The Sixth Seal

I write these words, the Sumatra tsunami that struck on the
morning of December 26th 2004 has killed over a
quarter of a million people
and the aftermath of the lethal
event has become widely known. Some are saying the death count will
continue to soar up to half a million. Media accounts, including video
tape of the enormous waves crashing on the shore as multitudes in its
path fled for their lives, have dominated the news for weeks.

most people know, the gigantic tsunami (a term for a particular type
of tidal wave) was triggered by an enormous 9.3 Earthquake that
struck the Indian Ocean. Several million people have
been dislocated from their homes and their jobs, and vast numbers of
people have seen every vestige of their existence wiped away in a
single stroke.

are now saying that many islands were moved, the entire WORLD
has been "vibrating" as a result of this megacatastrophe,
and scientists are stating they believe the event was only the
beginning of a larger series of catastrophes that are now beginning.
Although data is still being collected, we now know that the entire PLANET
is now rotating just a bit faster than it did. In short, the sheer
scope of this unprecedented calamity is completely off the charts.

Revelation Six

many Bible prophecy commentators are pointing to this event as a
significant portent of the future series of judgments commonly
referred to as The Great Tribulation, we now believe that with
this event, the tribulation has already begun.

most prophecy teachers are expecting the "rapture" followed
by the tribulation, long ago I came to the conclusion that this
expectation is Scripturally flawed (Galatians 4:16). Although this
view is extremely unpopular, I must bear witness to what I have
learned. In this regard, it's important to point out that months
ago, Christian Media publicly predicted that a huge
was most likely the very next event to occur in
the prophetic calendar.

the Apocalypse Chronicles daily prophecy radio broadcast, we
have steadily predicted the events that we are NOW seeing -
including specific statements that the next event we expected was the
"great earthquake" of Revelation's sixth seal. For
example, on July 23rd 2003, I stated my belief that
the next event that is scheduled to occur is the sixth seal described
in Revelation Six:

"It looks as though now, that
we're already in the 5th seal, and the 6th
seal is the beginning of the tribulational events�.. if we're
on track, we would next expect the sixth seal" -
(The Apocalypse Chronicles prophecy radio broadcast, July
23 2003).

the benefit of those that have not been studying these things,
Scripture makes it clear that the very first event associated
with the sixth seal is a great Earthquake:

"And I beheld when he had
opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake�."
(Revelation 6:12)

I've continued to intensely study the prophetic chronology, my
perspective has been progressively refined. For example, over a year
after the previous statement, in September of 2004, I went out
on a limb (again) and issued the following projection:

"We presently are looking at a
timeline that satisfies all of the major Scriptural outlines, the
barriers, the borders, the perimeters of the model that we believe
the Lord has given us. And that tells us we should be in the
trumpets before the end of the year
�.." (The Apocalypse
prophecy radio broadcast, September 14, 2004)

the trumpets are part of the sixth seal, this statement, and
others made on the prophecy broadcast, amount to a specific prediction
that the inaugural event of the sixth seal, a great Earthquake,
would occur "before the end of the year." I note that the huge 9.3
Earthquake actually hit on Sunday December 26th 2004 -
just before the end of the year.

The Trumpets Are Part Of The Sixth

so few people have been taught the truth about Bible prophecy, a few
things need to be pointed out. The "seals" may be thought of as
something similar to the sealing of an envelope. When you open an
envelope, as the breaking of the seal progresses, you can see more of
the contents within that 'envelope.'

"trumpet" judgments of Revelation, as described in chapters
8 and 9, all describe violent events that are initiated as an angel
blows a trumpet. The last cluster of tribulational judgments in Revelation,
known as the vials (think small vials that hold a potent
liquid), further describe events as angels pour out these vials. All
the trumpet judgments occur within the 6th
seal, and the "vial" judgments overlap with the latter part of the
trumpets. This is demonstrated by the text itself and is a prophetic
truth that I have taught for many years.

simple fact is each of these groups of end-times judgments overlap.
This is clear from Revelation, because the present world order
comes to an end at the 7th of each set of judgments
(the 7th seal, the 7th trumpet, the 7th
vial). Indeed, unless we're prepared to believe the world ends 3
times, they must overlap.

the sixth seal, we see various elements of events
that occur as part of the trumpets, and part of
the vials. For instance, during the sixth seal we see
the well-known description wherein "the sun became black as
sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood" (Revelation 6:12).
This event has been widely predicted in the Bible, including specific
prophecies made by Jesus Christ Himself, as well as several of
the Major Prophets such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Joel.

The 5th Seal - The
Persecution Of Christians

is particularly interesting is the great Earthquake of the sixth
seal inaugurates events that are closely associated with the term
the Wrath of God. While most people concede that Earthquakes
are Acts of God, few are ready to acknowledge that this
terrible judgment is actually a part of the Wrath of God.

the fifth seal describes the martyrs of Jesus, I
wondered if there has actually been enough Christians martyred to
fulfill the description of the persecution seen in that fifth seal.
I knew that Moslems were killing Christians in Islamic nations,
but I had no idea just how bad the situation actually has become. Many
already know that in the various Middle Eastern Sheikhdoms, any Moslem
that converts to Christianity is arrested and routinely tortured
to try to force them to re-convert to Islam. Communist
persecution against Christians is also still very prevalent. In North
Korea and China, for example, believers in JESUS CHRIST
are regularly arrested, beaten, and frequently never heard from again.

report recently stated that Christians have been murdered in about 40
in the last 4 years! In fact, the more I looked for Christian
persecution, the more I found it. In Haiti, gunmen recently
killed a popular Christian radio personality even as the Iranian
government just arrested 80 Christians in a "religious raid."
Believers are in jail for the "crime" of being Christian in
Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Myanmar, North Korea, Laos, China,
Sudan, and other far away locales.

