Iraq War Prophesied In Daniel

t a time when the globalists seek the renewal of the Patriot Act, the timing of the recent London bombing was
remarkably expedient as it conveniently reminds Americans why they
should support the cessation of their civil liberties under the Patriot

The activities of the Blair-Bush cabal fit the
"king of the North" prophetic passages in Daniel 11. This "king" is said
to "forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time"
(Daniel 11:24). This strategic planning (read "forecast...devices") is
said by the prophet to be against "the king of the South."

Because the world is now divided along a
North-South polarization - we find that Dr. Boutros-Ghali's
interview with the San Francisco Chronicle of 2 weeks ago wherein
the headline read "Boutros-Ghali sees North-South divide as UN's
greatest challenge" demonstrates a remarkable prescience in terms of the
looming global conflict.

The battle between the Northern industrial states
(financial banking stronghold's with a Christian culture) and the
Southern developing nations (with a significant Islamic population) will
ultimately provide a military dialectic that will generate the synthesis
of world government. This one world order is seen at the very end of
Daniel 11 where we see the installation of the Antichrist -- and his
final career moves before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

7/10/05 -- James Lloyd

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