The Harbinger

An Analysis

he Harbinger is a unique fictional book, dealing with prophecy and the end times, which has become a significant best-seller. Written by a Rabbinical mystic named Jonathan Cahn, the book is so extraordinary that it has become the source of controversy among Christian leaders, as the Internet has been buzzing for many months with theological critiques, counter-accusations, and quite a bit of petty back-biting in the church. 

In short, The Harbinger is an amazing work which signals another stirring in the realm of American Spirituality.

Unfortunately, the fact that America is on the verge of a major Spiritual paradigm shift is not necessarily a positive development, but very few of the "believers" which are presently taking sides in the raucous controversy over Cahn's provocative work are able to discern the real truth of the matter. 

The controversy over Jonathan Cahn's book reached a fever pitch recently after multiple prophecy ministry figures denounced the work via their national media outlets. Their names are not important, except to note the fact they are all mainstream, and as far as we can tell, all Rapture Cult prophecy figures.

The criticism became so intense that WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah, who is also a Jewish Supremacist, stepped up to publicly defend The Harbinger, with some well pointed observations concerning the critics. Thus, there are two stories here: The message which is found in The Harbinger, and the dialectically driven conflict it has generated.

The more important of the two is the conflict itself, because we have learned the process in which twin factions collide is a clear indicator that something significant is occurring in the realm of the Spirit. Thus, we seek to analyze the subject as well as the clash, with an eye on exposing what is really occurring behind the veil of the controversy.

At the outset, we'll point out that both factions in the controversy are essentially Jewish Supremacists – either total Rapture Cultists, or Messianic/Two House proponents (or some variation thereof). As a result, anyone drawn into the conflict will inevitably be drawn even further into the errant Jewish Supremacist worldview, which is destined to increase until the very end of the age.

This is not dissimilar to the present political dilemma in America. Both presidential candidates are globalists, but each has a variation in how we get there, and what happens to America in the process. Thus, although there are huge differences between the two partisan political approaches, a vote for either is still a vote for globalism.

For those who have read this far, and have no idea what I've just stated, I'll caution you that you're already being battered by the Spiritual flood coming out of the mouth of the dragon, and the Spirit of the age will take malevolent advantage of every living soul who is not fully cognizant of the Devil's devices. To put it bluntly, you have some serious catching up to do, as the end game is already well underway. 

It is true statement that, in The Harbinger, Jonathan Cahn has constructed a very accessible and stimulating set of facts, couched in a call on Americans to repent – hardly an unscriptural premise. Furthermore, the few traces of Gnosticism and Messianic Judaism in the book are so well concealed that the work itself is appealing to those hoping for a revival of faith in America. It's what is lurking under the surface which has generated all the controversy. 

Perhaps an analogy might help in the present context. In the last hour, as I took a break from the present composition, on the television in the background a show entitled Amazing Facts was airing. Many Christians are unaware of the fact that it is a 7th Day Adventist production, as the show's sponsor is not always obvious to the casual viewer. The presenter was saying that many believers are actually consulting the dead, a practice which is forbidden in Scripture. He was then offering a book, ostensibly on the specifics of the LORD's prohibition concerning communing with the dead.

Thus, I can say with all certainty that I agreed with every statement made, in that believers are not to be involved with mediums and so forth; however, I also know the 7th Day Adventists propagate the false doctrine of annihilationism (also called soul sleep), in which they teach there is no conscious afterlife of punishment for the wicked.  

Thus, although the false prophet in question (a man named Doug Batchelor) made statements of truth, I also know that behind the "truth" of his statements there are a subtle series of deceptions – doctrinal errors which will lead to the eternal torment which the SDA's deny.

So too with the book The Harbinger; for although there are a few subtleties which point to the Jewish Supremacism which is a central tenet of author Jonathan Cahn's Spiritual worldview, there is very little with which to fault the book itself.

One of the seemingly few benefits of growing a bit older is the fact that age allows some folks to have a broader view in which to contextually place phenomena like The Harbinger. If we look at the impact of The Late Great Planet Earth, Hal Lindsay's blockbuster hit in the 1970's, and Left Behind, the Tim LaHaye/Jerry Jenkins smash hit in the mid 1990's, we have a parallel to The Harbinger – which is just beginning its popular ascent to what we would project will be a lengthy stay on the bestseller lists.

