The HIjacking Of Pierre Jurieu

The 17th Century Author Who Was Not A Pretribulationist

he Bible tells us that proclaiming the truth, in spite of the fact that we know most of the so called "church" isn't even remotely interested in it, is never a useless pursuit. Thus, with laptop firmly planted in position, I set out to record the truth of yet another historical figure, who is now helpless to resist the lies being written about him, as he has long since moved on to his final reckoning.

We first encountered Pierre Jurieu, a French writer from the 17thcentury, in the same place we run across dozens of relatively obscure religious writers – and that is in the ludicrous assertions put forth by Rapture Cult writers, claiming the party in question taught the pretribulation rapture doctrine long ago.

These theocrims (shorthand for the theological criminals who commit Spiritual crimes), while impressing the "many" with their supposed intellectual acuity, are actually on their way to Hell – an eternal abode which will be preceded by the utterance of those famous words, Lord, Lord, when they will find themselves turned away from glory.

Rapture Cult "Christians," among the most blatant liars in the world, are still resorting to the claim that many ancient writers embraced pretrib, as a way of deflecting the lack of Scripture positing the fallacious system.

In prior efforts, we have lamented the fact the rankest of the Rapture Cultists commonly regurgitate the output of knowledgeable liars, in utilizing the illustrious cut and paste process which is so useful when quoting things out of context. The leading liars are the "big names" of prophecy, and their deceit is widely trusted, and subsequently copied, by legions of would be prophets – thinking they do God service (John 16:2).

These random citations, which frequently sound a great deal like an actual reference to the so called "Rapture," are always repeated with no thought of the body of work from the individual in question, or his place in history, or even the plain statements to the contrary in the original document.

The problem is, most "prophecy" writers (who are fulfilling the role of false prophet, even though they profess to be only a "writer" or a "teacher"), care so little about accuracy that their laziness precludes the allocation of the time, effort, and even the money needed to pursue the actual facts. This is particularly true in the case of Pierre Jurieu, whose original French tome (translated into English and printed in the year 1687), is certainly not found at Barnes and Noble. Throw in the fact the obtuse work is almost 700 pages of that old English cursive type text common to the era, and you may comfortably conclude 99% of the Rapture Cultists who tell you Pierre Jurieu taught pretrib have never even seen his book, let alone read it.

However, in seeking to carefully document what I already knew, I set out to obtain a decent copy of the complete work; and, having quickly decided against forking out $800 to some guy on Ebay for an original edition, I turned to the bookstore at Harvard to get a legitimate copy.

The book in question, entitled The Accomplishment of the Scripture Prophecies, Or, The Approaching Deliverance of the Church, is an excessively wordy account of the author's prophetic worldview. Those already versed in Christian history know that Jurieu virtually had to be a historicist of some kind, as the period in question was dominated by believers who embraced that prophetic model.

For the sake of the knuckle-draggers who find Jurieu's name on a list produced by the literary midgets running the Rapture Cult, historicism was and is a belief cherished by ancient Protestants that equated the tribulation as a prophesied period of persecution which was to be 1,260 years long. Obviously using the year for a day principle found in several prophetic texts (notably Ezekiel 4:6), virtually every historicist saw themselvesnear the end of the prophesied tribulation.

In the face of centuries of Roman Catholic tyranny, Protestants universally saw the Papacy as the office of Antichrist, with the current scarlet clad pretender just the latest version of the illustrious title. The variations seen in historicism are mostlywhen each writer believed the 1,260 year period began – but most of them saw its inauguration coinciding with the era of Constantine, or somewhere near that time.

Pierre Jurieu, for instance, believed the tribulation began in 450 AD. Here's just one of many places where he writes on his version of the 1,260 year tribulation. Describing one of his mentors who showed him the math, Jurieu writes:

"I met with that Author the thing which I so eagerly sought for, viz., the true Epocha of the 1260 years, during which Time the antichristian Empire shall last, he makes them to begin about the year of our Lord 450 or 455 by dateing them from thence, they must end about the year 1710, or 1715 which agrees very well with my conjecture" (Jurieu, The Accomplishment of the Scripture Prophecies, etc, Harvard Book Store Edition, Advice To All Christians, page 25).

That this is not an isolated statement is evidenced by the fact the author makes similar assertions throughout the work. For instance, in recounting the development of his own prophetic worldview, he confirms the idea of a 1,260 year tribulation:

"Every man hath the liberty of his own thoughts; but I profess, that to me these are great presages of the approach of the last work of God, for the establishment of his Kingdom, and the ruin of that of Antichrist. My spirit was in that frame, when this last and great Persecution in France began. I therein took notice of several Characters, that confirmed me in the belief that we were in the last times of the Period of 1260 years, and that this is the last Persecution spoken of in the 11th Chap. Revel" (Jurieu, page 12, emphasis mine).

