Libyan Revolution Marks Shift In Gog-Magog LineupStrongman Moammar Qaddafi Has Been Steadily Moving Towards US-Israeli Globalist Construct

he violent revolution currently wracking the North African nation of Libya has important prophetic implications. In recent years, Libya's tyrant Qaddafi has been quietly lining up with the American dominated plan for world dominion.

First, he reached an agreement to cease development of nuclear materials in Libya. Next, he agreed to pay reparations for the Libyan involvement in the Scottish Lockerbie bombing -- probably with a secret clause which allowed the key former Libyan operative to be released under a plea for "humanitarian" causes as he was allegedly terminal. After his release, readers may remember the Libyan mass murderer of hundreds staged a miraculous recovery.

The middleman in this monstrous deal was the hideous evil known as British Petroleum (BP) -- known in these quarters as the firm that opened the Bottomless Pit in the Gulf Oil Disaster (see the video on The Bottomless Pit.

In all likelihood, although Qaddafi was being seemingly integrated into the WAR Beast (World Antichrist Religion), he was double-dealing with the international cabal that runs the world, so his ouster is now required. With heavy commercial involvement with Italy (as a former colonial holding, Libya sources most Italian oil) and Britain's BP, the powers in charge want Qadaffi out, so there are hidden factors in play.

Most observers inaccurately identify the mysterious Gog and Magog with Russia, and Persia with Iran (see Ezekiel 38 & 39 for details), so their perspective is universally skewed. I prior analyses, Christian Media and GEO have repeatedly shown the ancient name Persia encompassed Iraq -- an American domicile. We have further connected the ancient place name Gog with the former Soviet republic of Georgia -- another American satellite.

Thus, we look for Libya to come to the American-Israeli power bloc, although it may be masked as an Islamic confederacy (similar to the ephemeral boogeyman Al-Quaida). The Iranian axis of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon are scheduled to be dealt with in a prior clash with the Little Horn state of Israel, so the Gog-Magog alignment likely represents a later collision after the 3 horns of Tehranian power are plucked up -- an event that is imminent.

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