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CMD1 - Daniel 11 Predicted North Vs South Conflict
CMD2 - Iraq War Prophesied In Daniel
CMD3 - UN Security Council Pushes For 10 Kings
CMD4 - UN Security Council Ensures Fiery Furnace Will Erupt
CMD5 - Latino Gangs To Be Warlords In Post Apocalyptic America
CMD6 - Al Quaida Attack Using Nukes Prophesied
CMD7 - UN Corrupton Continues Unchecked Under Kofi Annan
CMD8 - Armageddon Script In Daniel 11 Presages Extraterrestrial Introduction
CMD9 - The Nephilim Will Be In Direct Control Of The World Government Of Antichrist
CMD10 - The Antichrist Will Be Attacked By Two Kings
CMD11 - Antichrist Will Arrive When Security Council Reform Is Completed
CMD12 - Christian Witchcraft
CMD13 - Generation Of Vipers
CMD14 - Sidewinder Seeking Salvation
CMD15 - American Hiroshima
CMD16 - The Emergence Of Michael
CMD17 - Multi Dimensional Prophecy
CMD18 - Multi Dimensional Prophecy II
CMD19 - When We Get Hit
CMD20 - State's Evidence
CMD21 - The Seed Of Abraham
CMD22 - Denying The Deadly Wound
CMD23 - A King Of Fierce Countenance
CMD24 - Something Shiney
CMD25 - Kofi Gone
CMD26 - Hadassah Of Shushan Is Prophetic
CMD27 - Polygamy And Persia
CMD28 - Persians 13: Obey the Higher Powers?
CMD29 - Collision Course
CMD30 - The Millennium Storm
CMD31 - What Evidence?More on UN Corruption
CMD32 - Chavez Of Venezuela:The King Of The South I
CMD33 - Kofi Clues - The End Of The UN
CMD34 - The Witch Of Endor
CMD35 - A Short Space
CMD36 - The Beast is Bleeding
CMD37 - The Third Way
CMD38 - The Third Way Part II
CMD39 - Chavez Of VenezuelaThe King Of The South II
CMD40 - Lively Stones
CMD41 - What Manner Of Spirit Are You?
CMD42 - The Holy Covenant
CMD43 - Damage Control:Defending The Star Of Satan
CMD44 - The Gravity Well
CMD45 - He Cometh With Clouds
CMD46 - They Shall Look Upon MeWhom They Have Pierced
CMD47 - Chavez Of Venezuela:More On The King Of the South III
CMD48 - The Skin Of The Serpent
CMD49 - House Panel Wants Homeland Security Documents
CMD50 - Nuclear Talks In Istanbul End in Impasse With No New Date
CMD51 - Iranian warships coming to Mediterranean and Red Seas
CMD52 - Genetically-modified, Oil-eating Bacteria Creating Dangerous Mutant Organisms In The Gulf
CMD53 - Egypt In Disarray
CMD54 - Egyptian Troops Hunt Hamas Gunmen Fighting To Control Northern Sinai ... Two Captured
CMD55 - Stuxnet Returns To Bushehr Reactor ... Russia Warns Of Nuclear Explosion
CMD56 - UFO Lights Hover Over Jerusalem And Moslem Dome Of The Rock
CMD57 - Virginia Eyes Switching Off Dollar Cites 'Inevitable Destruction Of The Federal Reserve System's Currency'
CMD58 - US Military Purging Gospel, Adding HomosexualsTransition Follows Prophetic 6,7,8, Cycle Pattern
CMD59 - New Flu Vaccine Moves Government Closer To Mandatory Universal Inoculation
CMD60 - Sinai Gas Pipeline Blast ... Cairo Suspends Supplies To Israel, Jordan For Domestic Use
CMD61 - Boutros Ghali Family Active In Egyptian Transition
CMD62 - Christian Families Slaughtered By Moslems Amid Egyptian Chaos Brutal Murders By Islamic Savages Included Women And Children As Young As 3 Years Old
CMD63 - Coming Middle East Flashpoint: Hezbollah Faces Terror, Murder Charges At Hariri Tribunal
CMD64 - Americans Betrayed Again By RepublicansAs Boehner defends usurper in chief as a "Christian," Paul votes for the queers in the military
CMD65 - Middle East Mess Will Cost America Big Bucks
CMD66 - Riots and Unrest Spread Throughout Arab Nations
CMD67 - Study Confirms Super-Rotation At Earth's Core Faster Than Rest Of Planet
CMD68 - Libyan Revolution Marks Shift In Gog-Magog LineupStrongman Moammar Qaddafi Has Been Steadily Moving Towards US-Israeli Globalist Construct
CMD69 - Michigan Lawsuit Claims City Officials Tolerated Islamic murders as 'Honor killings'Plaintiffs challenge city's official cooperation with Islamic interests
CMD70 - Toxic Rain Via BP Oil Disaster DocumentedScientist Ira Leifer says the toxic rain phenomena is real, and is a serious threat to the health of millions.
