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The Manipulations Of "Professor"
Thomas Mack

y training, Mr. Tom Mack is a mathematician, who has re-invented himself more than once in his pursuit to seek power in the Christian community. Originally posing as an expert in Bible translation, the self styled "professor" managed to convince the Prophecy Club (a Christian speaker's bureau) to book him on a speaking tour as he taught on the subject of the Bible translation controversies. He now works primarily with the emerging occultic form of soothsaying known as Bible Codes.

Regarding Jo Reaves

iss Jo Reaves is the Editor and Publisher of a Christian newspaper. The newspaper is The Midnight Herald, and Miss Reaves lives with Tom Mack in a dubious relationship that has been concealed and misrepresented. Mr. Mack is being represented as her "brother" to friends and neighbors who have wondered why the "Christian" couple are living together without the benefit of marriage. The Bible poignantly refers to those who are under the conviction of the Holy Spirit for their sin, but respond by "Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron..." (I Timothy 4:2). Jo Reaves is a wealthy woman and is supporting the worthless Mr. Mack in the style to which he has rapidly grown accustomed.

Tom Mack moved into Miss Reaves' Texas residence in 2001, supposedly on a temporary basis - as his previous misdeeds had caused his life in Iowa to become rather difficult. On the way, he apparently tried to get his associates in New Mexico, Chris and Sharon Blodgett, to support him - but, since they are far more masterful connivers than the manipulative Mr. Mack, they sent him packing in short order.

Utilizing his miniscule computer abilities, Tom Mack has penetrated Miss Reaves' life to the degree that he now has significant control over her "ministry" - including the mailing list and the computer data utilized in her life's passion, The Midnight Herald newspaper. This "Christian" newspaper's mission statement declares its goal is to " believers rightly divide the Word of Truth in these days when error is rampant." While some would find it ironic to see such compromise in a paper "dedicated to the Glory of God the Father and Jesus Christ" (Midnight Herald, Vol 5 #3, page 2), we are not at all surprised.

Christian Relationships Converted To Code

fter Tom moved in with Jo, she soon realized he would be very difficult to evict. For the last few years, Tom Mack has been manipulating people through the so-called Bible Codes. His gambit is to initially tell his unwary prey that he has found their name using the codes. Seeking to ingratiate himself through his dishonest manipulation of the Bible Codes, Mack then offers to "run the codes" and report the results to his new friend. In this fashion, he becomes something of a technical guru who can help to "confirm" the Lord's will in a person's life concerning various issues.

If Tom perceives that the person is seeking spiritual or emotional support for a particular decision or a position they've taken on a matter, he provides validation by telling his hapless victim that the "codes" agree that the information is correct. In this way, he has manipulated the Bible Codes into becoming little more than a "scriptural" version of Tarot cards or Astrology. The tactic is essentially calculated to build in a dependency upon Mr. Mack. Utilizing his manipulative methodologies, Tom Mack has now gained significant control over what was an independent Christian newspaper. Indeed, in a recent edition of the Midnight Herald, the so-called "professor" has now inserted his corporate name over the return address of the paper. Though this would imply an acquisition, leadership within the newspaper's brain trust has only been "acquired" through a surreptitious series of internal maneuvers.

Although no formal acquisition has occurred, the newspaper has now been able to utilize the 501(c)(3) non-profit status. This is financially beneficial, although spiritually corrosive. In its most immediate benefit, the paper's postal costs will have dropped upon utilizing Tom Mack's 501(c)(3) non-profit status. As an apparent payback for the usage of the non-profit status, Tom Mack arranged for the paper to carry content that promotes Mack associates Chris Blodgett and Steve Quayle.

As accompanying data on this website will indicate, this was just the beginning of Tom Mack's emerging web of theological deceit.


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