Iran TV Claims Israeli Warplanes Massing In Iraq For Attack Unlikely Report Is Denied By Israel And Pentagon

ranian state television ran a
report on Monday saying Israeli military
aircraft were massing at a U.S. air base in
for a strike on Iran.

report appeared on the website of Press TV.
Israel said it had no knowledge of such a strike
plan, and both the Pentagon and Iraq's air force
commander have denied the Iranian report.

Iranian media quoted what it said was a source
close to the movement of Moqtada al-Sadr,
an Iraqi Shi'ite cleric who opposes the U.S.
presence in Iraq, and has close ties to Iran's
Shia power structure. 

Israel accuses
Tehran of using its declared civilian nuclear
reactor program to conceal a plan to develop
atomic bombs that would threaten the Jewish
state, and Israeli leaders have not ruled out
military action against Iran. There has been,
however, no recent indication of increased
tensions and no other information is available
that would corroborate the Iranian television

Iraqi air force
commander Staff Lieutenant General Anwar
Ahmed rejected the report as "groundless."

The United States
and its Western allies suspect Iran is
using its nuclear energy program as a cover to
build bombs. Iran denies the allegation,
insisting it needs nuclear technology to
generate more electricity. Iran has repeatedly
warned that it would strike Israeli nuclear
targets if Israel attacked its nuclear

Iran does not recognize Israel, which it calls
the "Zionist regime." Israel, believed to be the
only nuclear-armed country in the Middle East,
bombed Iraq's only nuclear reactor to rubble in
1981 when Saddam Hussein was in power in

Editor's Note:
Although it is likely the
Iranian claims are greatly exaggerated, the
paranoia of Tehran is a product of their own
worldview. The leaders of Iran, notably
Mahmoud Amadhinejad,
has repeatedly stated
he believes Iran will be pivotal in the desired
destruction of their hated foe, the nation-state
of Israel. He has further stated a holocaust
occur, and it will usher in the arrival
of the Mahdi -- the Islamic Saviour-figure.

it is painfully obvious that Tehran is lying
concerning their nuclear ambitions. Thus, the
fear and loathing of Israel's potential
pre-emptive strike on Iran's weapons program is
a product of Iran's own religious and political
announcements -- statements which are fueled by
religious extremism coupled with the technical
know-how needed to produce the hideous weapons
which could indeed set the entire Middle East on

practically the entire Moslem world already
in huge disarray
, one miscalculation could
be disastrous.

For more
on the emerging Judaeo-Christian belief the
will be an Islamic figure
seen in the Moslem world as the Mahdi, listen to
the short audio on


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