Escape From Planet EgyptPart 2

n last weeks edition of the Christian Media CURRENTS,
we looked at how the Egyptian linear chronology of history has been
distorted with an error that averages anywhere from 400 to 700 years.
This error is largely related to the kings-list that has been handed
down by the ancient Egyptian historian Manetho.

We demonstrated how the "experts" have followed the Egyptian
historical accounts and used that information to discredit the
veracity of the Hebrew account

- which we know as the Bible.
Because the Egyptian time-line consistently conflicts with the Hebrew
time-line, researchers routinely conclude they can trust the Egyptian
data, but not the Biblical data. The vehicle that was used to
achieve this corruption of data is found in the historical records
from ancient Egypt.

Archaeologists, linguists, paleontologists, and practically every
other form of science associated with antiquarian research has been
affected by this corruption of our historical perceptions. The problem
is simple: in one era of the Egyptian account, the history
would describe a great war, but in the parallel account in the Bible,
there was a time of peace. We demonstrated how the Egyptian
inscriptions provided multiple names for the various dynastic kings,
and these names were placed consecutively in the kings-list when
actually only one king was in view. This caused the chronology to be
non-synchronized with the Biblical account by approximately the same
time period

- anywhere from 400 to 700 years.

The error has compounded itself because the stature of significant
numbers of scholars is now at stake. Thus, when an honest researcher
recognizes the problem of the conventional chronology, he or she is
"encouraged" to rethink his findings to force them to conform to
the long standing error in order to protect vested career interests.
To make matters worse, studies of adjacent cultural time-lines such as
the Persian, Assyrian, Grecian, and Hittite
have all synchronized their historical accounts to conform to
the "established" Egyptian time-lines

- thus throwing practically all ancient
accounts except the Hebrew into a confusing inconsistency.

Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1980)
discovered the error and in a herculean effort at historical
revisionism, reconstructed the timelines of Egypt, Persia, Babylon,
Greece, Mycenae, and many more. Velikovsky's historical revisionist
books were entitled Ages In Chaos, The Peoples Of The Sea,
Ramses II And His Time, Oedipus and Akhenaton, The
Assyrian Conquest, and The Dark Age Of Greece, to name a

The beauty of his work is that it unmasked the mechanism that has been
used to distort the historical reality of the Biblical account. It
also allows us to see how the secular and pagan accounts, once
properly re-synchronized, validate the Holy Bible. In
our last issue of CURRENTS, we showed how the beloved
Egyptian figure Imhotep was actually Joseph

- the son of Jacob whose life is
exquisitely described in the book of Genesis. As we move past
Joseph & Imhotep's time in our research, we expect to find
similarly exciting "matches" in the two historical time-lines.

Indeed, the re-synchronization of historical events in the two
parallel accounts actually becomes more and more difficult to simply
contrive some sort of connection. If the parallel accounts continue to
match up, the odds of it being coincidental go off the scale. In other
words, if Joseph was indeed Pharaoh Zoser's Grand Vizier
Imhotep, then the events that occurred in the next
generation after Joseph must also line up with the
events that occurred in the next generation after Imhotep.

Therefore, as these historical accounts are reconstructed, and the
various events continue to match, the chances of the resynchronized
histories coinciding by accident changes exponentially. In
short, each additional generation with a likely historical corollary
proves the revisionist theory correct a thousand times over.

The scriptures tell how, after the time of Joseph, another Pharaoh came
to power that did not honor Joseph or his descendants in Egypt

- to say nothing of the God of Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob. The Hebrews fell into slavery, and after many years,
God delivered them through Moses amid many miraculously
generated plagues. This account is the foundation of the Hebrew
religion for it marks the deliverance from slavery for the Israelites
and the destruction of their Egyptian oppressors.

Secular historians tell us that there is no evidence that the
Exodus from Egypt ever took place. The Bible says that Egypt
was horribly judged and practically destroyed as a nation. In
a very detailed account, the Bible informs us that God sent tremendous
plagues and disaster upon the land; yet the conventional historians
say there is no trace of such a cataclysm.

However, utilizing Velikovky's time-line revisions, we find a
radically different scenario. The truth is, at the time of the Exodus
and the destruction of Egypt through the plagues sent by God,
there was an Egyptian writer named Ipuwer. Writing in
the early media of papyrus, this ancient Egyptian recorded his
experience of a time when Egypt was decimated through strange plagues;
but the "scholars" have dismissed any connection between the
two because they were already convinced that the Exodus never

Describing the terrible cataclysm that struck Egypt, Ipuwer's
papyrus tells us that "...Plague is throughout the land. Blood is...everywhere."
1. At the same time, the book of Exodus says
"...there was blood throughout all the land." 2. Ipuwer's
papyrus says "The River Is Blood" 3. while the
associated biblical account said "All the waters that were in the
river were turned to blood." 4.

