Maddening Wine Part III

"abylon hath been a golden cup in the Lord's hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad" (Jeremiah 51:7).

In the last two installments of the present series, we showed the coded time period found in the writings of the prophet Daniel, in which the mysterious Spiritual power of "Babylon" was to be suspended (read restrained). In the cryptic dream of Nebuchadnezzar deciphered by Daniel, we saw the "seven times" in which the vast construct imaged as a "great tree" was "cut off," has a computational quotient which totaled 2,520 years.

The math is relatively simple, being based on the several prophecies of judgment which relate to a year for a day. With "seven times" projected as 7 years of 360 lunar days each, the sum is 2,520 days – or years. With the well established date of 539 BC when Babylon fell as the starting point, we see the "healing" of the Spiritual dominion of this mystical "Babylon" occurs in1948 AD.

The dating is obviously pointing us to the emergence of theLittle Horn state of Israel, filled with the Spiritual power of Babylon (as opposed to the Antichrist proposition the Christ-rejecting state of Israel is comprised of the "chosen people"), as well as the coalition of Gentile nations associated with theUnited Nations – which formally declared jurisdiction overJerusalem in that same epic year (see The Formation Of Israel, by Immanuel Velikovsky in the online catalog associated with this outreach).

The prophetic "year for a day" formula (Ezekiel 4:4.5) was exponentially impacted by David's prayer that God would punish Israel's enemies on a seven-fold basis, for he asks the LORD to:

"…render unto our neighbors sevenfold into their bosom their reproach, wherewith they have reproached thee, O Lord" (Psalm 79:12).

Even though archaeological research has pinned the night of the fall of Babylon to October 12, 539 BC, few have noticed a UN sanctioned publication (the UN Yearbook) tells us what was occurring at the United Nations precisely 2,520 years later, onApril 1st, 1948. On that very day, the UN was meeting in a historic emergency session. In fact, it was the very first time that a UN Security Council member, the United States, invoked article 20 of the UN charter, and called an emergency session to address the looming disaster in the Middle East.

The combined nations of the world, via the General Assembly, had already voted in favor of carving out a Jewish homeland in Palestine and, as the British were withdrawing their military troops from the region, the Arab nations were massing to attack the clustering Jews in the ancient land which was Judaea.

Few know that even as the Russian bear voted in favor of partition, it was the British lion who sought to renege on the agreed upon partition plan, in which the Jews and the Arabs were each to receive territory, even as the UN asserted its jurisdiction over Jerusalem, as an internationalized city. As what was called the "British Mandate" (England's earlier program under the failed League of Nations, in which they assumed dominion over Palestine) was set to expire, the British had armed the Jordanian Arab League, even as they inequitably imposed an arms embargo on the Jewish settlers. 

As the tensions rose with post-world war II Jews pouring into Palestine under the politically-driven movement known as Zionism, the urge to create a homeland for European Jews set the stage for an enormous slaughter; and the American ambassador, alarmed at the prospect of another holocaust, called the UN session.

The British betrayal of the original partition plan paralleled theBabylonians toasting the gods of gold and silver, with the vessels of the LORD which were taken from the first temple by the King of Babylon – the very same king who had the prophetic dream which showed the power of "Babylon" would be severely punished for the appointed period seen as "seven times."

Those who have long followed the prophetic output of this ministry learned 20 years ago that New Testament era Britain is the parallel of Old Testament era Babylon – a crucial understanding which clearly correlates the 6 kingdoms of antiquity (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persian Union, Greece, and Rome), with the 6 kingdoms of the Christian era (Holy Roman, Imperial Spain, Britain, Soviet Union, Germany, and America).

Since those who have rejected this important knowledge cannot understand what has already occurred, they are in no position to fathom what is about to occur. Furthermore, most know the Scriptural adage that God's people are destroyed for rejecting knowledge, yet most "Christians" (who are indeed God's people in the Christian era) continue to resist the truth which the LORD has allowed to be disseminated. 

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee…." (Hosea 4:6).

    -- James Lloyd

To Be Continued

A further look at mysterious entity known as Babylon, is found in the book from the present author entitled BLOOD BEAST OF BABYLON.

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