Most of the attacks on the work are coming from supposed "discernment" ministries – those heresy hunters who are so blind they wouldn't know the Whore of Babylon if she gave them a lap dance, so the brouhaha surrounding The Harbinger is illustrative of the decrepit Spiritual state of the so called Christian "Church."

To put it bluntly, if you know the truth about Bible Prophecy, you'll find allegedly "discerning" members of the Rapture Cult attacking a Jewish Supremacist with subtle kabbalistic leanings (which broadly describes Cahn) quite predictable, if not downright laughable. On the other hand, if you're a rudderless ship still docking in the harbours of the various corporations masquerading as churches, you'll find Cahn's prophetic depth Spiritually stimulating – which may be roughly analogized as jumping out of the proverbial frying pan and leaping right into the fire.

The point is, the overwhelming majority of believers have no idea they are already up to their collective eyebrows in the Spiritual quicksand of the prophesied "strong delusion" (II Thessalonians 2), and The Harbinger is such a quantum leap forward in the progression of things prophetic, that most who are exposed to this material sense there is something very supernatural at work in this project. And indeed there is.

Thus, we approach the subject with much trepidation, for we are not book burners, nor do we try to blacklist things of this nature – for the prophesied end time events, and moves (and countermoves) of the spirits are going to occur with or without your participation. To rephrase that thought, even though we see Jonathan Cahn in a theological sense as being on the wrong track (he's a so called "Messianic Jew," a Scriptural impossibility) since we believe the content in The Harbinger is going to become very important because of events which are yet to occur, it makes no sense to ignore such material, but to recognize it for what it is, and react to it in a Scriptural fashion.

"For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits…" (Romans 11:25).

The book itself is constructed around fictional characters, who become aware of a prophetic thread of thought built around several key verses in the book of Isaiah. The Scripture in question (see below), is contextually derived from a repudiation of the Northern Israelite kingdom, which showed great defiance as the LORD removed His protection from the Old Testament kingdom.

"The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones; the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars" (Isaiah 9:10).

The verses which follow and precede this one leave no doubt that it is the pride of Israel (Samaria and Ephraim in the text) which is being judged and, historically speaking, it was theAssyrian Conquest which destroyed the Northern kingdom for its apostasy. However, what The Harbinger has done is to convincingly link components of this prophecy with the American 911 disaster, and in the process, author Cahn draws fascinating parallels between the people of ancient Israel who refused the LORD's correction, and the imminent fall of the modern American Empire.

Perhaps the centerpiece of the data which connects America to the Isaiah 9:10 passage is the fact there was a large Sycamore tree at Ground Zero on 911, and it shielded an old church building from the rubble – enabling it to be the only building near the trade centers which was not destroyed. There were many, many peculiarities involved in this, but the New Yorkers, completely unaware of the Scriptural connection, were so impressed with the Sycamore story they erected a monument imaging the root system of the tree.

In one of many threads of impressive research found in the book, it turns out that the Cedar tree, which Isaiah says will replace the fallen Sycamore, has a definitive botanical connection to the type of conifer tree which the authorities actually planted in the identical spot where that Sycamore fell.

The idea of rebuilding in the Scripture was closely associated with a defensive, defiant response to a foreign assault – in ancient Israel as well as modern America. In the case of the Assyrian Conquest which ended up devastating the Northern ten tribes of Israel, the Assyrians were based in what is now Iraq, and it wasn't long after 911 that America entered into a lengthy conflict in Iraq.

The Harbinger shows how Isaiah's cumulative prophecies deal with each judgment as a warning to a people who have forgotten God – and when the warning is met with defianceinstead of repentance – precisely what has happened in America -- a second judgment will follow. It turns out the economic dimensions of 911 triggered a series of fiscal events which culminated in the crash of 2008 – and it happened exactly 7 yearslater.

The economic element is deeply threaded throughout this work, as The Harbinger takes us all the way back to the founding of the New York Stock Exchange – which was originally known as the Buttonwood Association – so named because the earliest financial traders used to meet on Wall Street, where they sat under a large Buttonwood tree to discuss the formalization of the trading of equities.

The Buttonwood tree is now known as the Sycamore Tree.

"…the Sycamores are cut down, but we will change them…." (Isaiah 9:10).

It turns out that, in the days following the disaster, the "bricks" which fell down from the towers were actually replaced by "hewn stones" which were carved out of the Adirondack mountains, some distance from Manhattan. 

