Oops, I Clicked On Tornado Instead Of Earthquake Killer Tornado That Ripped Joplin Missouri Was Almost Certainly Caused By HAARP

n old adage suggest that
"connecting the dots" requires only a modicum of thought processes, but few are
noting the huge "coincidence" that the HAARP weather control
technology was recently detected beaming powerful transmissions at the New
Madrid fault line.

The Cryptocracy behind the hidden
cabal that utilizes such black budget technology isn't talking, but that does
not mean today's devastating tornado, which surely killed over a hundred people
in the very place HAARP beams have been detected, is not at fault.
At the risk of being identified with the tin foil hat crowd, it hardly seems a
stretch to connect the two events.

Just a few days ago, GEO
and our related groups (all part of the larger ministry known as Christian
), published an eblast noting the HAARP Magnetometer had
measured significant transmissions focused on the New Madrid fault line.
The fact that such beams were detected in that specific locale was alarming
enough, but when coupled with the fact that HAARP beams preceded
the recent killer quakes in Haiti and Japan, we thought it prudent to wave a
flag, and start shouting to as many as have ears to hear.

Sophisticated HAARP
watchers were quick to point out the frequencies measured in conjunction with
Haiti and Japan did not match the frequencies seen in Missouri.

However, the fact is inescapable
that HAARP beams were heavily utilized over the last week
or so in the very place a ferocious tornado has just killed a large amount of
people. Further, as we noted in the original GEOgram concerning the
fear the New Madrid fault was being targeted, FEMA just happens to be
conducting exercises in the same area, at the same time.

We've seen enough detective shows
to know that coincidences should always be highly suspect, but you don't have to
Sherlock Holmes to put this one together.

Because the conventional
processes of citizen feedback to those who govern us has become completely
useless in 21st century America, we have advised any and all to get their wagons
in a circle, and focus on self reliance, and relationships with others who can
be trusted -- for it is becoming more and more self evident that, for whatever
nefarious reason cooked up by the evil numbskulls in charge, they are willing to
lead us all to the slaughter to achieve their objectives.

For more on HAARP,
see the HAARP Update DVD featuring Dr. Nick Begich, one of
the world's premier experts on the technology.

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