The Builders

The symbol of the Egyptian pyramid on the dollar bill as a signature
of Masonic involvement in American finance is very significant
as " is admitted that the secret system of Freemasonry was
originally founded on the mysteries of the Egyptian Isis, the
goddess-mother." 1. The cult places an odd emphasis on
building and construction in that the term
"mason," according to the dictionary, actually means "a
person who builds or works with stone or brick." 2.
The. word is derived from the old French word Masson with the
same meaning.

association with the Egyptian pyramids by the Masonic 'brick-layers'
can be traced all the way back to the builders of the Tower of
Babel; indeed, the various internal passageways inside the
Egyptian pyramids show a remarkable similarity to the type of
structure we would call a tower. The assertion that the sect is
derived from the descendants of the builders of Babel is actually not
in dispute as several Masonic authors have already claimed that
"...Masonry represents the oldest religious system in the world
and constitutes the common basis on which all the religious systems of
history were founded." 3. In effect, the Masons themselves
state that all world religions, with the exception of Christianity,
are descended from Babel.

religion of Freemasonry is designed to "...have no difficulty
adapting itself to the prevailing religion of any land, " 4.
and since the order is founded on secrecy, the degree to which it has
infiltrated and captured sectarian religion is unknown. Since the
order is descended from a secret mystical group that has been working
for thousands of years to bring about the 'Novus Ordo Seclorum,' or New
World Order
, it is theoretically possible that the Freemasons
already control every major religion in the world.

I am most certainly not a Mason, I have no way to document the highest
levels of ritualistic secrecy within the order; however the initial
oath required of apprentice Masons is well documented, and it provides
some revealing glimpses into the downward corridor walked by victims
of this insidious group of conspirators.

the very root of the oath is a series of threats relative to the
punishment of any initiate that reveals secrets learned through
association with Freemasonry. The Mason vows that he will bind himself
"...under no less a penalty than that of having (his) throat cut
across," 5. if he ever reveals any of the mysteries to
an outsider. The second penalty for unlawful disclosure entails having
his "tongue torn out by its roots and buried in the sea at low
water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four
hours." 6. This curious reference to the tides
in the initiation ceremony of Freemasonry is significant when
one reviews the facts surrounding the death of Roberto Calvi,
the celebrated "Vatican Banker."

Italy, when the Vatican backed Banco Ambrosiano collapsed with
hundreds of millions of dollars unaccounted for, Roberto Calvi
was the chairman of the bank. During a period in which Calvi was under
indictment by the government, the details of the Vatican's involvement
were being investigated by the recently installed Pope John Paul
At the same time the Pope died under mysterious
circumstances, Calvi supposedly committed suicide by hanging
himself under a bridge over a body of water. Through Calvi, the
Freemason involvement in the church and the Italian government was
exposed and the revelation that many "...cabinet members, as well
as the head of every branch of the armed services, were members of
this secret group rocked the nation." 7.

independently investigating the banker's "suicide," former
Los Angeles County Coroner Thomas Noguchi determined Calvi was
murdered. Noguchi found the only method to bring Calvi's body to the
underside of the bridge that he was hanged under would be in a boat at
high tide. After the murderers left in the boat, the tide receded,
leaving the Vatican Banker hanging, dripping wet, under a place
appropriately named Blackfriar's Bridge in London.

circumstances of the Vatican banker's death closely approximated the
Masonic threat that promises to inflict violence " low water
mark...where the tide ebbs and flows" 8. on Masonic
infidels. Even the coroner's report determined this elaborate death
was a reminder to others to keep quiet as each component of the murder
was "...said to be integral parts of the Masonic ritual."

the secrecy aspect of the Masonic initiation is derived from the
ancient rituals of Babylon. In stone inscriptions that date
back to the seventh century BC, the ritual texts from Babylon state
that the priest is to keep all practices of the order secret

- "...let initiate instruct initiate...he shall not let the
uninitiated see, it is a thing forbidden...." 9.

Masonic oath of initiation refers to people that are "...under
the canopy of heaven," 10. while A Dictionary of
Freemasonry refers to a "...canopy which is placed over the
oriental chair in the Master's Lodge...which is a symbol of the
star-decked heavens." 11. This is a virtually
identical description to several 2, 700 year old inscriptions from
Babylon that refer to "...the 'golden heaven' which...was a
canopy of gold or cloth of gold upon which the planets were
represented." 12. This 'canopy of heaven' is also
mentioned in connection with the death of the Babylonian Saviour son
of Ishtar, so here we have a clear connection between
Freemasonry and Babylonian mystery religion.

more interesting is the fact that the ritual associated with the
'canopy of heaven' describes a mortal head wound of the
goddesses' husband-son. The text refers to "...wounds with which
he was wounded in his blood...the head of the transgressor...they slew
him, his head is bound on the canopy of the Lady of Babylon." 13.
Since the Bible refers to the Antichrist receiving a
mortal head wound, these 'dark sentences' are probably related to the
future assassination of the beast.

connections between Freemasonry and the mysticism derived from Babylon
were recognized by Christians long ago. Timely Warnings,
written in 1917 by Bible teacher W. Hoste, concerned the
universal religion of Freemasonry. Hoste stated his conviction
"...that this will prove to be the religion of the Antichrist
that is to come, I have little doubt." 14. The facts
would seem to support his conclusion.

of the problems with attempting an exposé of any conspiracy is
the fact that society tends to relegate such theories as belonging to
the 'lunatic fringe,' while the secrecy requirements imposed on
adherents of the mystery religions do not exactly facilitate analysis.

