Posthumous Perversions

The Rapture Cult Revisionism Of Joseph Mede

oseph Mede is yet another name which frequently appears in the various and sundry lists published by the Cult that Kidnapped Christianity, in their ubiquitous attempts to rehabilitate the discredited doctrine of the pretribulation rapture.

The relative few who are genuinely familiar with the truth of Bible Prophecy, are aware the field of what one wag called "slop apologetics," published by the theological criminals of our time, regularly seeks to show that talented scholars in earlier eras believed in the doctrine of pretrib. This is a sad state of affairs for, instead of a studious and intellectually honest appraisal of the place in history of theological masters such as Joseph Mede, the leading liars of our time seek to posthumously twist their predecessor's output to conform to modern theological agendas.

Mede was a brilliant English scholar from the early 17th century – an era when even the intellectual dullards were synaptically superior to the top prophecy teachers of our time. The ironies abound in this particular case, as one of Joseph Mede's important works was a scholarly tome entitled Apostasy Of The Latter Times.

Joseph Mede produced many top shelf literary works and, as a scholar and fellow at Christ's College in Cambridge, he was admired and honoured during his own time as an influential classicist, with extensive knowledge of theology, philosophy, science, mathematics, Egyptology, and even mythology.

Students at Christ's College at the time that Joseph Mede was a leading light included Isaac NewtonJohn MiltonPierre JurieauHenry More, and Thomas Goodwin, among others.

For the benefit of the "evangelical Christians" who are exclusively listening to the aforementioned deceivers laboring in the Laodicean vineyard run by the Rapture Cult, Christian history places Mede's work at a time when the Protestant Reformation (and the vicious Catholic Counter-Reformation) had been raging for decades – but it's instructive to note that the dreadful conflict is generally thought to have come to an end in 1648 – just 9 years after Joseph Mede's death.

With the Catholic inquisition (roughly dated from 1200 to 1500 AD) in which the Roman ruled religious tyrants murdered, tortured, oppressed and imprisoned any and all who questioned Papist authority in matters ecclesiastical, the Protestants (from the word protest) were reading their Bibles, establishing Christian institutions under the banner of Sola Scriptura, and frequently fighting to the death with their Catholic counterparts throughout Joseph Mede's lifetime.

Thus, when the current crop of theocrims even implies thatJoseph Mede was a pre-tribulational rapturist, common sense should dictate absolutely no-one was debating a Pre, Mid, or Post-tribulational Rapture doctrine in his time, because they never heard of it. The fact is, Joseph Mede never mentioned the doctrine because it was completely unknown in his time, and those who say otherwise are ignorantly speaking of things which they know not or, more malevolently, they are deliberately distorting the historical record because the Spirit of truth is not in them.

This writer has observed, interacted with, and continually clashed with, the Spirit inhabiting the Rapture Cult for many years, and I can confidently pronounce the leaders of the Cult are best described as liars of the worst kind (see the author's several books on the subject). Unfortunately, the vast majority of believers are offended at such blunt language – and their collective response is indicative of the fact that they favor supposed "love" over truth, and a feigned diplomacy over obedience to the Scriptural imperative that we "neither bid him god speed," who brings the "other gospel" of the Rapture Cult:

"If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds" (II John 1:10,11).

Among those "evil deeds" is the practice of intentionally distorting and brazenly misrepresenting the teachings of others – such as Joseph Mede – in a patently dishonest effort to buttress a false doctrinal system. Few "believers" are willing to follow the Scriptural admonition which instructs us to "mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them" (Romans 16:17).

Among the proven "offences" is a widespread dishonesty among Rapture Cult teachers in the anecdotal literature. Few are aware that many Cult leaders have even been caught plagiarizing others – and the theo thieves include top names like Hal Lindsay,Chuck Missler, and even popular TV preacher David Jeremiah – whose publisher quietly destroyed a significant inventory of a book Jeremiah claimed he wrote when, in actuality, they discovered it contained extensively plagiarized material (for a lengthier list of plagiarists in the Cult, see the book The Three R's: Rapture, Revisionism, Robbery in online catalog).

