Recent Wave Of Killer Earthquakes Occurred On Undiscovered Faultlines In Focusing On Known Faultlines Few Realize Giant Quakes Can Strike Anywhere

midst significant concern
about the New Madrid fault line in the middle of America,
and the notoriously huge San Andreas earthquake zone which
runs from Southern California up to Washington state,
concerns are emerging over undiscovered faults deep in the
earth. The recent wave of Earthquakes which have been so
deadly were, more often than not, centered in seismically
active areas which were previously unknown.

The recent devastating Japanese
quake is the prime example. The Japan disaster, which is
still making headlines with the latest threat of a total
meltdown of one of the island nation's reactors, observers
were stunned because the massive quake occurred on a
previously unknown fault.

Fox News just ran a piece which
stated that one in three recent Earthquakes under 6.7 in
magnitude occurred on a faultline that was previously
unknown. When an "expert" was asked if this means a killer
quake can occur anywhere, the scientist denied that

However, the data says
otherwise. In addition to the shockingly destructive
Japanese Earthquake of just two weeks ago, the "down under"
quake which practically destroyed Christchurch in New
Zealand just last month was sitting on a previously unknown
fault. California quakes in Napa Valley, Northridge, and
Loma Prieta were also a big surprise.

The massive shaking which
killed so many in Haiti last year (estimates run as high as
300,000 dead) was also in a location which was not 
expected to produce such a destructive Earthquake. There are
many more examples. Furthermore, the sheer volume of events
is sharply escalating, so people are beginning to realize
the entire planet is now behaving in a fashion which the
so-called "experts" cannot fully explain.

Editor's Note: Although
prophecy figures have widely quoted the famous warnings from
Jesus Christ concerning the circumstances which will
accompany the end of the age ("great earthquakes shall be in
diverse places" -- Luke 21:11), most of us have become so
anesthetized to such cautionary statements that we don't
fully realize the scope of what is being said. Throughout
the prophets, we continually hear about a "great shaking"
which will occur as a result of the great displeasure of

Ironically, the leader of
Japan, when he first acknowledged the destruction of late,
publicly stated his concern that the deity was angry with
his country. After a political scramble, the comments were
largely excised from the public discourse. We would all do
well to recognize these particular signs of the times, for
when we fail to recognize what is occurring, the Scriptures
promise things will continue to escalate. Get used to it,
for the Great Tribulation is at hand, and the
only wise course of action is to ask why?

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