Detail after detail matches up between the ancient Egyptian's words
and the Biblical account found in the Hebrew work known as Exodus.
Ipuwer writes "Behold, cattle are left to stray" 5.
while the Bible says "...he that regarded not the word of the
Lord left his cattle in the field." 6. Ipuwer
said the catastrophe was so great that "He who places his brother
in the ground is everywhere," 7. while the Exodus
account said "...there was not a house where there was not one
dead." 8.

The simple fact is, the Ipuwer papyrus is an eyewitness
of the Passover that was recorded from the Egyptian
point of view. Incredibly, the Exodus from Egypt that
followed the amazing story of the Passover is also
recorded in an Egyptian historical inscription.

At the border of Egypt and Palestine is the shrine of El-Arish.
Chiseled in stone, it is an Egyptian monument describing a great
catastrophe in which the king of Egypt died. The Egyptian text
describes a time of great darkness when "The land was in
great affliction. Evil fell on this earth...It was a great upheaval in
the residence...nobody left the palace...neither the men nor the gods
could see the faces of their next."9.

The same aspect of the El-Arish account is described in the
book of Exodus it says "...and there was a thick darkness
in all the land of Egypt three days; They saw not one another, neither
rose any from his place...." 10. The similarities
continue from the stone inscription to the Biblical tale

- yet the major media has never told the
public of these discoveries, and the archeological community has
remained quiet concerning the suppression of the facts in this most
important discovery. And there is more.

The Egyptian El-Arish inscription goes on to tell how the Pharaoh
perished in a "whirlpool" while fighting against
"evil-doers." It says "His majesty leapt into the
so-called Place of the Whirlpool." 11.

This is simply astonishing

- to say nothing of infuriating. After all,
here is a secular historical artifact that plainly confirms that the Exodus

- right down to the detail of how the
Pharaoh drowned, and yet the scholarly "community" has
relegated this important record to obscurity. Why? Because it supports
the truth of the Biblical account.

The inscription at El-Arish provides an incredibly important
detail in that it actually names the location where the Pharaoh
died. Amazingly, this Egyptian inscription gives us the same name that
is found in the Holy Bible, and it confirms that this is, indeed, an Egyptian
account of the Exodus. The stone shrine says "His
Majesty [here words are missing] finds on this place called Pi-Kharoti."
12. The Exodus says "...the Egyptians
pursued after them...and overtook them encamping by the sea, beside Pi-ha-hiroth."
13. Pi-Kharoti is Pi-Khiroth in the Hebrew

Because the establishment "scholars" are convinced that their
historical time-lines are correct, they are equally convinced that the
Bible cannot be historically accurate. Because of this
intellectual bias, they simply discount these striking similarities
because they believe the two accounts are, once again, centuries

During the 18th dynasty in Egypt, the Kingdom was enjoying a rare
period when the nation was ruled by a woman. Her name was Queen
, and she was the daughter of Pharaoh Thutmose I.
Also known as Makere, this queen left inscriptions,
bas-reliefs, and many statues of herself. On the walls of the Egyptian
temple at Deir el Bahari is the story of a great journey
that was undertaken by the feminine monarch "to the land of
punt." 14. While historical accounts don't clearly
identify where "punt" was, the temple accounts say it was
"a blessed land" where "white men of a north-Semitic or
Caucasian race" lived in a "glorious region of God's
land." 15.

A further clue is given in the temple reliefs where Hatshepsut
described how, in this great journey, she finally reached "the
myrrh-terraces." 16. The scriptural corollary is in II
Chronicles 9:11 where it says that the great king of Israel
"...made of the algum trees terraces to the house of the

This passage came from a period in Israel which the scholars tell us
was about 700 years later than the inscriptions at Deir El Bahari.
Oddly enough the accounts written in the Bible during this period in
the history of Israel also tell the story of a great queen that came
to visit the "glorious region of God's land."

That king was named Solomon, and the scriptures called his
famous visitor The Queen of Sheba. There are no other
accounts in the Bible of famous foreign queens that paid a royal visit
to Israel, other than The Queen of Sheba. There are no
other historical accounts in the Egyptian chronologies about a
famous queen that went on trip to visit a grand foreign king other
than Queen Hatshepsut, yet the scholars tell us Solomon
& Hatshepsut were separated by

- you guessed it

- about 700Years.

Immanuel Velikovsky, David Fry, Ron Wyatt, and other writers have
conclusively proved that the Egyptian chronological kings lists and
dynastic records are inaccurate

- apparently through the error of duplicate
or double name entries. The historical time-line eventually corrected
itself towards the end of the Old Testament period, but the damage
has already been done.
It is the most ancient accounts that are
the most historically inaccurate, and so the Egyptian deception
continues virtually unabated.