Other Cult leaders, such as Dallas Theological Seminary's former chancellor John Walvoord, have been exposed lifting ancient citations so selectively that the very next phrase which disproved their position was obviously intentionally omitted in the effort. Others, such as the late Grant Jeffrey, can be proven to have intentionally omitted the legitimate title of an ancient work – the notorious forgery scholars reference as Pseudo-Ephraim(Grant repeatedly dropped out the "Pseudo"), in order to perpetuate the fraud the forgery was actually written byEphraim the Syrian – again, in a dishonest attempt at "proving" that pretrib was taught earlier than legitimate history actually records.

Even the lesser known biographer of John Nelson Darby has been caught intentionally changing the dates in Darby's memoirs concerning the actual period when he came to "understand" the pretribulational rapture system which eventually morphed into modern Dispensationalism. This fraud was clearly engineered to distance the "respectable" Darby from the dubious Occult source of the doctrine.

The ferocity with which the present writer seeks to defend the writings of Joseph Mede has little to do with promoting Mede's worldview as the venerable and honest author was also in error on numerous prophetic fronts – but it has everything to do with exposing the liars who are willing to twist the historical literature to the degree that they turn the original author's actual teaching upside down.

In the case of Joseph Mede, it is self evident that his theological outlook was what some would call Historic Premillennialist – although even that terminology is somewhat wanting. As a staunch Protestant, Joseph Mede followed the Historicist method of interpretation, that view which was dominant for many years which puts forth the idea the tribulation was a period of 1,260 years – a period which Mede believed was almost concluded.

Similar to the case of Pierre Jurieau (see article The Hijacking Of Pierre Jurieau), who studied under the pious and knowledgeable churchman, Mede and most of the Protestants of his day believed the Papacy was the office of Antichrist in a multi-generational fashion. Utilizing the Old Testament derived year for a day prophetic system, Joseph Mede saw the tribulation as 1,260 years which, in his time, would have been almost completed.

Unsure of the precise beginning of the 1,260 year tribulation, he tied its beginning to the rise of the Popes. Mede further connected the Papacy with Daniel's "Little Horn" prophecy, "before whom were three of the first horns [the ten horns] plucked up" (Daniel 7:8); and he sought to identify each of the three – thereby setting the date for the commencement of the 1,260 year tribulation -- with three theoretical dates:

"The first was presently after the death of Julian, the last of the heathen emperors, about the year 365….The second was about the year 410, when Alaricus the Goth sacked Rome itself….The third was about the year 455, presently upon the death of the third Valentinian, the last of the emperors of the West" (Apostasy Of The End Times, Joseph Mede, pages 88, 89).

The latter date is the one he favoured, and his biographers state that Joseph Mede believed Christ would return in 1715 – at the end of the tribulation he taught began in 455 AD.

Since Joseph Mede's theological fellowship in Cambridge at Christ's College in England began in 1613 at the age of 27, and his major work Clavis Apocalyptica (Key To Revelation) was published in Latin in 1627 (with an English translation in 1643), a simple math calculation tells us he believed the tribulation had been underway for 1,172 years at the time.

With his death in 1639, it is evident he still believed the Papacy's reign as Antichrist had been endured by the Christian church for 1,184 years (with 455 as a starting date up until his demise).

The obvious question is the same one which can be asked about any of the Historicist prophecy figures from the 17th century. How could such be called a person who believed the "rapture" would occur before the tribulation when it's clear Joseph Medebelieved (and extensively taught) the tribulation had been underway for well over a thousand years in his time?

Not only did Mede plainly state he believed the tribulation to be 1,260 years instead of days, he specifically criticized the idea the prophesied period was three and a half years, or 1,260 literaldays:

"Our adversaries would have them literally understood for three single years and a half, as though it were an history and not a prophecy: but besides the use of prophecy to reckon days for years, I think it would trouble any man to conceive how so many things as should be performed in this time, should be done in three single years and a half…."

"It must be taken prophetically, every day for a year; and so 1260 days counted so many years shows the extent of these latter times to be 1260 years" (Apostasy Of The Latter Times, Mede, pages 80,81).

