The Process

hose who read the present commentary on a consistent basis know that we regularly return to the subject of the Dialectic. This is not because it's this writer's favorite subject, it's because what some call THE PROCESS is so ubiquitous that we are confronted with it every single day. On any given workday, I begin my chores by checking the newswires on the net, usually with some form of TV news on a separate screen at my desk.   

A large percentage of the various news bureau's output will lead a story with, for example, "Candidate Cain says...." or "Palestinian leader declares..." or who knows what else. In virtually every case, such assertions are putting forth a point of view which can be invariably distilled down to an opinion. The more informed the opinion, the more authoritative it sounds; however it is still an opinion. In the dialog immersed world we're navigating through, this would be called the thesis.   

The popular Fox Network, posing as conservatives, has actually perfected this Process, for in just about every program, they then follow up with a counterpoint to dispute the original thesis. This is recognized as the antithesis -- or another opinion, posing as the "truth." In the case of what we call the Fox-In-The-Henhouse Network, we routinely find a split screen with the attractive anchor in the middle, who serves as the facilitator. The resultant opinion, is what would be known as the synthesis -- an amalgam of the two opposing views. In the Process, this is defined as the truth. 

Even the non degreed crowd can usually recognize that a doctoral candidate's finale of effort is associated with a written presentation of his central focus of study, and this is called his (or her) thesis. The thesis is criticized, and subsequently defended, as part of the educational version of the Process. This particular milieu is dominantly leftist, as the entire American educational system was penetrated by this diabolical system long ago.   

Rather ironically, most of the critics of this system are found in the Patriot movement. Many therein have become aware of how this process has been used to destroy the rule of law in America, which is a Republic, even as the leftists continue to call the nation a Democracy. The simple difference is, a Republic is governed by the rule of law, with a fixed set of principles -- i.e. a didactic, or unchanging definition of truth. Conversely, a Democracy is whatever the mob agrees upon.

My personal favorite illustration is a Democracy, which  may be defined as 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. The bottom line is, the now notorious formula, semi-popularized by German philosopher Georg Immanuel Hegel, as Thesis Versus Antithesis Equals Synthesis, is far more dangerous than practically anybody imagines.  

Perhaps the most ironic aspect of all of this is the fact that those who should be the most acutely aware of the threat posed by this system, the Christians, are perhaps the least conscious of this huge phenomena -- ironic because Jesus Himself (as well as the other New Testament writers) referenced it about 1,900 years before the philosophical German was conceived. Thus Hegel, and his predecessors invented nothing, but should certainly be credited with articulating The Process in a new and interesting way.   

Because this Process is self-replicating, in a progressive fashion, we are certainly not surprised to see it is now practiced on a wholesale level, and just about everybody is unconsciously repeating this fascinating cycle on a daily basis; yet, hardly one in a thousand is even aware that they themselves regularly recycle this "process." Furthermore, in overwhelming numbers, when it is actually pointed out that this system is deeply associated with Spiritual iniquity, even fewer will respond in a constructive fashion.  

Similar to a cult system which imbeds internal defenses within its own belief structure, the Process of the Dialectic has a built in mechanism which help the intellectual virus to replicate and spread into adjacent personalities, thus propagating itself within the minds and hearts of billions of people every single day. As a defense mechanism, whenever a critical fact emerges implicating the Process as complicit in the deleterious effects of the resultant worldview, the adherent simply continues the Process, and seeks to inaugurate a Dialog on the conflict.   

Once initiated into the Practice of the Dialectic, the truth is defined by that which can be agreed upon -- thus the operative phrase the Dialog to Consensus. Also known as Practicing the Dialectic (Diaprax being the compound word), in this fashion The Process is initiated. Few realize these fundamental concepts are intrinsic to Marxist thought, and they are now all pervasive in just about every aspect of American life.   

Political ideologues, usually operating under the rubric of Progressive, are certainly cognizant of the leftist political slant usually associated with the Process; however, very few people are aware of the fact that the Process is actually a phenomena that transcends political and/or economic structure. In truth, the most insidious aspect of the Process is how it subtly transforms the definition of absolute truth, to the shifting sand of the consensus.   

Thus, the definition of absolute truth, such as that found in the Word of God, is quietly redefined as that which the consensus has agreed upon, and the concept of absolute truth, existing apart from the Dialectic, is shunted away to a place where it is considered to be no longer relevant.   

For a more detailed examination of the Spiritually corrosive Process of the Dialectic, see the online video DECEIT AND THE DIALECTIC.

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