Jewish Supremacists Ignore Prophetic Cause And Effect Even As Over 240 Tornados Rip South, Jewish Supremacists Ignore American Tyranny, And Say Judgement Is Because Of Lack Of Support For Israel

he Antichrist "believers," who
continue to claim that America's current woes are because our
nation is diminishing its long standing support for Israel,
are ignoring primary cause and effect events throughout our
beleaguered nation.

In the case of the downright
bizarre series of storms which have primarily affected North
, not one Jewish Supremacist in the hundreds of
thousands of churches around the country has connected the
God-given judgment with North Carolina's recent leadership of
political tyranny -- a series of moves which have absolutely
nothing to do with the distant Jewish state.

In the still raging storms, more
than half the death toll of 43 spread over 6 states has
occurred in North Carolina -- to say nothing of the 130 injured
there. In short, North Carolina took the brunt of the damage,
and it's still not over.

Virtually no-one is connecting the
current woes with North Carolina's recent oppressive and
downright nasty persecution of the innocent alternative
health care practitioners, as Raleigh has led the nation
in outrageous efforts to criminalize those who are trying to
buck the corrupt mainstream medical beast that is feasting on
the people.

This very periodical noted North
Carolina's oppressive actions not 2 weeks ago, and now as the
wrath of God is leveled at the fair state, not a single
is connecting the dots. In fact, it's just the
opposite as North Carolina hosts a vibrant chapter of
Christians United For Israel (CUFI), whose broken record
refrain says judgments on America occur because we didn't send
the Jews a large enough check.

The Israel-First "Christians" never
say a word about how CUFI director John Hagee has
completely prostituted the Gospel with his alliance with
Mormon Glen Beck
, for the simple reason he and Beck worship
the same god -- Israel.

In nearby Oklahoma, the current
issue (April 2011) of a nationally influential letter from
Jewish Supremacist Carol Rushton continued the Antichrist
lie that America lives or dies based on our treatment of the
Jewish state. She writes

"According to Genesis 12, God has
grave judgments in store for countries who curse Israel and
the Jewish people.
" (Southwest Radio Church newsletter)

This twisted rendering of the Holy
Bible ignores the fact that Genesis 12 applies to Jesus
, and those who are truly in him, and has nothing
to do with the Christ-rejecting state. The truth is, the
"Israel" that America is persecuting is the true Remnant body of
believers in Jesus Christ, and not the tiny Jewish state.

Further, by focusing judgments on
America as alleged punishment for our relationship with a Christ
rejecting corrupt political entity which is designated to be the
seat of the WAR Beast (World Antichrist Religion, the
Spiritually blind guides in the "church" ignore verses which
instruct states like North Carolina not to persecute the
innocent -- in this case, the naturopathic and herbalist
alternative healers -- while forcibly herding the masses into
the commercially corrupt medical monstrosity that is driven by
drugs, unnecessary surgeries, and downright butchery.

"...the Lord hath a controversy with
the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor
mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying,
and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break
out, and blood toucheth blood."  -- Hosea 4:1,2

For more on how the False Prophets
of Christendom have misled the believers on this crucial issue,
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