CMD71 - The American Bar Association Supports Shariah Law In The US Attorney's Criminal Cabal Betrays The Soul Of America
CMD72 - Middle East Oil Wars SpreadIranian Oil Prices Benefit From Arab Discord
CMD73 - Scientists Blending Flu Viruses To Produce Greater Killing Power
CMD74 - Media Tower Of Babel Misrepresents Middle Eastern Turmoil
CMD75 - Blackwater Bounty Hunters Hired To Hunt Hezbollah?
CMD76 - NASA Scientist Claims Proof Of Alien Existence
CMD77 - Authorities Provide Laughable Explaination For Massive Fish Die-Off In California
CMD78 - Insanity From The Liberal Lieft As House Hearings On Radical Islam Begin
CMD79 - Japan Quake Confirms Rise In Geologic Activity
CMD80 - Syria Supplies Qaddafi With ArmsMove Marks The First Arab State To Support Qaddafi
CMD81 - Japan Disaster Creates Prophetic Feeding Frenzy
CMD82 - Hundreds Shot In Bahrain;Israel Seizes Ship Loaded With Iranin WeaponsIranian Intrigue Moves World Closer To World War
CMD83 - Northern Command At Height Of Hypocrisy: UN Authorizes Bombing Of Qadaffi For Suppressing Revolt, As Saudis Shoot Bahraini ProtestorsUN Votes To Impose "No Fly Zone" - Qadaffi Counters With Cease Fire
CMD85 - War Beast Planned Libyan Attack Back in 2001 Under Black Horse Bush
CMD86 - As Germany Pulls Out, Nato Infighting Threatens Libyan Front Against Qadaffi
CMD87 - Turkey Discovers Weapons In Iranian Plane Turkish Media Says UN Told Ankara Iranian Plane Was Carrying Nuclear Material
CMD88 - Recent Wave Of Killer Earthquakes Occurred On Undiscovered Faultlines In Focusing On Known Faultlines Few Realize Giant Quakes Can Strike Anywhere
CMD89 - As Syrian Government Kills Its Citizens For Desiring Freedom, Nato & US Focus On Oil Rich Libya Clinton Calls Syrian Situation "Different" As Double Standard Is Obvious When Everyone Knows It's All About The Oil
CMD90 - Key Radiation Warning System In US Was Disabled As Japan Radiation Increased
CMD91 - British Petroleum Loses Personal Data
CMD92 - Japan Radiation Media Spin Continues As Nuke Contamination Spreads
CMD93 - Libyan Rebels Sold Hezbollah And Hamas Chemical Shells
CMD94 - Wave Of TV Personalities With On-Air Aphasia
CMD95 - North Carolina Introduces Law To Criminalize Alternative Health Practitioners What's Next, Burning At The Stake For Unlicensed Religion?
