The Obamacare Scare

Requiring A Mark Of The Beast RFID Chip Implant?

n another example of why we should have the death penalty for Internet hoaxers, another fraud is again bringing the Christian underground into disrepute. Rumours have continued to swirl that the Obama engineered health care law, colloquially known as Obamacare, requires an RFID chip implant early in 2013. This is untrue.

We have previously written about the Spirit associated with disinformation, and the confusion it causes – but the primary damage is related to diminished credibility within the ranks of the Remnant.

We can learn something from this latest episode, but before offering an analysis, here are the facts. In an earlier version of the health care bill, a clause which would have required a medical devices registry was included. Although the skeptics say it only applied to things like pacemakers, implantable micro chips can certainly be called medical devices.

The idea was to track their use, as opposed to mandate their implantation. What people routinely miss is the true nature of government intrusion. In the case of Obamacare, the Beast will have access to all bank accounts and, the enforcement of health care on a financial level is being given to a veritable army of IRS agents. Indeed, even the governor of the great state of Maine recently characterized this as an American Gestapo, so the tyrannical intent is clear.

Furthermore, with government rivalries still hotly contending over health care, it is very likely the Obama engineered system will be modified – and not in a good way.

The fact is, a chip implant would actually be the final stage of this medical monstrosity, but in the post constitutional era of the US, with the Supreme Court allowing Obamacare to be upheld, the Beast has been handed the legal tools to impose anything they wish. In short, just like the ancient Jews of Nehemiah's day, who were ruled by foreigners, American's should read their lament, for it applies to us:

"Behold, we are servants this day…unto the kings thou hast set over us because of our sins: also they have dominion over our bodies, and over our cattle, at their pleasure, and we are in great distress" (Nehemiah 36,37).

The threat of an implantable micro chip is a useful tool in the 2 steps forward, 1 step back pattern used by the Beast government in its march to complete tyranny. Most are familiar with the tactic. They announce some new, incredibly egregious legislation, and while everyone is scrambling to oppose it, they scale it back a bit to give the impression they were intimidated by the opposition – with the net result being a smaller step towards the desired totalitarianism. 

With the stench of the evil residing in government rising in these perilous times, it's even a distinct possibility the rumours of an implantable microchip mandate were started by the Obamabots themselves. Again, the net result is still a huge step towards tyranny.

Ironically, Jesus Himself mentioned this kind of unstable social environment in the end of days when He mentioned there would be wars, and "rumours" of wars. The very fact that rumours were included alongside other epic events as huge as national wars, famine, and pestilence indicates the scope of their impact. See Matthew 24 for details.

One closing thought is worth considering in the present context. The deceived state of this entire generation, especially that of the alleged believers, is such that most of the "church," after hearing about the chip rumour, then learning it is untrue, will simply go back to sleep. This is how the desensitization cycle unfolds.

The Scriptures repeatedly speak of a vast body of people who are conducting their lives as usual – buying, selling, building, and more – but it also says they knew not until the disaster came and took them all away.

Since the believers continue to be tossed to and fro with the tidal wave of false doctrine they receive every week in the corporate churches which are all legally in bed with that very same Beast, it is self evident the end is near.

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety [or we will be safely raptured to heaven]; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape" (I Thessalonians 5:3).

-- James Lloyd

The fact that the technology of RFID (radio frequency ID) chips has progressed so quickly has led many to see the possibility of an implantable micro-chip as a fulfillment of the infamous triple 6 system described in Revelation. The truth about the 666 system is covered in the James Lloyd 2 hour audio set THE MARK OF THE BEAST – more details may be found in the catalog at

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