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n the Gospels is a lesson which transcends its immediate context, as it follows the same pattern of multi-dimensional prophecy we've sought to understand for a number of years. This passage is found in the denunciations of Christ, when He articulated a scathing truth concerning the religious leaders of His time:

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness" (Matthew 23:27).  

Before moving to the specifics of how this characterization fits the present day Christian church like a glove, it will be expedient to restate the fundamentals of the twin timeline paradigm. As a case in point, at Olivet, Christ describes the things which are going to happen to that generation in the short term -- Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies, the believers will be betrayed, and they shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, and so forth.   

Looking back and forward at the centuries from His vantage point as the Son of God, Jesus is able to phrase sequential activities which were accurate in that generation, yet also apply to our time. Similarly, in the sequence just before the revelation we know as the Olivet Discourse, we see a similar phenomena -- and this time, the twin timeline statements also involved the disciples:  

"And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple" (Matthew 24:1). 

Although Jesus had been in the temple many times, the disciples came "to show him" the buildings of the temple -- something that is completely illogical, since the text states that He had just exited from the temple. The fact is, the Holy Spirit is supernaturally telling us they were showing themselves as "the temple" to Christ, even as He permanently departed from the desolate bricks and mortar buildings which were clearly inhabited by the Spirit of Antichrist.  

Thus, when we see developments unfold in the life and ministry of Jesus in the Gospels and the book of Acts, we've learned to look inwardly, and recognize a parallel, future fulfillment which is usually prophetically very significant. In prior studies, we've done just that as we've repeatedly shown that just about everything runs twice in prophecy.  

The religious establishment, smug in their synagogues, and self assured with the knowledge that they were the children of Abraham, parallel the Christian church in our time. The Remnant of Israel, the true body of Christ in the last days, are in the role of the disciples of the first century. Thus, when Jesusultimately rebukes those who were so sure of their standing in the kingdom of heaven, He is also rebuking the church leaders of our time.  

On a broader scale, the fury with which Christ denounced the religion of the Jews, also serves as a foreshadowing of the wrathof God -- a sequence of events all agree occurs towards the end of the prophetic cycle. We note, for instance, this reproach of the religious establishment occurs just before the opening of the Olivet prophetic panorama -- and as previously noted, the pivotal point between them is when the glory of God "departed from the temple" (Matthew 24:1).  

When Jesus invoked the imagery of a whited sepulchre to describe the hidden death which inhabits the religious leaders, the picture is one of a righteous looking construct, which is "beautiful" in an outward sense, pointing towards an assumed inner righteousness. This is a perfect picture of the churches of our time, and even more precisely, the incorporated churches of our time.  

A sepulchre is a building, or an enclosure, which holds a corpse. A corpse is a body, and this is the precise word from which a corporation is derived. In short, a corporation is a body, and is even legally defined as a "created" (albeit artificial) person. In essence, the incorporated Christian church is a tomb, righteous on the outside, and it is now filled with "dead men's bones" (Matthew 23:27).  

Virtually every church is a corporation, a creation of the Beast governments of this world. They name them with descriptive words indicative of Spiritual life, such as The First Church Of The Redeemer, or The Christian Life Fellowship -- righteous sounding names found on the marquee outside the sanctuary, but inside they are filled with hypocrisy and iniquity.  

"Thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead" (Revelation 3:1). 

The powerful Christian ministries of our time, measuring success through popularity, media clout, status, or a host of other accouterments of this world, are aptly described as the whore of Babylon, 

"Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" (Revelation 3:17).  

Most pastors and Christian leaders vehemently object to such a characterization, countering that they are followers of Jesus, whereas the Pharisees of old were followers of Moses -- thusfulfilling how they "knowest not" that they are "wretched and miserable." What they fail to see is how the Judaean priests were hypocrites in their allegiance to Moses, a direct parallel to the hypocrisy of those who say they're following Jesus, when in actuality, they are following a corporate counterfeit.  

From the Pharisees point of view, history, Scripture, tradition, and even the temple system favored their rejection of Jesus -- whose statements must have sounded audacious to them at the very least. And yet, they were in the wrong because, as Jesus said 

"...thou knewest not the time of thy visitation" (Luke 19:44). 

The Christians of the last generation are the Jews of the first century, and the pastors of this time are the priests of that time. Our guilt is collective, for we have all Spiritually replicated thewhited sepulchres of our time in the religious entities we've constructed. Our churches and chapels have externals, with beautiful sanctuaries, elegant pews, and attractive edifices. But inside, they are filled with corpses who say 

"If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets" (Matthew 23:30). 

Yet, even as they voice such sentiments, they continue to revile the prophets of our time. The churches of this world hate the truth, and these whited sepulchres filled with dead believers who think they stand, scoff at the true Word of the LORD whenever they hear it, and insist that anyone who tells them the truth of their despicable condition can't possibly know the love of God, because they make such "hateful" statements.  

We're just now concluding the repudiation of the whited sepulchres stage of events in our timeline. Next, we come to the revealing of the Remnant, in this case the emergence of the 144,000 as a parallel fulfillment of Christ's disciples who came to "show him the temple." This coincides with Christ's departure from the temple of incorporated churches -- which have now been identified as the whited sepulchres of this evil and adulterous generation.  

When this Remnant is sealed, the burning of the whore of Babylon will begin, and just as every stone was thrown down in the ancient temple after Jesus "departed from the temple," the same thing will occur to the whited sepulchres of our time.  

"Woe unto you, Christian teachers, and pastors, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness." 

--- James Lloyd 

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