CMD96 - Tehran Reportedly Incesed Over Saudi-Bahraini Counter-Revolution Moves Iran squares off against Saudi Arabia over Bahrain's annexation
CMD97 - Glen Beck Leading Mormons Into Two House Union With Israel Millionaire Media Figure will address Christians For Israel Event In DC
CMD98 - Budget Crisis Highlights American Recapitulation Of Roman Empire Lunacy Reigns As Liberals Vow To Fund Planned Parenthood While Threatening Military Pay Suspension
CMD99 - FBI Releases Classified Memo Claimed As Proof Of ET At Roswell Crash UFO Enthusiasts Exhilarated That FBI Memo Released From "The Vault" Is Conclusive Proof Of Extraterrestrial Presence
CMD100 - U.S. taxpayers to fund $20m remake of Sesame Street...for Pakistan
CMD101 - Syrian Upheaval Ignored By Mainstream Media admidst japan radiation, Libyan civil war, and soaring gas prices, the media is conspicuously ignoring the massive revolt in syria
CMD102 - Saudis Say Iranian Reactor To Be Activated In May, May Blow Up Arabian Concerns Voiced To US Defense Secretary May Be Indication Of Top Secret Knowledge Of American-Israeli Military Intentions
CMD103 - Jewish Supremacists Ignore Prophetic Cause And Effect Even As Over 240 Tornados Rip South, Jewish Supremacists Ignore American Tyranny, And Say Judgement Is Because Of Lack Of Support For Israel
CMD104 - Fresh Water Wells Exposed To Millions Of Gallons Of Toxic Compounds "Hyrdro Fracturing" Process Abused As Deadly Chemicals Are Pumped Into The Earth
CMD105 - Latest FBI Memo Release Claims UFO Connection To JFK Assassination Following UFO Roswell Memo Release Last Week, Old FBI Documents Point To JFK Probe Into UFO Secrets As Motive For Murder
CMD106 - Mexican Drug And Murder Gangs Armed By Obama Recent Revelation Of Project Gunrunner Supports 6 year Old Christian Media Prediction Indicating Globalists Have Granted Power To Mexican Gangs For Post-Apocalyptic Revenue Stream
CMD107 - The Media Massages The Message
CMD108 - Atom Smasher Project Rumored To Have Found GOD Particle Physics Community Leaks Memo Indicating Swiss Particle Accelerator May Have Found Elusive Goal
CMD109 - Monsanto Will Soon Be Allowed To Police Itself Latest Government Insanity Places The Mouse In Charge Of The Cheese
CMD111 - Behold The Whirlwind Of The LORD Tornado Devastation Focused On Alabama -- I Will Curse Those Who Curse You?
CMD112 - What A Coincidence! The Counterfeit President Found The Counterfeit Terrorist Just In Time To Divert The Comatose Public's Attention From The Counterfeit Birth Certificate
CMD113 - GMO Pesticides Linked To Birth Defects, Disruption Of Male Hormones, And Cancer
CMD114 - Iran TV Claims Israeli Warplanes Massing In Iraq For Attack Unlikely Report Is Denied By Israel And Pentagon
CMD115 - Internet Eblasters Present Potpourri Of Opinions Unprecedented Variety Of Worldviews Carry No Disclaimers -- Let The Buyer Beware
CMD116 - American "Christian" Taxpayers Fund Persecution Of Pakistani Christians
CMD117 - Obamasama Story Unravels At The Seams Dazed And Confused Citizens In Obamalon, Amidst Floods, Fires, And Tornados, Were Too Busy Looking At The Chemtrails To Notice The Truth
CMD118 - Good Christian Bitches?
