or many years, this writer has examined how the Spiritual matrix is multi-dimensional, and functions in a fashion which is higher than our material existence can comprehend through the facility of mind. The Scriptures say as much when we are told that a physical person is unable to comprehend this depth, unless he or she is inhabited by the Holy Spirit of the LORD of glory:

"The natural man receiveth not the things of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned" (I Corinthians 2:14).

Even when we are inhabited by the Spirit of God, although the Father has given us supernatural understanding, as long as we are in what the Apostle Peter called "this tabernacle" (II Peter 1:13), our perspective is still significantly diminished:

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part…." (I Corinthians 13:12).

One of the things I know in part is how prophetic streams of fulfillment continually flow over this world, in patterns which provide some degree of predictability. While there are waves of prophecy crashing onto the sands of this realm, there are also continual ripples which follow. As we shall see, these "Ripples" continue to follow the same pattern as the larger "waves" of prophetic fulfillment. After decades of prophetic study, I've observed these repetitive patterns to the degree that they can be quantified and, as I noted earlier, a modest level of foreshadowing is still being encoded within world events.

Perhaps the premier example I've examined in print, radio, and television is that of the prophetic parallelsassociated with the kingdoms of this world. Almost 20 years ago, on a national speaking tour which culminated in one of my videos entitled Prophetic Parallels, I was able to describe how the fallen angels, textually described as the princes of this world, have brought about sequential kingdoms, which were revealed through the prophet Daniel.

Many of those associated with the Christian Media ministry have been repeatedly exposed to this material, but the development which makes this subject germane is the ongoing discovery of how these progressive patterns continue to this very day. At the risk of an arduous redundancy for our regular readers, and for the benefit of those unfamiliar with this crucial pattern, we will briefly summarize it again, in order to more fully appreciate the present realization.

That primary example, herein dubbed as Prophetic Parallels, is associated with the Lion, Bear, Leopard, and Diverse 4th Beast of Daniel chapter 7, in which four beasts came up out of the sea. Even though most have been taught the four beasts are the same as the four kingdoms imaged in Daniel two (the statue dream of Nebuchadnezzar with the golden "head" of Babylon, silver arms of Persia, Grecian/Brass thighs, and Roman legs, these four anticipate the Christian era kingdoms of Britain, Russia, Germany, and America.

Although this revolutionary teaching is difficult to assimilate if you've never heard it, it is indeed the truth, as the British Commonwealth "Lion," also inaugurates the Colonial era economic order which was succeeded by the "Bear" kingdom of Bolshevism which radically shifted economic production to the far left. The Fascist "Leopard" of Nazi Germany moved it back to an industrial, centralized war economy, and the "Diverse" fourth beast of America encompasses portions of the previous three in a unique amalgamation also seen in Revelation 13, where the "Beast" has the mouth of the lion (America speaks English), the body (or economic engine) of the German leopard, and the infantry might (the feet) of the Soviet bear.

We were stunned to realize the quartet of the four horsemen provided a "second witness" (II Corinthians 13:1) to this ID as they color coded the same contemporary four with the White Horse (white wigs, Whitehall, White Chapel, et al) as the conquering British power, and the Red Horse (they're even called the "Reds") as the Communistic revolutions seen in the early 20th century in Russia and the subsequent Cold War era nations. The Black Horse (black shirts, black science, black boots) of the Reich were follow by the Pale Horse (an unnatural assembly of diverse national groups) – and all have similar, parallel characteristics to their Old Testament counterparts. For more, see the book The Lion, The Bear, and The Leopard, as well as multiple DVD's and writings on the same subject).

Then we learned the four horsemen were also internalized within the primary pinnacle of power in the present international order – America. In 1991, then President, George H. W. Bush, the recipient of British Knighthood, in a bizarre recapitulation of the imperial English crown, and functioning in another "layer" of the White Horse prophecy, announced the "New World Order." He was followed by the "Red Horse," leftist leaning, Moscow educated Bill Clinton, and then the self professed "war president" George W Bush, who continued the "Black Horse," Nazi inspired war economy through another foray into the Middle East. We remind the reader the Bush regime ended with American insolvency (to the tune of 1.5 trillion with the stock market crash of 2008), in an eerie recapitulation of the Black Horse rider with the scales of inflation seen in Revelation 6.

This ushered in the Pale Horse of Barack Obama, whose presidency is marked by colonial style surrogate wars (White Horse) in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and more – even as he brought in sweeping Socialist inspired (Red Horse) domestic legislation in the form of the so called "Obamacare" disaster. Concurrently, we see the ongoing economic contraction forcing drone wars (Black Horse), cyber-sabotage (Stuxnet), and assassinations in dozens of countries. See Daniel 11 for more on Obama under the aegis of the "King of the North" (NATO, North American Union, Northcom, etc) – which brings us back to the present.

Now we see yet another layer, as the original Old Testament quartet, which prefigured the contemporary set, continues to be internalized in a mysterious set of what I've come to call Ripples, as they emerge within the matrix of American hegemony.

We note the primary military involvement AFTER the New World Order was announced by White Horse GHW Bush was the prolonged war in Iraq – where the original Babylon was located. This led us to the present surrogate war with Iran (read Persia as seen in Daniel 2) where raging conflicts continue in their client states of Syria and Hezbollah led Lebanon. Ominously, since the related Red Horse "Ripple" says "he was given a great sword," we may easily connect that with the Persian Gulf state's pursuit of nuclear weapons – a "sword" they already posses.

World news has since been dominated by the Grecian economic meltdown, replete with riots and threats to secede from the Euro Zone if not granted additional international loans which can never be repaid. Further confirming the sequence in which the Iranian/Persian/Russian Red Horse is followed by the Black Horse of economic instability, we note Greece's economic meltdown in Revelation's descripton:

"And he that sat upon him had a pair of balances in his hand…a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny…." (Revelation 6:5, 6).

This very week, as I publicly sought to communicate these things on my daily Internet radio show TheApocalypse Chronicles, I used the metaphor of Ripples to describe this supernatural Spiritual sequencing, even as the national news released a story dealing with the looming Italian debt crisis entitled "The Waves Lapping At Rome's Door." Besides the fact the Roman economy is thought to be poised for meltdown mode right behind Greece, the national news is filled with stories of media leaks from the Pope's butler, to say nothing of the huge story of the US Roman Catholic Bishop's mobilization of American Catholics to oppose Obamacare on reproductive grounds.

In other words, the quartet pattern continues, and like a locomotive which starts rather slowly in its progressively escalating velocity, we would not be surprised to find events sequentially occurring in England, Russia, Germany, and America so rapidly that all four may be the highlights on the 11 O'Clock news. Further, these Ripples will continue to manifest the internal encoding seen in the predecessor quartet of Iraq, Iran, Greece, and Rome – to the degree that these steadily intensifying waves and Rippleswrack the world until the fact that the prophesied Tribulational cycle is underway will become undeniable.

The natural man will not discern the things written here, but the Spirit testifies that they are true. We have much more to communicate, but the reader will need to respond in order to receive more prophetically significant revelation. 

-- James Lloyd

The astonishing truth seen in the present work is detailed in multiple Christian Media published books including THE LION, THE BEAR, & THE LEOPARD, as well as DVD's such as THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN and MARCHING TO ARMAGEDDON. All of these important prophetic materials are exclusively found in the online catalog at

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