factor inhibiting a complete understanding of the movement supporting
the Antichrist is the 'conspiracy within a conspiracy'
aspect of the Babylonian system. I previously noted that the Council
on Foreign Relations has an inner circle associated with the Trilateral
Commission; even as the Trilateralists are hostage to a smaller
circle of conspirators several observers have identified as Freemasons.
There is, however, within Freemasonry, another inner circle known as
the Illuminati.

taking root in Bavaria under a leader "...indoctrinated into
Egyptian occultism in 1771," 15. this secretive group
is now believed to be in full control of the global Masonic movement.
According to Robert Macoy (1815-1895), a Mason of high rank, an
effort was begun by "...the originator of the llluminati to
engraft his system upon the Masonic rite." 16. This
infiltration implies "...that the Illuminati, with their Masonic
front organization (are) actually a secret society within a secret
society." 17.

it is a documented fact that there are many shadowy groups such as the
Carbonari and P2 within Freemasonry, it is likely
that there are many inner cells of conspiracies within the global
order. The implication that there is a very small core group behind
the entire order confirms the statement in the book of Revelation
that indicates the Babylonian mystery religion has three conspirators
at the very top of this 'spiritual pyramid.'

are "...the Dragon who gave power unto the
Beast," the Antichrist himself, "that man of
sin...the son of perdition," and the False Prophet,
the high priest of the church of Babylon, with whom "the
kings of the Earth have committed fornication." 18. In
short, the ultimate conspiracy narrows down to three evil
personalities: the Antichrist and the False Prophet, in league with
"...the Dragon, that old Serpent, who is the devil...." 19.

are other evidences that link the Beast and his demonically inspired New
World Order with the Masonic/Babylonian mysteries. In the Old
Testament book of Daniel, the prophet writes that the
Antichrist will not show any "...regard [for] the gods of his
fathers," but instead, "he shall acknowledge and increase with
glory...the god of forces [or fortresses]." 20. This
is very revealing as it tells us the Beast will not rise to power
through Judaism, Islam, or Catholicism as might be expected. It also
provides a clue to his nationality as he will not honor the "gods
of his fathers" indicating his ancestors were polytheistic. The
ancient Egyptians certainly fit that description.

"god of fortresses" referred to here in Daniel, evokes
imagery of fortifications such as defensive walls and towers. Since
the very word Mason means bricklayer or builder, the ancient
work of building fortresses would fall to that type of tradesman. In
fact, the Masons themselves state that the early building
"...were compelled to devote their time, labor,
and skill in finishing...the buildings which the king of Babylon and
his predecessor had commenced." 21. Since the Greek
historian Herodotus described the "...outer wall as the
main defense of Babylon...(with) the centre of each division of the
town...occupied by a fortress," 22. it is apparent
that the building of fortifications was a primary function of ancient

Masonic Dictionary cites dozens of historical building projects
in Rome, France, Italy, and Britain wherein the "colleges of
builders" were "sent to establish more extended
fortifications." 23. In Roman times, for example,
"...detachments of builders from the fraternities...were
Britain (where) they constructed a number of fortresses." 24.
It is evident that the 'god of fortresses' followed by the Antichrist
is indeed the god served by the conspiratorial Freemasons.

the very word Mason is derived from the French word 'masson' meaning
'house' or 'building,' the word lodge also means building. The
Hebrew word that is translated Fortress in Daniel is
"Ma' oz," meaning a fortified place, or a fortified
building. 25. In what may be a veiled reference to
Freemasonry, the prophet Ezekiel, in describing Satan
himself, states that "...thy builders have perfected thy
beauty." 26.

another fascinating reference to the "builders," Jesus
predicted His rejection by the prevailing order of his
time. Jesus said to the priests known as the Pharisees, "...the
stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head
of the corner [the cornerstone]." 27. This statement
that Christ has become the foundation cornerstone of the
universe, although clearly targeted towards the unbelieving Jewish
priesthood, may have been a subtle reference to the builders of
Masonry as the Bible records the phrase six times with three different
people making the statement. 28.

the Freemasons have a clear connection to the Egyptian pyramids and
religious mysteries, I am not surprised that the best candidate for
the Antichrist is an Egyptian; inasmuch as "...from the
beginning to the end of Egyptian history, the Pharaoh was
unequivocally divine and was treated as a god." 29. In
an interesting tie-in to the builders, the term Pharaoh
actually means Great House.

is a further evidence concerning Ghali, the great
Egyptian leader that was the 6th Secretary- General of
the UN. One of the key titles of the highest ranked leaders of
Freemasonry is 'The Grand Master' which is the Masonic equivalent of
'The Great Builder.' In the ancient inscriptions in Babylon from
beyond the time of Nebuchadnezzar, we find 'The Great Builder'
is one of the titles of The King of Babylon.

ancient Babylonian political climate vested all power in one
dictatorial Priest-King that had "...undivided power as supreme
lawgiver, judge, and commander." 30. The Sumerian
term for "...such an individual was 'LUGAL,' which means great
man." 31. In the Babylonian religious pantheon, each
god had his own building which was "...called by the Sumerians 'E.GAL'...the
Great House." 32.

the ritual texts of the Babylonian priesthood, the capital letter 'E'
means house or building. Like other ancient languages, the root word
can mean 'build,' 'building,' or 'builder.' The other term, 'GAL'
means grand or great. In other words, in ancient inscriptions that are
over 2,500 years old denoting the title of the King of Babylon, we
find the proper name GAL.E

- which literally means Great

[The preceding was excerpted from Beyond Babylon: The Last Week Of The World. For information on the book, click HERE.]

October 28, 2002 - James Lloyd

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