CMD119 - Successful Vaccine For Monkey AIDS Moves The Beast Closer To Mandatory Human Vaccinations The News That An Experimental Concoction Has Worked Against The Simian Version Of HIV Will Embolden The Mad Scientists To Require Vaccination
CMD120 - Rapture Cult Anticipates Another Embarassment Over May 21st False Prediction  Family Radio's Harold Camping's False Prophecy Shows The Dark Side Of The Doctrine
CMD121 - Get Ready - HAARP Has Been Turned Up Again There Is Evidence That HAARP Has Been Turned Up Again And Its Target Is The New Madrid Fault Line
CMD122 - Mormon False Prophet Glen Beck Adores Israel On Air Outgoing Fox Commentator Conditioning Audience For Israeli Military Reprisal To Come
CMD123 - The Souls That Were Slain Slaughter Of Christians In Middle East And Africa Described As "Wholesale"
CMD124 - Obama Demand Israel Return To Pre-67 Border Demonstrates Unrealistic Worldview
CMD125 - Oops, I Clicked On Tornado Instead Of Earthquake Killer Tornado That Ripped Joplin Missouri Was Almost Certainly Caused By HAARP
CMD126 - Netanyahu Talks Peace, Palestinians Call It Declaration Of War With Obama Overseas Insulting Some Other World Leaders, Israeli Leader Warmly Received In America
CMD127 - America As The Restrainer Will Be Taken Out Of The Way Ancient Belief Among Christians Said Roman Empire Was The Restrainer Long Before Rapture Cult Novelty
CMD128 - Disinformation Campaign On Japanese Radiation Release Via Conservative Patriot Source New American Magazine Well Known Conservative Magazine Published By John Birch Society Parrots Government Propaganda
CMD129 - Lost Pyramids Will Likely Open The Door TO The Devils The Satellite Images Which Discovered 17 Lost Pyramids Are Probably Part Of The Disclosure Plan
CMD130 - Surrogate War Middle Eastern Tinderbox Is Where The Final Fuse Will Be Lit
CMD131 - Politically Correct Conservative Bows To Moloch Pre-Candidate Palin Visits New York Adorned With Star Of Satan To Send A Signal
CMD132 - Religious Pendelum About To Swing Back To Hebrew Roots After The Politically Ridiculous Departure From Common Sense Under Obama, The Next Phase Will Be Even Worse
CMD133 - GEO Television Network Launches Weeknight Net TV Second TV Network From Christian Media Launches Underground/Alternative Programming
CMD134 - A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit Jewish Supremacists Continue to Ignore The Misbehaviour Of Their Leaders
CMD135 - Mormon Prophecy Says Religion Will Save The American Constitution Jewish Supremacists Move To Merge With Mormonism
CMD136 - Persistent Reports That FEMA Is Stockpiling Survival Food Survival Foods In Scarce Supply
CMD137 - Criminal Complaint Filled With FBI Charging Conspiracy Over Obama Birth Certificate Amidst The Mocking, The Truth That Continues To Plague The Pretender
CMD138 - Jump In Infant Mortality In Northwest May BeFukushima Related Spike In Death Rate Of Children Under 1 Year In Eight Significant Cities
CMD139 - Scattering Abroad Independent Christian Emailers Are Scattering Abroad
CMD140 - What The Government Didn't Do Today Amid Ongoing Tyrannical Moves, Once Again The Beast Did Not Reverse Course
CMD141 - America In Mourning Tragic Resignation Of Towering Moral Standard Weiner Leaves Us Wondering If We Will Be Able To Find A Comparable Candidate To Replace Him
CMD142 - Deciding To Decide When We Thought About Brain Nutrition, We Learned We Need Nutrition In Our Brain In Order To Decide We Need Brain Nutrition.....We Decided
CMD143 - Order AB Chaos
CMD144 - A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit Jewish Supremacists Continue to Ignore The Misbehaviour Of Their Leaders
CMD145 - Supersedure Did The Christian Church Replace Israel?
CMD146 - Obama Dad Born In A Country That Did Not Exist? Someone Noticed Birth Certificate Lists Father As Born In Kenya 2 Years Before The Nation Existed
CMD147 - The Voice Of The Seventh Angel Revelation's Seventh Angel Transitions To Final Triumph
CMD148 - He Had Two Horns Like A Chrislam, And He Spake As A Dragon The Move To Unite Christianity And Islam Fulfills The Role Of The False Prophet
CMD149 - Three Measures Of Leaven Kingdom Parable Of Christ Identifies Dispensational System As Antichrist
CMD150 - The Libyans Shall Be At His Steps With Egypt, North Africa, and Libya Militarized, Daniel 11 Is Again Underway
CMD151 - TROLL PATROL Internet Culture Copes With Cyber Stalkers
CMD152 - Without Knowledge Six Times The Bible Speaks Of People Who Are Without Knowledge
CMD153 - Thelma And Louise The Dynamic That Is Ignited Between Two Polarities Can Be Deadly
CMD154 - Debt Crisis Dialectic
CMD155 - The Light Of A Candle
CMD156 - Somali Pirates Encounter Russian Justice
CMD157 - THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN Does Barack Obama Have A RoleIn The Antichrist End Game?
