Chavez Of Venezuela:The King Of The South I

midst the world's expectations for major reform at the
UN summit in New York today, a bombshell was dropped by the President of
Venezuela, one Hugo Chavez. Incredibly, much of the major media
missed the prophetically significant event -- even as Bible prophecy
teachers all looked the other way.

The Associated Press saw the statement as
significant, as did the Christian Media ministry which I lead. In
front of the entire world's membership, at a time when the United
is in complete crisis and disarray, Chavez told the world it's
time for the UN to leave the United States, and be relocated to

Readers may remember Chavez is the leftist leader of
member Venezuela that has claimed the regime of George W
Bush has put forth efforts to assassinate him. Chavez is the man that
"Christian" ministry figure Pat Robertson said should be officially
murdered, and Chavez is the man that has said he may sell his oil to
China instead of the USA -- which presently depends on Venezuelan oil
for about a quarter of our needs.

Hugo Chavez made even more prophetically
significant statements today. Speaking to the world at large, he said the
future home of the UN would have to be "outside the sovereignty of any
state," an indication that undue influence from any single member state
would hamper the role of UN as a genuine World Government.

In a tacit admission the world is now aligned along a
North-South axis, Chavez said that even if Jerusalem were not
selected, "The new U.N. headquarters has to be in the South." In
contemporary political parlance, the term "South" has come to mean the
developing nations, and not necessarily in the Southern hemisphere. This
is in contrast to the Northern industrialized nations as exemplified in
the G8.

This is simply an astonishing admonition for it plainly
demonstrates that Daniel's 11th chapter is now well in progress. Daniel's
prophecies tell us that as the Antichrist is ready to rise to
power, the world will be wracked with conflict between the North and
South. The United Nations ,or a successor organization based on its
principles, is being positioned as a third
alternative to the globalist vision of Northern industrial fascism
dominating the world's affairs. At the same time, the UN is an
alternative to the radical Islamic agenda which is presently sweeping
those same Southern cluster of countries.

At a time when the UN is poised to emerge as the
most viable form of world government, the institution's leader has just
failed to bring about the shift that so many globalists desire. The reform
summit, which ended this week, will be considered the great failure of
scandal ridden UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. It is also quite
likely that the only reason Annan hasn't been ousted is the simple fact
that UN supporters had hoped he could pull off an enormous coup and unite
the world's nations in a diplomatic fashion, through the ambitious effort to achieve world dominion
under the auspices of the United Nations.

In short, the world awaits the 8th
era of world dominion, and a man Revelation calls the 8th "head." When he is installed in
the very near term, the world seat of power will be moved to precisely where Hugo Chavez has noted is the most logical locale for the home of the
world government of the Antichrist -- Jerusalem.

September 16 2005 -- James Lloyd

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