Mainstream Media Preparing The Masses For Iran War

he present media blitz with the story of Mexican criminals allegedly recruited to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador while on American turf is not only troubling on its face, it embodies the classical mind massage which presages what is certain to be an unpopular military conflict. To put it another way, mainstream media has been proven to be more than a willing participant in public policy, for they are active change agents in the justification of the conflagration which is dead ahead.

Amidst the avalanche of gross incompetence within the Obama AdministrationAmericastill has many strategic military thinkers who know there is an inevitable reckoning withIran. Contrary to the dialectically driven mindset of the moron in the oval office, forces are at work in the international arena which will drag America into the forthcoming devastation. While Obama thinks he can have yet another dialog to consensus with the belligerents, there are Israel First elements deeply imbedded in the America political power structure, and they simply will not allow Iran to shred Israel without an American intervention.

Furthermore, the isolationist approach simply will not work with aggressive Islamic military power. Thus, those who see an American neutrality are simply living in denial. The raw truth is, we can't afford to play Chamberlain to Amahdinejad's version of Hitler, because after he's digested his latest prey, he'll be back on the hunt for his next target. In this regard, thinking people were baffled why Iran wasn't taken down for that humiliating hostage crisis decades ago, and even with Jimmy Carter's pathetic rescue attempt in flames, the hostages should have been written off as casualties of the bombing at Hostage U, which should have occurred forthwith. After all, taking international prisoners is an act of war. Alas, that was then, and this is now, so we're now faced with a much stronger, and far more dangerous foe in the Persian Gulf.

A quick review may be in order. For those youngsters in the entitlement generation, even though the Iranian government claimed they had no control over supposed "students" who took hundreds of American hostages for an excruciating year long crisis back in the 1970's, within hours of Ronald Reagan's election, they miraculously managed to get control of the situation. There never was any retribution, and Iranian ambitions have steadily increased ever since.

They've lied to everybody at every opportunity over their obvious nuclear military ambitions -- hiding weapons, uranium enrichment technology, and hidden research.  Worse yet, they've funded a multitude of murderous state and terrorist surrogate organizations, whoich have been conclusively implicated in mass murder around the globe.

Lest the reader perceive the present piece as an alternative media call to war essentially parroting the mainstream media, the exact opposite is true. Whether or not we approve of the military conflict to come is now academic, because it is going to happen regardless of our perspective. The idea that America can continue to dialog with militant Islam is certainly short-sighted, for Islam at its core will strive for dominance unless it is stopped; and if you want to understand the dynamics driving the Iranian push for empire, you'll need to understand Islam.

In our last written essay, we pointed towards the very real fact that A-Mahdi-nejad of Iran, now armed with nuclear missiles, and well established within military clients completely surrounding Israel, is clearly moving to wage an unthinkably violent conflict. Driven by a fervent Moslem messianism that has convinced him he will inaugurate the reign of the Islamic Mahdi-Saviour figure, if he can manage to annihilate world Jewry, to refuse to recognize the sheer scope of such a threat is complete insanity.

Thus, while I would prefer to live at peace with all men, with a rabid, mad dog on the loose, it's simply irresponsible to think you won't one day have to shoot it.

For more on the countdown to World War III, and the way the nations are already aligning themselves along a North-South division in direct conformity to the prophecies in Daniel's 11th chapter, see the notes on THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN.

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