CMD158 - THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN - Part II Does Barack Obama Have A RoleIn The Antichrist End Game?
CMD160 - THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN - Part III Does Barack Obama Have A Role In The Antichrist End Game?
CMD161 - THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN - Part IV Does Barack Obama Have A Role In The Antichrist End Game?
CMD162 - THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN - Part V Does Barack Obama Have A Role In The Antichrist End Game?
CMD163 - THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN - Part VI Does Barack Obama Have A Role In The Antichrist End Game?
CMD164 - THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN - Part VII Does Barack Obama Have A Role In The Antichrist End Game?
CMD165 - THE GLOBAL GAME PLAN - Part VIII Does Barack Obama Have A Role InThe Antichrist End Game?
CMD166 - Super Congress Follows Lead Of The Little Horn Centrist Concept For Super 12 To Run USA Has Already Occurred In Israel
CMD167 - When Money Failed The Egyptian Example In The Book Of Genesis Is The Pattern Predictor
CMD168 - WHEN MONEY FAILED The Egyptian Example - Part II
CMD169 - WHEN MONEY FAILED The Egyptian Example - Part III
CMD170 - The Height Of Hypocrisy
CMD172 - Christian Political Activist Smites Policy Of Ron Paul Chaplain Klingenschmitt Looks Like A Lamb, But Speaks Like A Dragon
CMD173 - Food Distribution Program Is The Core Of Beast Government Control Economy Destroyed By Government Draws Citizens To The Government For Help
CMD174 - Surrogates - Northcom Al-Qaida Front Imbedded In New Libyan Government With Fall Of Qaddaffi, The King Of The North Has Engineered A New Libya
CMD175 - Surrogates - Part II Ongoing False Flag Style Militias Used To Mask Origin And Intent
CMD176 - SURROGATES - Part III Linking Damascus With Libya, As Qaddaffi & Son Heard On Syrian Media
CMD177 - SURROGATES Part IV Posing As An American, Barack Obama Is A Foreign Born Islamic Socialist With A Hidden Agenda
CMD178 - SURROGATES - Part V Libyan Takeover Tells A Secret Story
CMD180 - SURROGATES - Part VI The Rapture Cult Leavens The Christian Church
CMD181 - The Deadly Wound
CMD182 - Doctrinal Distinctives?
CMD184 - Does Not Equal The Truth
CMD186 - The Debt Bomb
CMD187 - Mainstream Media Preparing The Masses For Iran War
CMD188 - Palestinians Disappointed In Israeli-Hamas Prisoner Swap?
CMD189 - Now It's The Internet They're Here To Help Us With
CMD190 - Surrogates Part VII
CMD191 - Christ And Qaddaffi
CMD192 - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread And...
CMD193 - The Process
CMD194 - The Power Of The Holy People
CMD195 - He Will Practice Dark Sentences
CMD196 - Royal British Family Marks Four Centuries Of The King James Bible
CMD197 - Dealing With The Dead
CMD198 - Why Are Christians So Angry?
CMD199 - Preposterous!
CMD200 - The Stars Shall Fall
CMD201 - Freedom Of Information Act Document Bombshell:
CMD202 - The Stars Shall Fall - Part II
CMD203 - Enemies Of The State Who Store Food
CMD204 - Making Lemonade From Disinformation Lemons
CMD205 - The Tempter
CMD206 - The Stars Shall Fall - Part III
CMD207 - Whited Sepulchres, Inc.
CMD208 - SSSSSS! Single Source Scapegoaters
CMD209 - The Covenant Nation?
