Surrogates Part VII

The Prophetic Piñata Of The Antichrist

n the ongoing series of political and prophetic commentaries entitled Surrogates, we've explored the subject of concealed identity. As we've previously noted, political powers have usedsurrogacy for millennia, to gain tactical advantage over their rivals. The practice continues today, with classic examples found via the agency of Hamas (which is Iran disguised as Palestinians), Hezbollah (which is also Iran disguised as Lebanese), and Al Qaida (sometimes spelled Al CIAda -- as a pun on the hidden hand behind that important group). There are many more examples.   

However, in this installment of Surrogates, we're going to return to the area of Spiritual Surrogacy, or prophetic identities. One of the most compelling instincts believers have is associated with our fascination with the Antichrist -- an almost obsessive fixation that was even addressed in New Testament times:   

" ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists...." ( I John 2:18)   

To put this into perspective, the Apostle John, acknowledging the interest in the coming of antichrist in his day, sought to emphasize the already prevalent existence of many people who were manifesting the Spirit of Antichrist. In this ongoing interest in a singular antichrist, believers are not dissimilar to the children seen in the Latin celebratory custom, wherein all are blindfolded, and try to strike the iconic emblem of their interest with a stick. This symbol of their aggression, is called a piñata.   

Ironically, with everyone blindfolded taking a swipe at the allegorical antichrist, this is a Spiritual signature of the prophetic blindness which widely infects believers in our timeline, and the fact that so many prophets have been so wrong, is a fact that should not be ignored.   

Incidentally, although there is no solid data linking the ancient ritual of breaking a pinata to a ritual attack on the "antichrist," the practice does go all the way back to Mesoamerica. Even the word pinata is related to an Italian (read Roman) term, and Catholic monks did encounter the practice already intact among the Aztecs, who associated the ritual with the birthday of the ancient deity Huitzilopochtli -- a heathen "god" the 15th century Catholic priests would have regarded as antichrist.   

The practice has also been seen in ancient India where it was also associated with a birthday of a "god" -- but in the Aryan tradition it was Krishna -- thus, there may indeed be a prophetic connection between the ancient ritual, and the office of antichrist. 
Be that as it may, with the present evil occupying the White House in the form of a Moslem/Christian/Communist/Illegal alien usurper named Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro, et al, we have rampant speculation once again concerning the emergence of the Antichrist. While it may be unequivocally stated that Barry whoever he is, is definitely an antichrist, the search for Satan's singular son is anything but Scriptural. However, before moving on to the Biblical case for the lack of an individual fulfilling the long anticipated role of The Antichrist, we might take notice of previous efforts in which it was absolutely certain this man, or that leader, could be "positively identified" as The Antichrist.   

The Usual Suspects  

In Italy during World War II, there were plenty of people who fervently believed Il Duce, Benito Mussolini, boasting of a restoration of the Roman Empire, would fulfill the role. His former associate in crime, the little corporal called Adolf, carried on the tradition. When certain dubious Nostradamus interpreters supposedly identified Hitler in the coveted role, it was "obvious" the mustached one fit the bill -- but the bunker which hosted his deadly wound saw no resurrection.    

A cult following associated with identifying John F Kennedy as antichrist emerged in the early 1960's. Undoubtedly influenced by Protestants who were sure the Catholic JFK was in league with Lucifer, after he received his deadly head wound, they breathlessly watched for AC to show in November of 63.   

During the Nixon years, I remember a widespread belief the powerful Jewish diplomat, one Dr. Henry Kissinger, was widely whispered to be the Antichrist -- after all, he was trying makepeace between Arabs and Jews (the nerve of the man)! Of course, the clever Dr. K eventually faded from view, and the spotlight moved back to Europe with Juan Carlos of Spain. Then others in the Hapsburg dynastic family were followed by writer Joan Veon's "sustainable" Prince Charles.   

Messianic Jews, led by a false prophet named Monte Judahstuck with that one way too long, but Charles gave way to Harry -- with lots of bizarre interpretive things associated with the late Lady Diana Spencer along the way. Somewhere in there, Al Gore, Slick Willie Clinton, and who knows who else had theorists watching them, amidst literary attempts to hit that elusive Piñata, the son of perdition.   

Alas, I was enraptured by the ridiculous frenzy as well, and for several years I was absolutely convinced the guy would come out of the United Nations, dressed as Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the Egyptian 6th Secretary-General of the UN.   

Once I was confronted with the self evident fact that Boutros was not going to rule the world, although I could have moved to the metaphorical state of delusion where other failed predictors have relocated, I instead went back to the metaphoric "drawing board" (the Holy Bible), and restudied the subject. As is commonly the case, I saw several things I had somehow refused to absorb in prior studies. Obviously, I had studied the above verses where the Apostle John subtly repudiated the concept of a singular antichrist, noting there are "many antichrists" (I John 2:18), and I was certainly aware there is not a single verse in Scripture which mentions "the Antichrist," but that wasn't what I needed to put forth my theory.   

Thus, in a practice guaranteed to produce error, I sought out verses which facilitated my instinctive desire to conform the Scriptures to my worldview. Since that time, I've seen this self deceiving phenomena over and over again, in just about everybody, and I've seen it far more times than I care to mention.   

At this point, some would despair, throw up their hands, and come to believe no one really has the truth, but that is a faulty perspective as well. After all, Jesus said "Ye Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You Free (John 8:32). This goes directly to the subject of faith, and in my next installment of the present work, I'll detail the very truth that Christ revealed to me, concerning this intriguing subject.   

-- James Lloyd  

The subject of the Beast, which is the primary text associated with the ephemeral subject of Antichrist, is found in the book ofRevelation. For those interested in this important subject, we suggest a viewing of the brief online video found at on THE BEAST THAT WAS.

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