he "holy day" known as Purim is a Jewish inaugurated day celebrating the defeat of the Jew's enemies in ancient Persia. Directly related to the events found in the book of Esther, Purim has become a memorial that has been elevated to the status of one of the many feasts of Israel, and many Jewish and so called "Messianic" believers (those who are of Jewish extraction who believe in Yeshua) are being taught that it is a sacred day on a par with the feasts of Israel, as defined by Moses.

Multiple Jewish and Messianic teachers say that it is a "mitvah" (which means commandment) to read the book of Esther on Purim, so the tradition has become so deeply engrained that Purim has reached the status of one of the required holy days of Israel. Although the Purim celebration is festive and a time of family fun (Some Jewish kids dress in costume, and even boo and hiss when the name Haman, who is the villain of the story, is read in public assemblies), the actual account is indeed very serious.

In this regard, Purim is not dissimilar to Hannukah, which is another holy day which was not inaugurated by the LORD, as the Jewish people engineered both holidays based upon two different military victories – against the Persians and the Hellenized Syrians; but both days were created by the Jews moving completely apart from the revealed set of times and seasons seen in the seven feasts of Israel.

Significantly, since the LORD created seven feast days, and chose to utilize the profound mathematical pattern associated with sevens, by adding two additional holy days, the Spirit of Antichrist which drove Israel away from the ways of the LORD so long ago, has produced a cycle of nine feasts – with the numbernine having deeply occultic associations.

Whereas the prophetic significance of the heptads (sets of seven) is revealed in the New Testament (7 churches, seals, trumpets, vials, angels, and more), by artificially extending the feast count from seven to nine before the cross of Christ emerges, the Spirit of Antichrist was laying its claim to residency in apostate Israel.

The ancient soothsayers utilized the number nine extensively, and it was the sacred number of Babylon. The Wiccans reduced it to triple trinities, a concept found in Gnostic lore, and the decidedly Satanic practices found in the Jewish magic texts called the Kabbalah are consistent with this development. The fact is, Purim andHannukah are not feasts designed by the LORD, but instead function as reminders that Israel lost her way a very long time ago.

Ironically, Purim as a name is derived from the casting of ancient lots called Pur, which is a great deal like rolling the dice, in order to determine a course of action. Haman the Agagite, who had come to pre-eminence in Persia, was influenced by this dark practice, and the evidence indicates he used it to determine when to launch his nefarious attempt to execute a Jewish genocide, as detailed in the book of Esther.

When Haman's enemy, the Jewish Mordecai outmaneuvers him through funneling information to the king via his relative the Crypto-Jew Hadassah (whose Persian name is Esther), Haman's plot and unholy motive is revealed, and the massive genocide which was engineered by Haman the Agagite (the royal line of the wicked Amalekites, who are the antecedents of the Arabians), was thwarted. At the conclusion of the tale, the Jews come to pre-eminence in Persia, which sets the stage for the decree to rebuild Jerusalem, an event described in some detail in the book of Nehemiah.

Most of the Judaeo-Christian "believers" in the world today have already been widely leavened by the "Jewish fables"  (Titus 1:14) associated with the fraud that says the physical Jews are still the "chosen people" – thus, they ascribe the deliverance of Mordecai and the Jews in ancient Persia to a move by the LORD to bless Israel as His sacred seed. In this regard, they fail to recognize the Jews were in exile in Persia in the first place as punishment for their ongoing resistance to the Spirit of the LORD.

God preserved the Jews through this (and other challenging episodes) because of His promise to send the redeemer Jesus Christ, who was to be a son of David. He would not be able to fulfill this promise if the Jews were eradicated via Haman's vicious scheme. Unfortunately, Christians are so Spiritually and Scripturally illiterate, with mostly faulty doctrine engineered by the Jewish Supremacists in the form of the Rapture Cult and various other groups espousing Hebrew primacy, they are following another Gospel. Thus, critical events in Scripture are significantly slanted in favour of false doctrine.

This is quite ironic, for it is this very same book of Esther which shows the three factions consisting of Haman(representing Islam), Mordecai (representing physical Israel), and Esther as the hidden Jew representing the Christians who don't see they are the real Jews internally. This is explicitly taught in the New Testament – See Romans 2 for details.

Furthermore, the events in Esther are profoundly predictive, as the threat to the modern state of Israel is poised to bring about a recapitulation of the very same prophetic cycle, and the rise of Jewish political primacy around the world. The only problem is, the prophetic metaphor is showing Esther to be a type of the "falling away" of the Christian bride, relinquishing her dominion and birthright to the decidedly political figure of Mordecai – who functions as yet another foreshadowing of Antichrist.

And it is all happening before our very eyes. Thus, the celebration and elevation of the feast of Purim to the status of one of the LORD's holy days, is an indicator that those who honour such practices are still without the Spiritual and Scriptural discernment we all so desperately need.

For a more elaborate look at the prophecy choreographed for our time in the book of Esther, see the book HADASSAH OF SHUSHAN.

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