Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision

Dear Christian
Media Friends, 

As we have now
entered the last half of 2006, we see all world events pointing
towards a global confrontation that will inevitably boil over into
the fiery events the scriptures describe as the trumpet judgments
of Revelation.  What is completely amazing is how numerous
Christian leaders fail to see what is occurring, or completely
misread the many prophetic signals.

For instance,
Hank Hanegraaff
, of the highly respected Christian Research
(CRI), and the so-called "Bible Answerman" on
nationwide Christian radio, has come out in favor of Preterism,
and stated that the tribulation Jesus spoke of already happened in
70 AD, and that Caesar Nero was the Antichrist.
Worse yet, this influential leader has joined the ranks of many
others who are teaching the incredible events of the book of
Revelation have already occurred.

He Is In The "Secret" Place

Ironically, the
Preterist movement is actually a backlash to the thoroughly
unscriptural theory of the secret rapture. This system falsely
teaches us God is a racist who still places the Christ-rejecting
people in a position of pre-eminence based on their
heritage. In the process of teaching the convoluted
system that results in the faulty pre-tribulation rapture lie,
huge numbers of believers are completely unprepared for the very
real terrors of the Great Tribulation.

Incredibly, we
are aware of a major denominational group of leaders from what we
call the Rapture Cult that are so deceived on this issue they
are actually helping the Antichrist system to come to
power. Under the strong delusion that was predicted to occur
in II Thessalonians chapter 2, we know of key Christian
leaders that are actually investing in the "digital angel"
implantable microchip company, reasoning that if they help to
finance this aspect of the mark of the beast technology, they'll get
"raptured" sooner!

Other blind
guides, such as Christian television's Jack Van Impe, are
teaching that Christians should never be concerned about any "mark
of the beast" technology, for as long as they haven't been
raptured, the mark of the beast system cannot be
inaugurated.  Speaking on his nationwide television program Jack
Van Impe Presents, on June 6 2006 Van Impe stated the following:

"Don't worry if you ever get
the number 666 until after the rapture. It's not an important number
until the Antichrist comes to power. And we believe he's
waiting in the wings right now to start this number. You can also
find this in Revelation.....beware, at that point of history, not
yet.....and it all happens after the rapture, after we're gone!"
(Jack Van Impe - 6/6/06)


This is the
poisonous kernel of the crop of tares that is the Rapture Cult,
for the fictional event called the "rapture" plainly masks the
fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  Basically, Van Impe is saying that
because he believes the "rapture" must come before the
tribulation, any system that features 666 cannot be
the mark of the beast system, because he believes that system cannot
be introduced until after the believers are already in heaven.

This means his
hapless followers are betting their very souls on the doctrine,
for as we've repeatedly stated, the false interpretive system
insidiously blocks an accurate perception of various prophetic

The American "Lost Tribes" Are To Be Chastised?

Other believers
teach the white European descended people of America are
actually related to Israel's so-called "lost tribes" and because we
have allowed our country to be overrun by immigrants, the LORD will
chastise "Christian" America. This false system, known as "Christian
Identity," is spreading across the USA like the plague.

A variant of this
system is the Sacred Name movement. These are the people that
never use the word "God" for they think it refers to Baal ,
or some other heathen deity. You'll commonly see them print the word
"God" as "g-d." These folks tell us we must use the name of YHWH
(usually pronounced "yahwah") in order to please the LORD. Several
such groups have actually published "Sacred Name" Bibles with the
name "YHWH" inserted in places that previously read "the Lord."  In
the process, they've also subtly changed other words that are
crucial to doctrine, but few have noticed.

Some of these
people have even stated the name

is actually related to "je-ZEUS" and if we call upon the name of
Jesus, we are summoning some demonic being! Some "believers" of
this type are convinced we must revert to a new form of legalism and
keep the various laws of Moses.

Roman Catholicism is surging with support as the many previous
barriers to Protestants having fellowship with Catholics have
dissipated. In the wake of the Da Vinci Code apostasy, which
put forth the ridiculous fiction that Jesus married Mary Magdalene
and sired children, many mainstream believers have found common
cause with the Catholics who also vehemently opposed the blasphemous
book and movie.

Indeed, I
recently saw a Catholic priest on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting
Network) brazenly lying when he stated that Catholics don't
really worship Mary, and that such a "misconception"
should not stop Protestants from fellowshipping with Roman Catholics
as fellow "Christians." Those versed in the SCRIPTURES know that
Roman Catholicism is anything but Biblical Christianity, but
those seducing spirits of Babylon spoken of in Revelation are
doing their jobs well as they gather the multitudes together into
the valley of decision.