CMD210 - Caesar's Deal
CMD211 - The Return Of The Assassins
CMD212 - The Changeling
CMD213 - Ezekiel's Beard
CMD214 - Aliyah
CMD215 - Aliyah - Part II
CMD216 - The Other Gospel Of The American Lost Tribes
CMD217 - The Spirit Of Edom
CMD218 - Purim
CMD219 - The Overtaker
CMD220 - Unclean, Unclean
CMD221 - Supernatural Sid: An Exposé of Jewish Supremacist Sid Roth
CMD222 - The Luciferian Sequence: The Regressive Version Of The 6, 7, 8 Cycle
CMD223 - The Midst Of The Twister: Spiritual Storms In The Scriptures
CMD224 - The Lost Son: Parable Of The Prodigal
CMD225 - The Culting Of Christianity Part II
CMD226 - Power To Give Life ... To The Image Of The Beast?
CMD227 - We're Told It's A True Story
CMD228 - Ripples
CMD229 - Beating The Black Horse
CMD230 - Deckard's Demonics
CMD231 - Now Is Not The Time
CMD232 - The Obamacare Scare
CMD233 - The Intellectual Dishonesty of Stan & Holly Deyo
CMD234 - None Other Name
CMD235 - The HIjacking Of Pierre Jurieu
CMD236 - None Other Name – Part II
CMD237 - The Harbinger
CMD238 - The Creator's Star?
CMD239 - Notes Before The Fire
CMD240 - Posthumous Perversions
CMD241 - Sodomocracy And The City
CMD242 - Divine Science Program Details Joshua's Longest Day
CMD243 - To Slay The Third Part Of Men
CMD244 - The Signs Of Heaven
CMD245 - Infected With Iniquity
CMD246 - The Pharaoh Who Knows Not Jesus
CMD247 - Waxing Worse
CMD248 - Spiritual Sustenance
CMD249 - A Gigantic Lie About John Gill
CMD250 - Power Over The Fourth Part
CMD251 - Power Over The Fourth Part Part 2
CMD252 - Power Over The Fourth Part Part III
CMD253 - The Upside Down World
CMD254 - Maddening Wine
CMD255 - Maddening Wine Part II
CMD256 - Maddening Wine Part III
CMD257 - Maddening Wine Part IV
CMD258 - The Dragonspeak Dialogue Part I
CMD259 - The Dragonspeak Dialogue Part II
CMD260 - The Dragonspeak Dialogue Part III – The Group Dynamic
CMD261 - The Dragonspeak Dialogue Part IV
CMD262 - Cut `Em Off At The Cross
CMD263 - Cut `Em Off At The Cross Part II
CMD264 - Cut `Em Off At The Cross Part III
CMD265 - Cut `Em Off At The Cross Part IV
CMD266 - Christian Media CURRENTS Show Examines The Mingling
CMD267 - Israel Is The Antichrist, The Church Is The False Prophet
CMD268 - Charles Nelson Reilly?
CMD269 - Serpents Slay And Scorpions Sting
CMD270 - Serpents Slay And Scorpions Sting Part II
CMD271 - Serpents Slay And Scorpions Sting Part III
CMD272 - Tri-Dimensional Truth
CMD273 - Tri-Dimensional Truth Part II
CMD274 - Tri-Dimensional Truth Part III
CMD275 - Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead?
