Now Is Not The Time

s America continues her descent into ever escalating cycles of the judgment of God, it is not considered "kosher" to point out the obvious – especially when people across the land are grieving the loss of life, homes, and livelihood. However, the Scriptures tell us the truth of the Gospel is to be preached "out of season" (II Timothy 4:2) as well as when it appears to be most appropriate.

In this regard, the present work hopes to delicately broach a subject which we covered last year, and that is how the judgment of God is increasingly falling on locales and ministries where people believe they are doing the LORD's will when, in fact, they are so strongly deluded they are unaware they are on the wrong side of the Spiritual equation. Indeed, in prior efforts along these same lines, I have repeatedly sought to show that such are so deceived in their "version" of the Gospel, that they feel compelled to ignore the signals the LORD continues to send.

Thus, fully expecting to be excoriated for even bringing up the subject, this writer has been Spiritually led to mention the painful fact that the present disaster in Colorado Springs should be examined in the light of Biblical truth. Many believers are still unaware of the fact the Colorado city can easily be established as a community in which an unparalleled number of evangelical Christian ministries are clustered – yet few are even pondering how such devastation can be so narrowly focused on a place which is, ostensibly, positively overflowing with Christians.

Some months back, Christian Media (via our GEO outreach) published a piece on how the devastating tornadoes which recently ripped apart significant portions of Alabama failed to stem the tide of the "Christians" who invariably trumpet the alleged fact that they are blessed because they have "blessed"Israel. In fact, entire ministries have based primary portions of their central message on how America's obvious judgment is because we, as a people, are allegedly failing to "bless" the Jewish people, and nation.

In the midst of accounts which noted the storms uncannily ravaged what is arguably the most pro-Israel state in the union (facts which were examined in the essay on the subject), hardly a voice was heard which questioned the applicability of the prophetic text in question. Indeed, to this very day, the overwhelming majority of Christian ministries will quote the following passage, and apply it to the Jews:

"I will bless them which bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee…" (Genesis 12:3).

Unfortunately, it is politically incorrect to challenge the mainstream "Christian" crock of compost which posits the promised blessing upon those who assist the Jews will receive a supernatural benefit; even as those who claim the promise to Abraham's descendents applies to the Spiritual seed of the patriarch are inaccurately labeled as evil practitioners of something called "replacement" theology, or even the ultimate epithet, an anti-Semite.

In the case of Colorado Springs, we publicly question just why believers who claim Spiritual discernment continue to completely ignore the prophetic ramifications of the firestorm which is now being called the worst fire disaster in the history of the state.

We also note how multiple accounts have verified that Colorado Springs got the very worst of it – yet few will note how Colorado Springs is actually ground zero for a very crucial cluster of national (and global) Christian ministries in the United States. We further note how vast portions of these ministries are vehemently pro-Israel – thus, theoretically qualifying for the "blessing" on those who bless the supposed Jewish seed of Abraham.

And the list is impressive, as the city hosts denominations like the Assemblies of God, huge outreaches such as Campus Crusade for Christ, and even the Christian Booksellers Association, the trade group representing the collective Bible stores throughout the nation. In addition to the Navigators(4,000 strong around the world reporting to Colorado Springs), the area also hosts the first missionary broadcast organization in America (HCJB), broadcasting in 90 countries. Focus on the Family, one of the largest ministries in the world calls Colorado Springs home, as do many more.

Yet, in the face of unearthly temperatures broiling significant portions of the US, fires beyond comprehension in the West, and a focused, very unusual swath of destruction which has already burned 350 homes and forced the evacuation of 36,000 inColorado Springs, there never seems to be a good time to ask if these events might just indicate the LORD is trying to get the Christian's attention.

Indeed, Loren Sandford, the pastor of one of the largest churches in the state was quoted as saying

"For Christians, now is the time to demonstrate mercy, not to proffer accusations that God is judging Colorado."

While we applaud the many downright heroic efforts of compassionate Christians around the nation who are rallying around efforts to provide relief to the beleaguered believers of Colorado, we would ask Pastor Sandford, "What would be a good time to consider these things?"

Unfortunately, no one ever challenges the ministries who consistently tell us God is judging America because we aren't blessing Israel when, in fact, the seed of Abraham is Christ, andnot the Jews – thus, literally millions of believers are replacingChrist and the combined Christians, who are indeed the seed of Abraham, with the people who hate the LORD the most.

Simultaneously, when God judges the blind guides who are leading millions astray, those same ministry leaders grossly distort the signs that God is giving us, which are being provided in order to assist those who truly love God with the course correction we so desperately need. Thus, as the LORD produces measured judgments on the errant believers and their communities (judgments which we consistently ignore or misinterpret), His Scripturally predicted course of action is to escalate those judgments, until they culminate in what Christ called the Tribulation.

Even the ancient mariners of Assyria, when a mighty storm threatened to destroy everyone aboard the ship which carriedJonah, had more discernment than this wicked and adulterous generation:

"Then the mariners were afraid, and cried every man unto his god…And they said everyone to his fellow, Come, and let us cast lots, that we may know for whose cause this evil is upon us. So they cast lots, and the lot fell upon Jonah" (Jonah 2:5,7).

Just as Jonah brought judgment upon the entire crew for his refusal to tell the truth to the leading power of the world in that timeline, the "Christian" ministries of America have twisted the New Testament truth to the degree that the Gospel has been turned upside down, and most of the ministries in our generation are actually serving the World Antichrist Religion(the WAR Beast), even as they conveniently continue to find ways to evade the significance of the steadily escalating judgments of God.

The sad truth is, such are not scheduled to ever respond, for it is not given to them to know the things of the kingdom:

"…it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given" (Matthew 13:11).

And as the many false prophets who were prophesied to become pre-eminent in our day continue in their Spiritual desolation, it is a rare individual indeed who recognizes their personal liability to the LORD, and chooses to take the truly strait and narrow path, the one which leads directly outside the "church," and deep into the Spiritual wilderness. 

--- James Lloyd

The fact that so many relegate messages of this nature to some unscriptural, radical approach which is usually considered to be cultic, is indicative of the strong delusion which has already overwhelmed our world. For more on these issues, see the book AMERICAN BABYLON in the online catalog

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