Turkey Discovers Weapons In Iranian Plane Turkish Media Says UN Told Ankara Iranian Plane Was Carrying Nuclear Material

eapons were found on an
Iranian cargo plane forced to land in southeast Turkey on
Saturday, Turkish media reported Tuesday. According to
reports, the arms plane left Tehran with military ammunition
for Syria. Several crates containing weapons and ammunition
were removed from the aircraft.

Turkish media reported that the
plane was forced to land in a military airfield at the
request of the United Nations, following information
indicating it was carrying nuclear materials.
It was further reported that rocket launchers, mortars,
rifles and explosive materials were found in one of the main
cabinets on the plane. No further information is known
concerning the nuclear material which was alleged to be on
the aircraft.

Turkish newspapers stated this was
the first time that a plane was forced to land in such
circumstances since 2006.

Last Wednesday, another
Iranian craft was forced to land in Turkey. The Turkish
foreign ministry said at the time no suspicious materials
were found.

Editor's Note: Stories of this nature receive little,
if any, mainstream media coverage, but it is obviously very
significant. The Turkish government has moved sharply away
from their formerly warm relations with Israel, and
have gradually drawn closer to Iran, so the very idea
of an Iranian vessel being seized for inspection would
appear to be very unlikely.

speaking, the UN notification may have placed the Ankara
government in the awkward position of being forced to react,
as certain elements from the US/UN power structure would
otherwise shine a bright media light on an apparent case of
military cooperation between Turkey and Iran -- probably
something the Turks were not prepared to do at this time.

entire episode is unsettling, but the primary data which
needs to be highlighted, is the glaring possibility that
Iran was seeking to transport nuclear material via
Turkey -- a nation to the North of Israel, and
there is little doubt against whom it would have been

For more information on the subject of the forthcoming
cataclysm in the Middle East, and invasion that is plainly
stated to come from the "North," see the online article

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