At this juncture, it might be useful to point out the present work was not undertaken to refute the historicist theology of Pierre Jurieu, as the fact that we are long past any viable presentation of the year for a day perspective which proclaims the tribulation to be past tense Papist led, is self evident. In other words, the Roman power has been here far longer than 1260 years. Thus, history itself has already judged the historicist system.

However, by intentionally concealing what was actually believed, in a pathetic effort to establish the so calledpretribulational rapture at a time when no one ever heard of it, is despicable, for it obscures legitimate inquiry into the progressive development of belief systems. For instance, in the 17th and 18th centuries, it was becoming undeniable the historicist model was faulty, and theologians were looking for an alternative explanation concerning the flow of prophecy.

Certain dishonest groups, such as the incorporated cult ofSeventh Day Adventism, promote the idea that futurism(allocating the 1260 day/42 month cycle to the future) was the invention of the Popes, to distract from the supposedly obvious association of the Vatican with the prophesied Antichrist. This is faulty as well (see the Christian Media Research article "The Pope Invented Futurism?"), but the SDA's, many of which still cling to historicism, are heavily vested in an easily documented animosity towards the Papacy.

The point is, the distortion of what was believed in various eras to achieve credibility for one's own false doctrine impedes honest study of the truth, and carries a liability resulting in eternal consequences of an extremely detrimental nature. In short, the deceivers are themselves deceived, and if you partakeof their dishonesty, you will be held accountable:

"But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,deceiving, and being deceived. Come out of her, my people that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (I Timothy 3:13, Revelation 18:4).

But back to Pierre Jurieu, common sense dictates that a man who believed the tribulation was 97% over can hardly be said to be a pretribulational Rapturist!

To be absolutely certain that fact sinks in, we may note that Jurieu connected the vial judgments in Revelation – which are referenced to be the vessels which are used to "pour out the wrath of God upon the earth" (Revelation 16:1) – as part of the 1,260 years, and categorically said so:

"I believe that I have found the seven viols of the 16th Chapter [of Revelation] to be already poured out, which were supposed to be yet to come, which to me is an argument, that the Reign of antichrist is near its end" (Jurieu, page 30).

The fact that Pierre Jurieu, and other historicists of the era, saw the tribulation almost concluded, helps to explain the title of his book, which includes the phrase "…The Approaching DeliveranceOf The Church" – as he thought the true church to be Protestant in nature, and believed the Romanist Empire, which viciously persecuted the Protestants, was about to fall.

Rapture Cult leaders are able to slant aspects of Jurieu's theology towards pretrib because the innovative Frenchman theorized many novelties, and by taking them out of their contextual setting, cultists can twist the intent to try to show pretrib was supposedly known in the 17th century.

As is common, those who rip statements from their historical setting seek to isolate those statements, so as not to impeach their own witness with adjacent commentary. As a case in point, Jurieu's theology was certainly unusual, but it was downright heretical in many places – something the Cult widely ignores. Like the German Martin Luther of the 16th century, Jurieu hated the Romanist practice of indulgences, where a person could give the church a financial gift to get a loved one out of the fictional place called Purgatory.

Whereas Luther actually allowed for the existence of Purgatory, Jureiu despised the obvious whoredoms of indulgences, but also retained the idea of a sort of halfway house between saved and not saved. Foolish Pierre invented a category he called "half Christians," and these were supposedly the millions of indigenous peoples in the colonial era New World which had become Catholic converts. These he compared to the "proselytes" of the Jews, who Pierre said weren't quite all the way in the kingdom, but awaited a future time when they would be "fully converted" (Jurieu, page 9).

Jurieu had many other clearly unscriptural ideas, such as three comings of Christ – in direct opposition to plain New Testament teaching. He thought Christ would return after the 1,260 years, to dispose of the "Antichrist" (the Papacy), and begin the 1,000 year reign of the church – but Christ wouldn't stay as He supposedly wants the church to reign, so the LORD immediately goes back to heaven at the beginning of the Millennium. Thus, Christ Himself doesn't reign, but the church does during the 1,000 years.

Finally, after the Millennium, another mini-Antichrist will arise, and he will reign for three and a half years. Now this post-mil bad guy cannot actually be the Antichrist, Jurieu says (because he's already pinned that donkey tail on the Pope) – so he calls this short timer the "diminutive" Antichrist!