A key prophetic theme in the book is related to the "to whom much is given, much is required" principle. In the case ofAmerica, author Cahn weaves his mystical narrative to conclude that, because America has a unique history of consecration to the LORD in the nation's earliest times, once we have turned away from God, His judgment will be connected to that earlier dedication.

For instance, The Harbinger tells us how the first Constitutional president of the United States, George Washington, at his inauguration, led a large crowd of all of America's leaders in a joint prayer, in which he committed the fate of the young nation to God. These were the days before the leadership was relocated to Washington DC, and the government met in New York atFederal Hall.

In this significant ceremony, as the nation's first president was sworn in with his hand on a Bible, Washington himself led the entire Senate and the House of Representatives in a solemn pedestrian procession to a small church, and there they placed the fate of America in God's hands. Here's the amazing punchline:

The church where the leaders of the United States consecrated the nation to God is the very same church at Ground Zero – the only building in the perimeter that was still standing when the towers fell – the one with the Sycamore tree.

There are dozens of eerily unusual facts like these, and the present brief summary doesn't even  scratch the surface of the subject matter seen in the supernatural symmetry of judgment; however, I wanted to give the reader just a couple of the fascinating, and little known details found in The Harbinger. And there is much more. 

There is another reason why I could not put this book down, and ended up deciding to offer it to our readers.  The fact is,The Harbinger resonates with much of our own ministry's prophetic output. For instance, writing in 1992, I specifically predicted a judgment of the scope of 911 would be unleashed on the city of New York. I further specified there would be anIslamic component to the attack and, throughout my first book which carried these predictions (Beyond Babylon: The Last Week Of The World), I repeatedly noted that America has fallen from a special place in the LORD's heart, and we will be judged because of it.

In fact, writing in a chapter entitled The Debt Bomb, I also saw the total economic destruction of America, but The Harbinger has adroitly connected the end of our economic prosperity with the911 disaster itself – beginning with the suspension of stock trading as the attack ensued, and culminating in the devastating crash of 2008.

However, we would also predict that the present economic malaise is just the beginning, for the collapse of the entire world monetary order is in our immediate future. There are even worse things in store for America, and The Harbinger also points towards even more severe judgments on this nation.

This brings us back to the ensuing controversy over the book. We have learned that the process wherein two factions collide is related to the process of dialogue – that which we callDragonspeak – and this Dialogue to Consensus cycle inevitably leads to the wrong conclusion.

For instance, many of the "discernment" ministry figures say The Harbinger's application of Isaiah 9:10 is false, claiming it only applies to a literal, local fulfillment seen in the ancient Assyrian attack. Others object to America being paralleled with Israel – when it is self evident the fate of the modern state of Israel is closely intertwined with America's role in prophecy.

The fact is, America is facing a thundering judgment from God, and when it ultimately hits, no one is going to remember the critic's hollow assertions, but they will remember that people like Jonathan Cahn saw it coming.

Another analogy may be in order here. In yet another dialectically derived clash, the Preterists (those foolish enough to believe the prophesied tribulation occurred in 70 AD) are mostly opposed by the Futurists (those who say there is a vast amount of unfulfilled future prophecy) in the Rapture Cult. When the inevitable disaster strikes on such a scale that it becomes widely believed the tribulational cycle is underway, the Preterists will be universally discredited; but even though the Rapture Cult presented a jaundiced version of future disaster, it does not mean they truly understood Bible prophecy either. In the world of dialectically driven pronouncements, the epitaph on the Rapture Cult's tombstone could read "they were less wrong than the Preterists."

In this regard, those who do not yet understand how the Spiritual principle of a "double minded man" (James 1:8) also applies to the double mind of the Devil, are at an extreme disadvantage. In the tumultuous times in which we find ourselves, the LORD would have us understand the truth of the two-fold Spiritual forces which are impacting our ability to discern the signs of the times

Similarly, in the wake of the Biblically described judgments which are dead ahead, the Jewish Supremacism we've sought to refute on so many occasions is destined to rise to astonishing heights.  We cannot stop prophecy – especially the unsavory events we have foreknowledge of – from unfolding. We canfollow the advice in Proverbs, and seek to apply it in a prophetic fashion:

"A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished" (Proverbs 22:32).

The bottom line is, any book that has the potential to wake up significant portions of our nation – to the degree that they realize the wrath of God is about to fall on America – is a book that should be read. The Harbinger is such a book.

-- James Lloyd

More on the subject of the Dialectic, and how conflict is being used to move the body of believers to the apostasy of the end times, is found in the author's work DOUBLE VISION.

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