SSSSSS! Single Source Scapegoaters

e all receive their email forwards, or poorly constructed essays on a regular basis. Although they are mostly well meaning individuals  trying to make a difference, they do tremendous damage to the truth, with their faulty reasoning.

Although there are numerous varieties of Single Source Scapegoaters (SSSr's), in many cases, they will tell you that theJews are actually the source of all evil in the entire world, and they usually back up such sweeping statements with elaborate footnotes, anecdotal data, and the occasional historical fact.

Another major variety of such SSSr's is similar, except theJesuits, or the Papacy is now the villain to blame for everything. Along the way in their grand exposé, we're treated to various dba's (doing business as) of the conspirators, for whether they are Jews or Catholics, they're usually disguised as Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Knights Templar, Bohemian Grovers, and many more.

The latest brand of Single Sourcers places it all on Islam, and we'd better hurry and nuke every Iranian before they get the weapons of their warfare underground, where they'll be insulated from our self-righteous, pre-emptive mass murder.  

Over the years, as the Christian Media ministry (through our various outreaches such as GEO, the V Channel, Streamwars, and more) has tangled with the evil constructs of our time, I've antagonized many an SSS'r, and have been rewarded with pejorative terms for spreading the blame around more liberally.

For example, when we sought to set the record straight on the faulty theology of the so-called "lost tribe" scenario (the one where all the good white people are downtrodden and unemployed because they're actually Israelites), the late pastorPete Peters (probably wearing an SS uniform while sitting at a typewriter) mass mailed a piece labeling me a "Jew lover."

When I called out Eric Jon Phelps (the erstwhile author of Vatican Assassins) for his bovine skatology, which posits the Vatican is the root of all evil, I was publicly labeled a "Jesuit Co-Adjutant" (whatever that is).

And, on the various occasions when we found pure fraud and exposed it (such as the Patriot radio host posing as a video producer with lengthy credits, when he had none), I was said to have "a root of bitterness." The list just goes on, but the reader gets the idea.

An old adage says that the first casualty of war is the truth, and since we've all been in a Spiritual war every day we've drawn breath in this world, you'd think we would have all learned that by now -- however, hell needs some citizens to populate it, and since the Scriptures say that no liars will be in the kingdom of God, it's certain the aforementioned Hades will be jam packed.

Undoubtedly, I've personally helped to contribute to the Single Source Scapegoat "solution" by inadequately communicating the truth on occasion, but as one of the villains of this world (we are all the villains as well as the victims of the other villains), I'm pleading the blood of Christ to placate the wrath of God for whatever part I've played in the problem.

Even though we've probably all heard this before, here's a really good verse for all the SSSr's of the world:

"And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and are in him that is true....And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness" (I John 5:20,19)

Some people are convinced that when the New Testament says the "whole world" is evil, it must actually mean Tel Aviv -- or Rome, Brussels, or the District of Criminals, et al. However, the Scriptures also tell us those who deceive others (regardless of whether or not their deceptions are intentional), are deceived themselves:

"But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,deceiving, and being deceived" (II Timothy 3:13). 

If you notice that progressive, deteriorative description (they shall get increasingly "worse and worse"), you can see why the world is so completely insane in 2012.

Every now and then, I'll catch myself being lured in by an SSS'r. An example is in order. Since Christian Media has published quite a bit of material on the false Pre-Tribulation Rapture system among other doctrinal errors, and how it's functioning as prologue for the Two House heresy (lost tribe, so called Christian "identity" paired with Messianic Judaism), tons of rather shallow thinking, wannabe anti-Rapturists send me material.

As the Satanic spirit behind the article I was reading was seeking to reel me in with some salient facts concerning two prominent Rapturists which I've previously reproved in written form (Chuck Missler and Calvary Chapel's Chuck  Smith), the author went on to tell us how Chuck Smith "invented" Christian rock music -- a statement which made my BS Buzzer begin to blare rather loudly.