CMD276 - Tri-Dimensional Truth Part IV
CMD277 - Tri-Dimensional Truth Part V
CMD278 - Tri-Dimensional Truth Part VI
CMD279 - Beelzebub is Bi-Polar
CMD280 - We Three Horns Of Orient Are
CMD281 - The Battery Of Beelzebub Part II of Beezlebub Is Bi-Polar
CMD282 - A Tale Of Two Sons
CMD283 - A Tale Of Two Sons - Part II The Son of Perdition Who Sits In The Temple
CMD284 - The Pinnacle Of Apostasy
CMD285 - The Pinnacle Of Apostasy Part II
CMD286 - Undivided Under David: The Two Sticks Prophecy Of Ezekiel
CMD287 - Undivided Under David: The Two Sticks Prophecy Of Ezekiel - Part II
CMD288 - Undivided Under David: The Two Sticks Prophecy Of Ezekiel - Part III
CMD289 - Undivided Under David: The Two Sticks Prophecy Of Ezekiel - Part IV
CMD290 - Circe And The Sirens
CMD291 - Circe And The Sirens Part II
CMD292 - Double Double, Toil And Trouble
CMD293 - Double Double, Toil And Trouble Part II
CMD294 - Double Double, Toil And Trouble Part III
CMD295 - Double Double, Toil And Trouble Part IV
CMD296 - Double Double, Toil And Trouble Part V
CMD297 - Double Double, Toil And Trouble Part VI
CMD298 - Double Double, Toil And Trouble Part VII
CMD299 - Double Double, Toil And Trouble Part VIII
CMD300 - The Other Side Of The Flood
CMD301 - The Other Side Of The Flood Part II
CMD302 - The Other Side Of The Flood Part III
CMD303 - Cool World
CMD304 - The Birds Of Babylon
CMD305 - The Birds Of Babylon Part II
CMD306 - The Birds Of Babylon Part III: Dear Mr. Darby
CMD307 - The Birds Of Babylon Part IV
CMD308 - To Kill Or Take Captive
CMD309 - The Devilish Doctrine Of Dr. David Regan
CMD310 - Robert And The Ripper
CMD311 - Missler's Twist
CMD312 - Ishtar Lives Here?
CMD313 - The Blind Describing The Signs
CMD314 - Amazing Facts About 7th Day Adventism
CMD315 - The Kingdom Of Christ
CMD316 - The Mountains Of Idumaea: The Kingdom Of Christ - Part II
CMD317 - Making The Mountains Sing: The Kingdom Of Christ – Part III
CMD318 - Psalm 83 And False Prophet Bill Salus
CMD319 - Stamping On The Stars
CMD320 - Stamping On The Stars The Little Horn Part II
CMD321 - Stamping On The Stars The Little Horn Part III
CMD322 - Stamping On The Stars: The Little Horn Part IV
CMD323 - Stamping On The Stars: The Little Horn Part V
CMD324 - Stamping On The Stars: The Little Horn Part VI
CMD325 - Stamping On The Stars: The Little Horn Part VII
CMD326 - The Hour Of Temptation
CMD327 - Penelope And The Preadator
CMD328 - The Gates Of Hell
CMD329 - The Gates Of Hell Part II
CMD330 - The Gates Of Hell Part III
CMD331 - The Gates Of Hell Part IV
CMD332 - Dr. Ed Hindson
CMD333 - Ye Shall Have A Theory About The Truth And It Might Make You Free
CMD334 - The Confirmation
CMD335 - Serpents In The Sea, Scorpions In The Sand
CMD336 - Serpents In The Sea, Scorpions In The Sand Part II
CMD337 - Serpents In The Sea, Scorpions In The Sand Part III
CMD338 - Beware The Snare: Which Shall Come Upon All The World
CMD339 - Beware The Snare: Which Shall Come Upon All The World Part II
CMD340 - Beware The Snare: Which Shall Come Upon All The World Part III
CMD341 - On The Trail Of LA Marzulli
CMD342 - Green Eggs And Hamp?
CMD343 - Prophetic Polarities: Hot, Cold, and Lukewarm
CMD344 - Prophetic Polarities: Hot, Cold, and Lukewarm Part II
CMD345 - Prophetic Polarities: Hot, Cold, and Lukewarm Part III
CMD346 - Prophetic Polarities: Hot, Cold, and Lukewarm Part IV
CMD347 - Prophetic Polarities: Hot, Cold, and Lukewarm Part V
CMD348 - The Netherworld Power Of Pneuma
CMD349 - The Netherworld Power Of Pneuma Part II
CMD350 - The Netherworld Power Of Pneuma Part III
CMD351 - The Netherworld Power Of Pneuma Part IV
CMD352 - The Netherworld Power Of Pneuma Part V
CMD353 - Prophetic Proxies
CMD354 - A Light To The Nations