n odd thing happened the other day. I noticed, for the first time, that on my radio and TV shows, for several years now, I had been publicly pronouncing the IranianMahmoud Ahmahdinejad's name syllabically so you could hear the word Mahdiin his name, even though virtually all mainstream media places the emphasis on the 3rd syllable, and pronounces his name Ama -- Dihna -- Jad. Even though I noticed I was out of step, for some strange reason, I continued in the minority pronunciation.


As a prophecy figure, I am of course, watching the maniac rather closely, for this is the man who stood up at the UN podium, and told the nation's he was going to be instrumental in bringing in the reign of the Islamic saviour figure, the Mahdi. After telling the UN General Assembly all about the coming of the Mahdi, back in 2005, he later recollect that, as he spoke to the UN about this prophetic figure, he "was bathed in celestial aura and halo" (The Last Storm, M Tiemann, pg 127).


The Islamic prophetic expectation of the Mahdi's arrival is very important to world affairs, for this supernaturally empowered individual is supposedly going to emerge in the midst of a huge destrction -- circumstances commonly called thetribulation by Christians. Further, theMahdi is, at least partially, to be identified by the fact that he is expected to lead the forces of Islam in a great victory against the Jews.


When one considers the fact that Amahdinejad has regularly reviled the state of Israel to the degree that it is self evident he would like to murder every Jew in the world, we might want to be wary of such a lunatic. Now. couple that ancient hatred with the well documented military nuclear program long underway in Iran, and you have a recipe for disaster.


Iran has, in the popular vernacular, been "cruisin' for a bruisin" for decades, and events clearly indicate they have every intention of inaugurating a monstrous war with Israel. Although a significant number of Christians are already aggressively speaking out and agitating for a conflict with Iran (in order to "defend" the "chosen people" of Israel), such are moving in the wrong Spirit. Surprisingly to some, even though we categorically reject the "chosen people" myth based on fundamentals in the New Testament, the state of Israel has just as much right to exist as any Palestinian state, based upon strictly historic and political considerations.


Those with the blood hatred which obviously exists on both sides will hate such a pronouncement, but the fact remains the militant Islamic forces are massing, and everybody, including tiny states that are unpopular with the rest of the world, has a right to defend themselves. Unfortunately, with a madman who has his finger on the button (and probably thinks he's the prophesied Mahdi), enraged with a supernaturally inspired Jihadist wrath, only a fool would ignore such a threat.


Furthermore, there are many who are now suggesting the Christian prophetic scenario includes an Islamic Antichrist -- which is certainly a fascinating proposition. As America is sure to be center stage when this inevitable confrontation lights up the world with radioactivity, we might suggest this would be a good time open up that dusty old Bible, and take a serious look at what happens in the back of the book.


-- James Lloyd
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