North Carolina Introduces Law To Criminalize Alternative Health Practitioners What's Next, Burning At The Stake For Unlicensed Religion?

orth Carolina has now
distinguished itself as the first state in the union to introduce the most
oppressive, tyrannical threat to individual's choices concerning their health,
by introducing Senate Bill 31,  a naked grab at power engineered by the
mainstream medical complex.

Observers suspect that physicians
and big pharma are "feeling the pinch" as more and more people have taken their
health care into their own hands. The legislation would make it a felony
for Naturopaths, Herbalists, Aromatherapists, and a variety of other alternative
healing practitioners to continue in a professional fashion.

With this proposed legislation,
scheduled for debate on Tuesday April 5th, 2011, the state seeks to continue the
brazen violation of common decency, and individual freedoms guaranteed under the
natural laws of God -- to say nothing of the Bill of Rights.

Although legal observers expect
this Hitlerian grab at power, introduced on behalf of the criminal
insiders club known as mainstream medicine, will be challenged in court if it
succeeds. However, the fact is, the wicked leaders of the state of North
Carolina have now plainly demonstrated their complete contempt for their own
citizen's basic freedoms, as they bow the knee to the Medical Baal of mainstream

Meanwhile, the crony-inhabited
churches in North Carolina continue in silence, afraid to risk their non-prophet
tax status if they speak up on the political tyranny that is chewing on their
constituents. Like a broken record, the religious whores continue to tell their
stupid slaves to obey the beast, for God wants them to honour Caesar with their
obedience. It never occurs to one of these imbeciles the early Christians were
murdered by Caesar because they refused to obey his evil dictates.

This particular incarnation of
"Caesar" speaks with a Southern accent, and apparently, he now lives in North
Carolina. Obey him at the risk of your soul.

For more on the Satanic,
multi-generational plan to seize legal power over the health care of the entire
world, see the video on

VENOMOUS INTENT: The Plot To Control World Health

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