World Government In Crisis

Even as "Mystery
Babylon, the Mother of Harlots" (Revelation 17:5 -- the incorporated
churches of the world) sinks deeper into her apostasy, the beast she
is riding is in transition to its final manifestation. Those that
have been carefully watching the New World Order that has
emerged in the form of the presently crippled United Nations
are aware of the epic events about to occur. The UN came to a
crossroads in late 2005 as the 7th Secretary-General Kofi
Annan sought a major restructuring of the failing organization.

With the United States and Britain acting unilaterally in the
of Iraq, the Security-Council of the UN was dealt a deadly wound in
that its founding member (the USA) simply ignored the collective
will of the very body tasked with preventing military conflict.
Regardless of the wisdom (or lack thereof) involved in the Bush
Administration's military incursion into Iraq, the UN now has
virtually no credibility whatsoever.

the massive Oil-For-Food scandal featured billions of dollars
in bribes which were paid to Security Council members through
intermediaries by Saddam Hussein. A massive amount of illicit
funds found their way into Russian, French, and Chinese corporations
(3 of the 5 Security Council members) effectively buying their
Security Council vote when the US and Britain voted to invade Iraq.
In other words, in its present state of corruption, greedy
self-interest, and fiscal mismanagement, the United Nations is

In fact, in a
recent interview with Radio Netherlands, former UN Secretary-General
Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali stated "the UN cannot survive in
its present form."  The Netherlands media, which noted Ghali's deep
involvement in the development of global law through the Academy
Of International Law in The Hague, also articulated Dr. Ghali's
view that a "third generation" UN is now required in order for the
planet to avert political and military catastrophe. This perspective
sees 3 steps to world dominion - the first the League of
, the second the present UN, and the third and final
version has been projected to be a reconfigured version of the
United Nations

The Beast With Seven Heads

many years, Christian Media has connected Boutros-Ghali's
third generation of world government to the passages in
that subtly speak of a three-stage transition
to world government. This is found in Revelation's 17th

they that dwell on the earth shall wonder....when they behold the
beast that was [1st step], and is not [2nd
step], and yet is [3rd step]." (Revelation 17:8)


Although I've previously shown how this passage communicates on
numerous other levels, both political and stellar, it must
also be synchronized with the consecutive development of kingdoms
that will culminate in the arrival of the beast kingdom: 


there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is
not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of
the seven, and goeth into perdition." (Revelation 17:9-11).


who have studied the Scriptures know there were six
kingdoms in antiquity described in the Bible - Egypt, Assyria,
Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. Most prophecy teachers lost their
way with the false interpretation of the so-called "Revived Roman
Empire" - a Rapture Cult fiction with no scriptural basis
whatsoever. However, Daniel's 7th chapter of the lion,
bear, leopard, and diverse fourth beast has shown these are actually
political systems developed in the Christian era. They
represent the British Empire (lion kingdom), the Soviet
Union (bear kingdom), Nazi Germany (leopard kingdom), and
the modern parallel to Rome, the American Empire. Thus, the
USA is the sixth as the count may be seen as Egypt, Assyria,
Babylon/Britain, Persia/Russia, Greece/Germany, and Rome/America.

the 3 steps conclude with the globalist beast empire (what
Revelation 17 says is the 8th head),
and America is the 6th, the 7th head must be
phase two of the 3 steps.
This transitional head, the one that
will only "continue a short space" is the US/UN phase of semi-globalism.
This began in 1947 with the reconfiguration of the US as the
"National Security State" under the National Security Act of
that year, combined with the launch of the UN. In other words, the 6th
head is the US, the 7th is the US combined with the UN,
and the 8th is the UN without the US.

make the final jump to a full-blown world government vested with
genuine power, the transitional power, the 7th head  (the
US/UN hybrid), must decrease. The scriptures describe that "head" as
the recipient of a "deadly wound." Thus the 8th head
takes over in the wake of what is certain to be a terrifying event
that will strike America - in all likelihood a nuclear
terrorist action. Furthermore, this hideous attack will affect
New York, which will also bring about the demise of the present UN,
and force the emergence of the 8th head, as a
"resurrected" United Nations. That 3rd and final
phase will entail the UN (or a similar political entity based on the
UN charter) being brought 'back to life' in the city of Jerusalem.

It is
likely the
time frame for these breathtaking events is imminent when we realize
the present Secretary-General of the UN (Kofi Annan) is the 7th
head of the institution, and the 8th leader (read "head")
is due to be inaugurated on January 1st 2007. Assuming
the individual leadership of the UN Secretariat follows the pattern,
we would expect the timing of the leadeship change to conform.

In addition
to many other reasons too lengthy to be presented here, we have long
believed the 6th Secretary-General, Dr. Boutros
, will be brought back in an interim fashion during
the crisis - making Ghali the 8th head, who the text says
will be "of the seven" - a powerful indicator the 8th and
final leader will be a previous leader brought back to power.

all of this will very likely occur within the near term. With
these facts in mind, look up for your redemption draweth near.

Fall 2006 - James Lloyd

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