The Return Of The Assassins

A Spike In Violence Against Iranians May Presage More Political Murders

any are surprised to learn the term assassins relates to an ancient sect which was known for thedaggers they concealed under their collective cloaks. Almost ironically, the new era of assassins (where we get our word assassination) frequently prefers knives as well; but few today are aware that here inAmerica, we have already entered into a time in which people are being assassinated by foreign powers.

The American media blitz, which is presently conditioning the populace in the obvious run up to a serious military conflict with Iran, is an interesting example. As the agents of the Israeli Mossad and theAmerican CIA have ostensibly murdered at least 5 Iranian nuclear science figures in recent times, few are asking if this might not generate retaliatory measures.

The truth is, the Tehran regime has been retaliating -- and American citizens of Iranian descent are well aware of that fact -- even as the mainstream media has virtually covered up what is actually occurring.

For the record, while the spinmeisters at CNN and FOX are trying to think of new and interesting ways to exclude Constitutionalist  Ron Paul from their political coverage, they've yet to say a word about the young female college student, attending classes in Texas, who was brutally murdered a couple of days ago.

A vocal critic of the Iranian government, Gelareh Bagherzadeh was a scientist working on molecular genetics, so there could very well be an eye for an eye at work in her recent violent death. Because of concerns for her safety, Bagherzadeh had sought to retain a degree of anonymity during interviews conducted with the Houston Chronicle. A champion of women's issues seeking to peacefully highlight the plight of women under the tyranny of Islam, she had repeatedly voiced fears the Iranian government might harm her.

This is, after all, a government that has sentenced a gentle woman named Asia Bibi to death for converting to Christianity. Asia has been languishing in a Persian hell-hole for so long now, that most have forgotten her.

In light of the fact the Iranian despots have repeatedly stated they will retaliate for the killing of several of their key scientists -- nuclear experts helping them to build a bomb -- it's not exactly a leap to suspect Iranian complicity in the assassination of Iranian-Americans who are opposed to the Islamic regime.

And this is not the only case. Not a week ago, three Iranian-Americans were mysteriously murdered in West Hollywood, California. With no suspects in either case, we hardly find it incredible the authorities would seek to conceal the possibility of political assassinations, in order to keep a lid on public safety concerns. 

Furthermore, the Tehran government has an extensive history of such behaviour, as some observers say the body count of political enemies who have been violently silenced by the regime numbers in the hundreds.

Years ago, former Prime Minister Shawpour Bakhtiar was fatally stabbed in Paris by unknown assailants, and Fereydoun Farkhza, an iconic cultural-entertainment  figure who was described as the "Jay Leno" of Iran, was viciously stabbed and beheaded in Europe as well. There are others.

Thus, in the absence of anyone in authority connecting the dots for the citizens who might appreciate a word of caution (especially if you're in proximity to Islamics or Iranians who could become targets), we suggest this may be the tip of the iceberg. Thus, here at Christian Media (the ministry which fields this writing), we're staying sober and vigilant as we no illusions about the perilous times which have overtaken each and every one of us, here in American Babylon in 2012.

-- James Lloyd

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