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f the world survives long enough, we might yet see a
personals ad similar to the above headline. Obviously, such an ad would be
completely insane, but as the flood that flows out of the mouth of the
dragon continues to splash over and around the remnant saints, and the
religionists described as tares in the New Testament continue to
deteriorate in their thinking, just about any depth of depravity may still
be possible. In short, mainstream "Christians" never cease to amaze those
knowledgeable in the truth with their apostasy.

Those who call themselves "Christians" today are so
completely void of discernment that they have become "an astonishment and
an hissing," if I can borrow from the prophet Jeremiah.
Ironically, it may very well be that the worst offenders are those
"believers" that have separated their "ministry" activities from the
apostasy of the mainstream churches in an effort to draw near to the LORD,
but in the process have fallen back into the ways of the world. The
Apostle Peter addresses this when he writes

"For if after they have escaped the pollutions of
the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they
are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with
them than the beginning." (II Peter 2:20).

To put it another way, there are those that saw the
gross inconsistencies within the church, that were obedient to the LORD's
command to "come out of her" (the apostate last day's incorporated
institutions of "Christianity" - Revelation 18:4), but in the process have
lost their way and have ended up in an even darker deception within the
multitudes of parachurch ministry bodies posing as "remnant" believers.

There are literally thousands of "Christian" Internet
groups that act as a magnet for these disenfranchised believers. Such
"ministry" forums allow unmonitored postings -- which means people can
place messages online with no editing, oversight, or accountability

Because these electronic forums identify themselves as
of believers, this is the equivalent of a church service
where the most reprobate person in the sanctuary can stand up at will and
declare the most insidious and shallow things that comes forth from his or
her miniscule mind and reprobate heart. Multiply that a thousand fold, and
you have an indication of the scope of the problem.

The answer is not to go back to the whorehouse that is
the organized church, although many have done just that. The answer is
also not to despair of ever finding an anointing in terms of spiritual truth
and growth in others. The answer is a direct relationship with Jesus
on an ongoing basis from "whence ye are" (John 15:6).

this abiding in Him with a consistent daily effort, put forth in a
rational fashion, to follow the admonitions of scripture, and as you
work out your salvation in fear and trembling, you'll be on the strait
and narrow path to glory.

July 29 2005 -- James Lloyd

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