Tri-Dimensional Truth

n the national TV news this very morning, I was struck by two items – and both were very significant prophetically. However, one of them illustrated the progression of prophecy, within an allegorical strata, even as the other supported events in the realm of the physical, or literal plane of this world.

At Christian Media, we've been immersed in the astonishing way in which the prophets saw things in the Spiritual realm, even as such things are commonly imaged with physical descriptions. At the same time, we see the nations of the world moving in very literal and figurative ways, in accord with political and physical predictive texts. Thus, we seemultiple dimensions of prophecy unfoldingconcurrently. Although these words may sound a bit confusing, please bear with me as I'll attempt to clarify just what I'm trying to articulate.

The two news items were actually the lead stories, so many of the readers of this material may have seen them – but they referenced the steadily escalating scandal of how the IRS has been secretively targeting conservative political and religious groups – obviously at the direction of the leftists who are steadily tightening their ghastly grip on the nation's executive branch.

The 2nd story had to do with Russia's alarm that the leader of NATO has now publicly stated the military alliance is welcoming the trans-Caucasian state ofGeorgia into their fold. This is a significant geo-political development, with real world consequences – and it dovetails precisely with specific predictions which have originated in this ministry for many years.

I'll address the IRS story first. In what is now being revealed as the tip of the proverbial political iceberg, evidence is mounting the directions to harass and impede the progress of conservative and religious groups came directly from Washington. Such activity constitutes multiple felonies, and the Obama cabal is obviously behind it. However, this is just the beginning, for the IRS is destined to devour the religious infrastructure in America – and the fiscally-hungry beast in the District of Criminals has the nation's Christian churches and para-church ministries in their crosshairs.

This is a veiled fulfillment of the burning of theWhore of Babylon – but since the "church" IS the whore, she cannot see it. Revelation details a political "burning" at the hands of the kings, whom it is said, are actually moving at the direction of God Himself:

"And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire" (Revelation 17:16).

As difficult as it is to hear, among other things, the "whore" is the organized, corporate "Christian" religion, and the "burning" is obviously allegorical – that is, unless you think these political powers are cannibals – i.e. they "shall eat her flesh." The prior call for the Remnant of the Spiritually constituted family of Israel to "come out of her," was to protect the LORD's people from the political pogrom that is about to ensue in America (as well as the rest of the world).

Thus, the imagery of the harlot under persecution – a turmoil directed by God Himself ("God has put it in their hearts"), is now just beginning, and the various word/pictures dealing with financial devastation tie it to the political moves which will eventually "strip" the harlot of her 501c(3) generated wealth.

Conversely, in the physical plane of existence, where the military alignments of nations preparing for the disastrous battle to come continues, the only former member of the Soviet Union to move into the ranks of the military alliance that is NATO, is the state of Georgia. This is extremely significant as, for the last 20 years, Christian Media has identified Georgia with the name Gog, as in Ezekiel's famous Gog and Magog predictions.

Further, we have long identified the allied place/names of Meschech and Tubal with the Georgian capital of Tblisi, and the ancient Meschechians, now seen in the volatile Islamic breakaway republic of Chechnya. This name was preserved even before the Soviet era when imperial Russia established a military settlement ruling Georgia, in a place they named Mtzketa – readMeschech.

This not only means that Russia is not Gog as widely identified by the liars in the organized Whore of Babylon – the same trollop who is now beginning her slow burn – it also means that Georgia, in association with the military cabal of the NORTH Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), clearly aligns the Gog and Magog coalition with the American military power structure.

Although there are significant Spiritual/allegorical identifications between the two names Gog and Magogvis a vis the twin strongholds of power seen in the two beasts of Revelation (a Spiritual identification which we've repeatedly articulated), the literal move of Georgia towards the current NATO embrace is a striking fulfillment of prophetic statements made in these quarters, in print and on radio, for the last 20 years (see Gog and Magog: Invaders from the North, from 1992, as well as numerous other writings and broadcasts by the present author).

The conflicting data should be self evident, for in recognizing the prophetic metaphor of one event, while simultaneously seeing a physical fulfillment of another, we are seeing multiple dimensions of prophecy unfold at the same time, on adjacent paths. Furthermore, as much of the harlotry of the "church" is related to her continued refusal to come out of the beast generated world structures, and recognize her true standing as born again Israel, the Ezekiellian prophetic panorama of an invader coming "out of the North parts" (as in North America leading the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with "Gog" in tow) against "the mountains of Israel," moves us closer to a literal fulfillment of the Gog and Magog prophecies.

We know and understand that the Spiritual dimension is the substance, and the physical is the shadow, for Christ showed us the kingdom of God, where we are seated in Christ now, is found in the heavenly realm of the supernatural. We also know that man's efforts, including those of America and the recalcitrant state of Israel (see "The Little Horn" in prophecy) to continue to build his globalist tower of Babel apart from the will of the LORD, will invariably bring untold devastation and misery in this world.

We further expect the "Deadly Wound" cycle to be inflicted upon America at any time, and have so stated repeatedly in these pages. Thus, since these political developments are now clearly pointing to America's association with the mystical identity of "Gog" which is plainly said to be decimated in Ezekiel, plus the aforementioned burning of Mystery Babylon, which is also associated with the present beast government directed assault on the incorporated harlots of religion, we expect nothing less than the "overflowing scourge" to strike this ungodly nation at any time.

--- James Lloyd

(To Be Continued)

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