This particular baloney is thought to originate with a miscreant named John Todd, who claimed his former employer (the Illuminati, don't you know) paid Chuck to start the "Jesus movement," and then infuse it with Satanic rock music. Ironically, the morons who repeat this malarkey cite Jack Chick, a prominent Rapturist, to bash the Catholics, whereas a few paragraphs earlier, they were rebuking the Rapture Cult, which Chick himself avidly promotes. In other words, if you read their retarded material long enough, the Single Source Sorcerer will eventually impeach his own source. 

Make no mistake, the Rapture Cult and Chuck Smith are false prophets, but the nonsense which seeks to link the Calvary Chapel logo of a descending dove (an obvious emblem of the Holy Spirit) to some secret society/Gnostic symbol, causes the larger public to associate any Scriptural refutation as coming from the same lunatic fringe.

To put that another way, the crazies who care not about accuracy repel those who might otherwise consider the Scriptural basis for repudiating the doctrinal offender, and the psychotic Single Source Scapegoater actually helps to insulate the error from any credible criticism.

In short, these liars will use anything, anybody, and any method imaginable to perpetuate their Single Source Scapegoat Stupidity -- and they do tremendous damage to the truth because they do it in the name of the LORD.

The Single Source Scapegoaters frequently use what is called a syllogism -- which is a logical fallacy, to buttress their insidious claims. To reduce it to its most basic component, if I can establish that Catholicism is the root of all evil, as long as I'm a Protestant, things will all turn out ok for me.

Using this fallacious type of reasoning, I've seen Patriots who posit that if they steadfastly refuse to ever receive the "mark of the beast" microchip (based upon their own faulty definition of the 666 "mark"), they'll be included in that number when the Saints go marching in to heaven.

Another favorite tactic is the guilt by association gambit:

"So and so, who lived next door to the babysitter of the ex wife of the former member of the Trilateral Commission, who also once slept with the assistant to the missing link, will now reveal all at the 1st church of Laodicea -- the meeting starts at 7, but if you miss it, don't worry, it'll be on You Tube and it will prove that _________ [check one: Jesuits, Jews, Jihadists, Aliens, etc] are the secret single source of all Satanic apostasy....."

The phenomena described here defies a simple analysis, but the only defense against the Spiritual seduction of the Single Source Scapegoaters is a dogged determination to allow the Gospel truth to impact your worldview. Everyone says they want the truth, but no one actually does. It's simply not in our capacity to seek the truth apart from the LORD working within us.

The Scriptures tell us the blood of Christ gives us an exemption from the wrath of God. The Bible uses the word "propitiation" (Romans 3:25), which means that Christ's sacrifice appeasesGod's wrath. Conversely, the New Testament says that

"...the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience" (Colossians 3:6)

Few stop to realize that disobedience requires a knowledge of that which you choose to disobey; a straightforward indicator the "children of disobedience" are those who do not allow the Spirit of the LORD to lead them into all truth. In simple terms, this means the wrath of God will fall upon vast number of professing "Christians" because they allow their own sinful nature to supercede the LORD's requirement that we receive thelove of the truth -- a mandatory aspect of being led to Christ:

"For this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie...because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved" (II Thessalonians 2:11,10).

When we refuse to believe the truth of any aspect of this existence, we move closer to the strong delusion which is coming at everyone like a flood out of the "mouth" of Revelation's dragon. Just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the SSSr's use the occasional fact to spice up the jaundiced worldview which serves their own shortsighted agenda.

Someone once said anyone who comes out for peace is probably not really for it, and those who preach about the strong delusion are usually already swimming in it. The fact is, the Single Source Scapegoaters are the blind leading the blind. A better plan is to seek with all your heart to follow the truth -- which is personified in Jesus Christ -- anywhere He chooses to lead:

"These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. And in their mouth was found no guyile: for they are without fault before the throne of God" (Revelation 14:4,5).

 -- James Lloyd

For more on how the Scriptures show a single source of evil to be inadequate, and how prophecy emphasizes two primary factions (commonly called The Antichrist and The False Prophet) which collide in order to produce the infernal energy of the dragon, see the online video on THE TWO HOUSE TWIST.

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