I believe that the Egyptian historical connection is only the
beginning of a far deeper series of spiritual similes and symbols.
Readers that have studied the attempts by Lucifer to twist and
distort the Bible itself through New Age Bible Versions are
aware that virtually every corrupt manuscript of the Bible
originated or was translated in Alexandria Egypt.

The ancient Egyptian Gnostics were a mysterious sect
that were related to the mystical religious order that we know as Freemasonry.
The entire New Age movement, and its teachings can be
definitively traced to Egyptian religious practices. The
metaphysical writings that function as New Age
"scripture" are heavily focused on a series of Gnostic books
known as the Nag Hammadi Library. One of these, the Gospel
of the Egyptians, teaches that the true Saviour of mankind will
actually be an Egyptian.

The modern resurgence of goddess worship can clearly be traced to the
worship of the Egyptian Isis. Furthermore, the heretical
teaching that the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were actually descended
from "gods" that came from another world is currently
enjoying an enormous resurgence with the release of the major film, Stargate
and the hit television series of the same name. These programs, and
many others, powerfully bolster the growing view that
extraterrestrials were active in ancient Egypt and their alleged
promise to return is about to be fulfilled.

Furthermore, this entire scenario fits extremely well with the
extensive writings of Zechariah Sitchin and his predecessor Erich
Von Daniken. In a reversal of the truth, these apostates teach
that the extraterrestrials were mistakenly thought to be the angels of
antiquity seen in the Nephilim account recorded in the
Bible (see my book on the Nephilim entitled Where Angels
Dare To Tread in the online catalog found at The truth is, the fallen angels are
masquerading as extraterrestrials

A false prophet/new age writer with a growing following named Gordon
Michael Scallion has predicted that "major archaeological
discoveries (in Egypt will) prove the existence of intelligent humans
& advanced technological civilizations dating back over 12,000
years." Scallion teaches that soon, mankind will move to a higher
consciousness due to the influence of "ascended masters"
such as the Egyptian "Ra, Isis, and others...including those
incarnations in the 20th & 21st centuries." 17. In
short, he is stating that the Egyptian god (Ra) and goddess (Isis)
will soon re-emerge in the modern world.

Those that have been following Christian Media's work already
know about the recently released images that show Egyptian
artifacts on the surface of the planet Mars. Commercially
available in the new Redstar video produced by prophecy teacher
Stewart Best, these artifacts include several buildings, what
is thought to be a religious shrine, a large statue that looks like an
Egyptian sarcophagus, and even a sphinx. Not dissimilar
to the Pharaonic looking "face" on Mars, once again, there
is an Egyptian presence in these constructions.

sampling of the pictures may be found at

Readers familiar with my other writings already know that I have
repeatedly prophesied that the Antichrist is an Egyptian.
In other studies, I have examined scriptures that I believe clearly
predict the Antichrist must be an Egyptian (see my book Waiting
For Leviathan that deals with this in detail).

Further, I believe the Bible shows that the global government of the United
Nations is scheduled to move towards a prophetic repetition of the
entire Passover-Exodus episode. The biblical accounts of Joseph
and the extensive famine are a prophetic foreshadowing of the Great
Tribulation that is about to explode on an unrepentant planet

During the Joseph/lmhotep historical account, the famine was
the instrument that brought the Pharaoh total power for
the first time. After the citizens of Egypt (the world)
had sold everything they own to the Pharaoh in order to be fed,
they sold themselves and became slaves. The Joseph-Pharaoh
account further includes a total economic collapse 18. that
helped to precipitate the complete seizure of all power by the
god-king Pharaoh. This IS precisely what is about to
happen. In the later stages of the tribulation cycle, we will see a
complete recapitulation of the Passover.

God will judge the latter day Pharaoh (the Antichrist)
through the plagues depicted in the book of Revelation.
Pharaoh's response will be to push his slaves (the believers in
Christ) to 'build more bricks.' The plagues will escalate and, in the
end, God will carry us over to the promised land. Throughout all the
tremendous disasters associated with the judgments of the Great
Tribulation, God will Passover his people when the angel
of death `sees' the blood of Christ. Please notice that God did not
remove his people as the judgments fell

- but He preserved them through the
time of judgment. 19.

In the end, we will see the glorious Planetary Exodus that is scheduled for all that love the appearing of our great God and
Saviour JESUS CHRIST. In the meantime, we are stranded here on Planet

-And the final Pharaoh is about to be

James Lloyd

Copyright © 2002 Christian Media Network

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