"And so it may be there shall arise a Jew…pretending to be the Messiah, who shall persecute the Church, and reign for three years and half before the end of the World, and be destroyed within a few days before the last judgement: This shall be the Diminutive of the great Antichrist…" (Jurieu, Part Two, page 388).

Jurieu goes on to tell us this little Antichrist is not the same as Paul's "man of sin" in II Thessalonians, nor the beast of Revelation 13, and he also has nothing to do with the Babylon of Revelation 18. In other words, Pierre Jurieu was about as far away from being a Rapture Cultist as is humanly possible; yet to this very day, Rapture Cult leaders keep telling us he taught pretrib.

Finally adding a dash of post-millennial thought, Jurieu tells us Christ will return the third time, after the millennial reign of the church, to put things right once and for all:

"Farther, when Christ shall come the third and last time, for the last judgment it may well be, that there shall be a great fearcity of faith & piety in the World at that time…So that the prophecies shall have their accomplishment whenever Christ comes. They were fulfilled at his first coming, when he came in the flesh; for the church was then exceedingly corrupted; and so at his second coming, when he shall come to destroy the Antichrist kingdom:"

"For in our days there is a very great corruption, and shall be at his third coming; for at the end of the world, there shall be an insurrection against the Church, and against the Son of God" (Jurieu, Part Two, pages 392, 393).

One of the great ironies found in examining the fanciful meanderings of teachers like Pierre Jurieu is the fact that, in misrepresenting him as an early pretribulationist, the Cult has masked the fact that his work does anticipate the wholesalefalling away which would occur later. Unfortunately, the church does not understand this, as they are in the midst of it; however, Jurieu aspostasized very early by turning back towards the Jewish primacy which has engulfed our century. Thus, in a peculiar way, his work did presage the doctrine which would eventually morph into dispensationalism – the false umbrella theology in which we encounter pretribulationsim.

To put it another way, by theorizing that the Jews were somehow still physically important in God's redemptive plan, the Rapture Cult, which is Jewish Supremacism personified, has errantly concluded that Pierre Jurieu must have believed in the pretribulation Rapture. In reality, in the process of trying to chart a prophetic course from within a predominantly historicist Protestant venue, and consumed with the fiery conflict with Romanism, Jurieu and others who followed him lost the fundamental concept that there is only one saved body – and that was one of the few cardinal truths found in Catholicism.

That Jurieu saw physical Israel as pre-eminent in the last times is irrefutable. Witness the following:

"The second spring of my arguments shall be the Prophecies and Oracles, which promise unto the Jews extraordinary blessings, a reign upon Earth, a prosperity that shall be visible to all Nations; yea, and elevation to a Kingdom unto which all Nations must pay homage" (Jurieu, Part 2, Chapter 17, page 294).

Once he opens the door to the Spirit of Antichrist which is found in Jewry, he quickly deteriorates into gross blasphemy and, calling this hideous move of the Devil a miraculous work of God, Pierre Jurieu describes the period in the near future when the world will be run by the Satanic state of Israel:

"There must therefore come a time, that shall be the reign of the Messiah and the Jews, in which this Nation shall be exalted (as hath been promised them) above all the Nations; they must reign in their Saints, Prophets and Apostles" (Jurieu, Part 2, Chapter 17, page 299, emphasis mine).

Thus, in trying to move towards a Biblical course correction in the wake of the massive errors of the Papacy, the multitude of diverse opinions found in Protestantism allowed the leaven of the Pharisees to enter into their midst. Few understand the New Testament truth that the physical promises to Israel were extinguished in the Spiritual transformation of Israel into Christianity. That fact, however, is beyond the scope of the present analysis.

In conclusion, Pierre Jurieu lived and wrote in a time whenhistoricism was clearly becoming obsolete, and futurism was gaining ground. As a result, he forged a novel prophetic system comprised of historicism (the 1,260 years past), and futurism(with the millennium yet future), and ended up with a dialectically derived, convoluted synthetic theology which was riddled with errors, Scriptural inconsistencies, and utter apostasy.

Setting aside his most bizarre elements (such as three comings of Christ, "half Christians," and the like), Jurieu's most deadly error was in theorizing the Jews would return to primacy, when the Scriptures show the Christians have inherited all the promises to Israel – because we are "the Israel of God" (Galatians 6:16). In allowing this leaven to enter into his prophetic output, Jurieu was transformed into an apostle of Antichrist, and his work anticipated the present wholesale departure of the Gospel, as the church has now turned to Israel for her salvation – and we will all reap the whirlwind as a result.

--- James Lloyd

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