Palestinians Disappointed In Israeli-Hamas Prisoner Swap?

Israel Agrees To Release Over 1,000 Jailed Palestinians In Exchange For ONE Long Held Private

 Lebanese press report says that some Palestinians are voicing disappointment over the prisoner swap just agreed to -- a deal which was so overwhelmingly in favor of the Palestinians that it raised eyebrows among even disinterested bystanders. The wildly imbalanced prisoner exchange of over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners -- many of whom were being held on charges of violence and terrorism -- in exchange for one esteemed private named Gilad Shalit, underscores the reality of the difficult relations between the Jews and the Palestinians in their midst.

At this writing, the exchange is set for next week, but astonishingly, the notorious "buyer's remorse" has evidently set in within at least some Palestinian circles. Brokered with the help of numerous international figures and factions, a part of the rationale for the US and Israeli approval was the fact that Hamas is placed in a favorable light for their hard bargaining on behalf of the Palestinian people -- and this serves as a form of punishment forMahmoud Abbas of Hamas rival the Palestinian Authority (PA), as a result of his moves at the UN a week ago in defiance of just about everybody.

The fact remains, that if Palestinians are disappointed at a deal with a ratio of 1,000 to 1 intheir favor, it's difficult to conceive how Israel could ever come up with a plan for peace that would satisfy such a contentious crowd.

The almost surreal disconnect is hardly new, for just last week, as Abbas of the PA diplomatically demanded that the world and Israel recognize a Palestinian state that doesn'texist, they steadfastly refused to recognize the Jewish state which has existed for over 60 years.

Regardless of the jaundiced worldview of those who claim Israel has no right to any land in the region, the refusal to even acknowledge the reality of the present circumstances is a powerful indicator of the dreadful mess which exists in the Middle East. History amply demonstrates that both Arabs and Jews have lengthy ties to the land, so the words of Christ are germane in this regard, for He tells us "blessed are the peacemakers," a sentiment which is rare on both sides of the conflict.

The long and short of all this is that those who say "peace, peace when there is no peace" (Jeremiah 6:14) are clearly those who are a little distant from the real world, and this is yet another sign of the times, in that this world is destined to continue in its inevitable journey to the end of the age. It's how we behave and react to the Spiritual reality underlying the veil of human existence we encounter along the way, which determines where we will spend eternity.

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