India, a human rights watch group says 3 believers were
recently kidnapped by a militant anti-Christian group where the
hostages were "severely beaten and tied to a sacred tree�."
The kidnapping and murder of Christians has also recently occurred in
Nepal, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Kazakhstan. Last year, we saw that
terrible hostage crisis in Russia where dozens of people that
were being held in a gymnasium included numerous Christian children
that were murdered by Chechen Moslem terrorists.
Ultimately, over 150 people were murdered in
cold blood
in that evil action, and a Russian minister has
reported that about 50 children taken from a local Christian church
were among those killed in the massacre in Beslan, Russia. 

the Sudan is the scene of a mass genocide in the Darfur region
where well over 50,000 have died - many of which were African
Christians murdered by Arabic Moslem zealots in league with
the government. A similar wholesale persecution is underway in Iraq
where Arab Christians are fleeing to Kurdish controlled areas in the
North. At the same time, Christians are being arrested in Laos,
Nigeria, and Chad.

The Sixth Seal And The Wrath Of God

realizing that the persecution of Christians was so widespread that
the fifth seal could very well have been 'opened,' I began to
consider the possibility that the next significant event would be the
opening of the sixth seal - the beginning of the

the last 18 months, I slowly came to the conclusion that the sixth
which I had already determined included the trumpets
and vials, was about to begin. In my various prophecy writings,
and on my daily prophecy radio program, I began to warn all who would
hear that the sixth seal with the trumpet judgments was
about to open, and the next big event would be of a geologic

"About the actual mortality rate that's about to occur�..a great
terrifying event is about to occur and a lot of people are going to
die�..the trumpets look to have what would be described as geologic
aspects. When the trumpets blow, the operative word is geology."
(The Apocalypse Chronicles radio broadcast, 01/26/2004)

the course of 2004, I repeatedly referenced "the great earthquake"
that is the first element of the sixth seal. A
year ago, on the Apocalypse Chronicles radio program, I
extensively discussed what was coming in the form of "the great
earthquake" that begins the tribulational cycle:

"Theres a kick-off
��we see Earthquakes in the
scriptures a lot, Earthquakes in diverse places. That
doesn't necessarily register to us. We don't look at it and
realize, ok, how big an Earthquake? Now in a couple of
places we see the Bible speaks about an Earthquake that is
unprecedented. An Earthquake that's just huge,
just vast, just a monster Earthquake.

"We're talking about Earthquake on a magnitude that
is not quite�nothing in our experience prepares us for this�.when
we see Earthquake in the text we just read it, but it somehow
doesn't compute here�.we're talking [about the death of] 40,000,
50,000, 80,000 people." (The Apocalypse Chronicles radio
broadcast, 01/26/2004)

the deadly 9.3 undersea Earthquake struck and the true
extent of this judgment began to sink in, I realized that the
LORD was showing me this great shaking was the inaugural event of the tribulational
judgments that we have expected for so many years. In fact, realizing
that the sixth seal is essentially the LORD's response
to the fifth seal martyr's cry "how long, O Lord, holy and
true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on
them that dwell on the earth," I can see that this event is also
associated with the beginning of the vengeance of God.

I had been studying the list of nations that have persecuted the
Christians, I also compiled the list of nations with people that were
killed by the great Earthquake and tsunami. I was stunned to
realize that of the 12 nations with casualties, every single one
of the countries with a significant death rate have populations where
a majority of the people follow a non-Christian religion -
and with the exception of many Buddhists, they are heavily Islamic.

two of the worst offenders were Burma and Indonesia,
where Christians have been experiencing particularly nasty
persecution. The worst offender was Indonesia, which
"coincidentally" had the highest death rate of all - well
over 100,000 people died in Indonesia alone. As I
stated before, this and many other facts which space precludes
covering in this brief update, have convinced me that the
tribulation has now begun

Fire From On High Is Next

accord with this prophetic truth, the next significant
prophetic event should be the fiery events that are to
occur as the trumpet judgments commence - the first being "hail
and fire mingled with blood [that will be] cast upon the
earth" (Revelation 8:7) -- with a tremendous defoliation the
inevitable result.

already know that most Christians will reject these conclusions
as previous prophecies I've issued that have been
fulfilled have been deceitfully explained away, or simply scoffed at.
Experience has taught me that the majority that receive this writing
will also reject these things based on their prophetic traditions
(II Timothy 4:4) - and some will angrily write in and demand they
never hear from me again. I can't help that, for all I can do is be
faithful to the prophetic call the LORD has placed on my life, and to
send it as a word of warning to as many as possible. With this writing
I've done just that (Hosea 4:6).

February 23 2005 - James Lloyd

Copyright © 2005 Christian Media Network

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