food, and our records are not only secure, after survival food ships, the records of where they went are destroyed.  

The short version is, big time famine is coming, and the Beast knows it. At this late date, the large, multi-year units of long term dehydrated foods (the type the Mormons can) are almost impossible to obtain; but the good news is, they may not actually be the right items to even try to obtain, in terms of the best strategy to be prepared for the inevitable famine.  

Some years ago, our Sound Body group (the health/survival outreach of Christian Media, the ministry behind GEO) began to recommend our constituency obtain rice and beans locally, and then buy the highest nutrition powdered supplements possible. With this approach, you avoid the high shipping costs for the rather heavy staples, and can purchase them with cash. The high powered canned nutrients usually only last a year or so, but they're much smaller (and lighter), and a case can be moved to a safe location much more easily.  

The idea is to modify your behavioural plan, and consume the supplements on a regular basis, thereby removing the problem  of expiration dates. At the same time, renew the stocks on a regular basis -- thus, you're eating better foods NOW, and at the same time, you can maintain months worth of food which will be on hand when the crisis comes, buying you precious time to try to source more food stuffs for longer term use.  

It's bad enough the Bible flatly tells us famine is coming, but now we have to think about where you can hide your survival goods, because the government, empowered by the Spirit of the Antichrist, is roaming about, seeking your sustenance, so they can continue in their wretched existence before the LORD sends them to the place in which they so richly deserve to spend eternity. 

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world" (I Peter 5:7,8).  

As of this writing, Sound Body is still able to deliver a case of the above described high quality nutritional whole food in case lots. For more, see the ad on ULTIMATE GREENS.

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