When We Get Hit

he "wars and rumors of wars" are raging with the
revelation that the Al Quaida terrorist group has already deployed
suitcase nuclear weapons on American soil. This fact, in and of
itself, is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. However, the "what if" as well
as the "what if it doesn't happen" scenarios demand a comment.

If the data is accurate and the speculations concerning
an August 6th attack timed to coincide with the 60th
anniversary of the American bombing of Hiroshima come true (the plans
captured in Afghanistan were labeled American Hiroshima), we will
have entered the tribulational cycle to a degree that will be difficult
for even the staunchest rapturist to deny. On the other hand, if it does
not occur this weekend, does that mean the data was inaccurate and it
won't happen at all?

When Peter was commenting about things that had
happened in the disciple's presence that completely convinced them of
certain things, he wrote about a "voice which came from heaven
[which] we heard" (II Peter 1:18) -- an anecdotal fact that conclusively
proved to the early followers of Jesus that God had indeed moved in
their midst.  Similarly, we also have very compelling data (of a
political, military, and even geological nature) that proves some of the
tribulational things are about to explode.

However, Peter went on to say "We have also
a more sure word
of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take
heed...." (II Peter 1:19). To put it another way, Peter wrote that
he and the other Apostles "were eyewitnesses of his
majesty" (and apparently also ear-witnesses who heard the "voice from
heaven"), the word of prophecy was even "more sure" in terms
of the  certainty that these things will occur.

Although the data looks conclusive that these things
are imminent, if they do not occur in accordance with the
information we have, "we have also a more sure word of prophecy" which
testifies that it is certain this world will soon experience the
retribution of God for the iniquity of the ages. Therefore, if we get
hit, or if we don't get hit, is incidental, for that more sure word
plainly instructs us that we "must work the works of him that sent
me, while it is day: [for] the night cometh, when no man can work" (John

August 5 2005 -- James Lloyd

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