The Skin Of The Serpent

few years I found myself examining a 
newer concept for me in the computer universe as I discovered a software
program which was curiously identified to me as a "skin." For those
are not conversant in computers, at the Christian Media Network,
we broadcast on the internet, and listeners are able to hear the daily
programs using a free software program called a "player."

I learned that
many computer savvy people have learned to redesign the interface to
some of the players (we use a free player program called Winamp), so that
it has a control panel and a look that they prefer.

Bear in mind, it's the identical
but by "wrapping" it in a customized "skin," it looks
like a completely different program. They have skins that have controls
functions that are metallic and shiny, and they have skins that make the
buttons look like rainbows, teardrops, or just about any combination of
animal, mineral, or vegetable. In short, there are skins with racy
images, customized slogans, or skins with simple black box features;
however the functions and the program itself never actually changes --
only the look of it.

This chameleon-like ability to be
portrayed in many different fashions that is found in computer programs
reminded me of the Scripture that tells us the Devil can assume a
pleasing shape when it tells us this ability is "no marvel; for Satan
himself is transformed into an angel of light" (II Corinthians 11:14).

The context of the prior passage is
actually all about false teachers, and those who are
seeking to lead the believers in the wrong direction. This phenomena was
widespread in Paul's time, and it has continued to this very day. In
fact, as I pondered the idea of the multitude of prophecy teachers who
are led by the Spirit of Antichrist, but actually believe they are
moving within the will of the LORD, I began to see that they
periodically "re-invent themselves" -- in effect, they don a different

For instance, several years ago I met
another "Christian" Shortwave radio host who was seeking to make his
living through donations to his radio program. He often spoke about the
great "falling away" (II Thessalonians 2:3) that is occurring in our
time. He decried how the churches had "left their first love (Revelation
2:4), and how the leaders of America have turned towards evil; but his
program continued to languish as he just seemed unable to generate a
following that felt strongly enough about his teaching to help support
the show with the requisite tithes and offerings need to keep a program
on the air.

He then reinvented himself, and
embraced the preterist doctrine -- the view that says the
tribulation has already happened, and Christ returned invisibly
in 70 AD
. There weren't many preterists on Shortwave in those days,
and when this occurred, the LORD revealed to me that my former friend
only embraced that view so that he could distinguish himself from all
the other hosts. In short, he changed his skin.

On a related track, one of the central
revelations of prophecy I've received from the LORD is related to the
falsity of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine. However, that's
only half the story as He has also shown me in the Scriptures that
pre-trib is false because it is inconsistent with our true standing as
"the sons of God" (Philemon 2:15) and the "remnant of Israel" (Zephaniah

Intriguingly, it is in the arena of what could be called non
that I've located significant numbers of these
spiritual pretenders who are all
wearing the same post-trib skin.

There are Jewish Supremacist non-pretribbers
and there are 7th Day Adventist non-pretribbers. There are Sacred Name
non-PT's, British Israelite non PT's, and pre-wrath Judaeo-Christian non
pre-tribbers -- and many other categories as well.

To phrase this
perspective a bit more bluntly, just because someone has abandoned the
false doctrine of pre-trib (a false doctrine), and strapped on the skin
of post-tribulationism (a Scripturally sound doctrine), does not mean
they are not false prophets. In fact, many believers that
are just discovering the basic truth concerning simple issues of timing
find themselves jumping out of the frying pan of pre-tribulationism, and
into the fire of another false doctrine. 

So it is in the spiritual
wilderness where we find many serpents (and scorpions) wearing various

October 12 2005 -- James Lloyd

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