Nuclear Talks In Istanbul End in Impasse With No New Date

he world powers' bid to address
the controversy over Iran's nuclear program by diplomacy has ended in impasse.
Saturday, January 22, EU foreign policy executive Catherine Ashton - who
led the team of six powers - said Iran had come to the talks with
pre-conditions but the door was still open. Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili
demanded international recognition of his country's right to uranium enrichment.
The rehashed enriched uranium swap plan was rejected. On the first day, Friday,
Jalili refused outright to discuss his own country's nuclear program and kept on
turning the subject back to Israel's reported nuclear arsenal.

At one point, Ashton physically
blocked the exit of the conference chamber to prevent the Iranian delegate from
walking out. He finally agreed to stay another day in response to her pleas but
refused to change his position. Western diplomats used very undiplomatic
language to describe how "very angry and frustrated" they were with Iran's
attitude to yet another US-led bid to solve the nuclear controversy with Iran by
diplomacy and dialogue . . .

In London, Britain's former Prime
Minister Tony Blair issued the strongest call yet from any Western
statesman to take the gloves off with Iran. "I say this to you with all
of the passion I possibly can – at some point the West has to get out of what I
think is a wretched policy or posture of apology for believing that we are
causing what the Iranians are doing, or what these extremists are doing," he
said. "We are not. The fact is they are doing it because they disagree
fundamentally with our way of life and they'll carry on doing it unless they are
met by the requisite determination and if necessary, force." ...

Editor's Note: There was never
any chance that Iran would respond to the latest diplomatic measures initiated
by the powers of the WAR Beast, but the process was undertaken as a stage
show for the observers, notably the host country of Turkey. The decision was
made long ago to generate a blood sacrifice in order to usher in the New Order,
and the Spirit behind Islam was selected to play the role.

The only question has been which vessels
would take up the task of being what could colloquially called the "Lee Harvey
Oswald" of nations (wonder who gets to play Jack Ruby?). In this huge drama, the
triad of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon have been selected, and they will be uprooted. It's just another version of a centrally planned version of Order Ab Chaos, i.e. generate the circumstance of chaos (read war) then
offer the world the solution.

Because so few people have Spiritual
discernment, the majority have no ability to fully appreciate the conspiracy has
a Spiritual root, thus even those who recognize the foul play of the national
powers tend to scapegoat the various villains, and never really grasp what we
are wrestling against.

Tehran did it, the Vatican did it, Tel
Aviv is the culprit, etc is the cry of the day. As long as people continue to
apply physical reasoning processes to the world dilemma, they will continue to
fall deeper and deeper into the Strong Delusion. Only by recognizing the true
enemy are we in any position to offer a viable resistance.

The governments of the world are evil.
The churches are evil. The Mosques and Synagogues are evil. There is none
good (Luke 18:19), except the true LORD, and the path the world is on is
locked down. The only escape is to look inward, but the truth is
required, and not just any "truth," but the genuine article (John 14:6). For
more on our predicament, see the article
The Image, The Beast, And The Dragon.

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