British Petroleum Loses Personal Data

ritish Petroleum
(BP), acknowledged to the
Associated Press on Tuesday, they have lost a laptop
computer which has personal data on individuals with claims
against the firm.

The list of individuals and organizations with financial
compensation claims against BP is comprised of
data from claims which were filed before the Gulf Coast
Claims organization took over the collective processing
of claims administration in August of 2010. BP says they
have mailed out letters to the parties impacted, notifying
them of the security breach, earlier in the week. A BP
spokesperson added the firm has no indication the personal
information has been misused.

Editor's Note:
Although it's unlikely any evidence of the true chain of
events will ever become publicly known, this is the rough
equivalent of the cops tracing a getaway car used in a major
crime to a suspect's home, who then claims the car was
stolen -- and produces a police report to indemnify himself.

Recognizing the
inherent evil in the soul-less corpse that is BP
(the very word corporation comes from the Latic
, and is recognized as an artificial "person" in
the eyes of the law), the theory of a secretive program to
harass victims of the oil giant's continental misdeeds is
hardly implausible. Indeed, BP's alleged "ethics" recently
surfaced again as the Libyan mass murderer implicated in the
Lockerbie airplane bombing, which killed
hundreds, was released as part of a BP/Libyan oil
deal -- the British part of the BP moniker identifying the
political power who released the killer in exchange for
commercial oil concessions.

The 13,000 plus
people whose data has been released into the
Bottomless Pit
(read BP) will likely find a
cadre of identity thieves, and perhaps worse, stalking them.
Unbelievable? Hardly, for those with an ounce of discernment
can already testify the leaders of evil in this desperate
world commonly turn out to be giant corporations -- those
who are so important to the kings of the Earth that their
globalist activities are completely directed by the
principalities of iniquity who possess them.

For more on how
is a sign for the Remnant concerning the opening of
the Bottomless Pit, see the online video on


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