Because the eminent theologian did believe in a future 1,000 year millennial reign of Christ, Rapture Cult propagandists assume that even a partial degree of futurist theology (futurism being the broad term describing those who believe there is prophetic fulfillment which is yet future) must somehow mean he still found a place for Israel as an earthly kingdom, in the sense the Rapture Cult teaches the nation of Israel will still rule the world in an allegedly godly kingdom.

Cult eschatology teaches Israel and the "Church" are twoseparate entities which rotate for primacy in God's plan, but Mede's writings also eliminate the possibility of two saved bodies. In one of his great sermons, he repeatedly referred to Israel with the word "Church," which would preclude the "Church" as an entity which is entirely separate from Israel.

Writing in his book Apostasy of the Latter Days, and how that apostasy is anticipated by the history of backsliding Israel, he wrote the following:

"…the Apostle also specially informs us of what kind and sort these damnable heresies should be…For first, they should be like unto those which we read have befallen the people and Church of Israel…" (Apostasy Of The Latter Times, Appendix, page 50).

That this was not an isolated citation is proven by his repetitive use of the phrase. Witness the following mention about false prophets in the Old Testament timeline:

"Seeing, therefore, we find these to have been the false prophets among the people of the Church of Israel, and their heresies to have been the doctrine of idols, of worshiping the host of heaven, of Balaam, of gods of wood and stone; of these undoubtedly St. Peter means, when he saith `As there were false prophets among the people so shall there be false teachers among you, which shall bring in the like damnable heresies.'" (Apostasy, A Sermon, page 57, emphasis mine).

Joseph Mede, and others from his generation, used the word "Church" to describe the body of saved Israel, so it is a gross prevarication to say that he saw the "Church" as a strictly separate body from the identity known as Israel. Indeed, few believers who have been indoctrinated by the Cult have ever noticed that even the fiery evangelist Steven, an early martyr described in the book of Acts, used the word "church" to describe saved Israel. Preaching the LORD Jesus Christ, he said

"This is he, that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina, and with our fathers: who received the lively oracles to give unto us" (Acts 7:38).

A sound theology, and that which was preached for many centuries, shows there is only one saved body throughout history, faithful Israel in the Old Testament, and Born Again, or Spiritual Israel in the New. The rotating theology put forth by the Rapture Cult, wherein physical Israel retains a "chosen people" status based on their physical lineage, is an Antichrist doctrine which is directly contradicted by Scripture, and Joseph Mede never taught the Dispensationalist heresy that there are two saved bodies, as he knew there is only one.  

Thus, the historical revisionism of the Cult which has now inundated Christianity with the flood of demonic sewage coming out of the mouth of the dragon, continues in their pernicious lies and misrepresentations of historical fact. If this were simply an isolated example, wherein just one or two Rapturists ignorantly and/or inadvertently named Mede as a proponent of pretrib, we might excuse the abuse in the name of Christian charity.

However, that is clearly not the case. The sad fact is, Joseph Mede is only one in a long list of Christian historical figures which the liars in the Rapture Cult routinely cite as believers in the Antichrist doctrine of Dispensationalism, and the pretribulational rapture system. As I've previously documented in dozens of broadcasts, articles, books, and videos, I have carefully accumulated the sundry lists published by pretribbers as supposed early believers in the doctrine and, one by one, I've systematically found that not one of them ever heard of the doctrine, let alone taught it.

Thus, this is not an isolated example. As difficult as it is to receive, the truth is, Rapture Cult leaders systematically lie, cheat, steal, and commit every form of intellectually dishonest act which is in their power to perform.

The obvious question a sincere believer should be asking is, why? For the answer to that enigmatic interrogative, we urge the reader to study the matter most intently, for the long prophesied Apostasy of the Latter Times, which Joseph Mede so scrupulously sought to expose, is all around us.

-- James Lloyd

More on how the Scriptures preclude the possibility of physical Israel retaining a "chosen people" status simultaneously with the body of Christ is found in the author's recent book  THE REMNANT OF ISRAEL REVISITED.

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