Kofi Clues - The End Of The UN

here are several indicators that time may have run out
for Kofi Annan. Although he has artfully managed to elude
impeachment from his post as Secretary-General of the United
for his innovative methodology of using the oil-for-food fraud
to fund the political monstrosity, there are some subtle indicators that
his time may have very well run out.

Although some said the UN sanctioned investigation
exonerated Annan of any criminal misconduct, the truth is the American
congressional investigations are still yet to weigh in with any final
conclusions. Furthermore, there is damaging information being provided by
Robert Parton, formerly an investigator with the Volcker
Commission, that is now in the hands of congressional leaders --
people that aren't funded by the UN as Volcker's group was.

On another track, those that watch the news very
carefully are aware that former President Bill Clinton has been
extremely cozy with the Bush family over the last couple of years. Many,
many photo ops have made the mainstream news with high profile luncheons
and golf games with George Senior -- to say nothing of Clinton's UN
appointment to oversea relief efforts for the Sumatra Tsunami.

Thus, many were surprised to hear of Clinton's scathing
criticism of the Bush military effort in Iraq, as well as the
embarrassingly inept FEMA effort in New Orleans. To understand this
rather abrupt about face, we need to recognize the reason Slick Willy was
rubbing elbows with the Bush regime in the first place. To put it bluntly,
he hoped to neutralize America's expected veto of his candidacy to be Kofi
Annan's successor.

It's been widely reported that Clinton wants to run the
UN, and many observers saw through Clinocchio's sweet side as, for a while
there, he was seen with both Bushes so frequently some wondered if he was
planning on a conversion to republichristianity. The fact that Bill has
revealed his inner child in what one observer called a "withering"
criticism of the White House indicates something has changed.

Since Kofi's last chance to salvage his prestige was a
successful UN summit, and that summit failed miserably last week, it's
likely a decision was made over the weekend to sack Annan, and Bill
probably got the word it won't be him. Thus, there are subtle indicators
that Kofi Gone is about to become a reality, and another individual
is being prepared to step out on the world stage to take the reins of the
pale horse being ridden by the Secretary-General.

September 19 2005 -- James Lloyd

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