Netanyahu Talks Peace, Palestinians Call It Declaration Of War With Obama Overseas Insulting Some Other World Leaders, Israeli Leader Warmly Received In America

s President Obama's Middle
Eastern policy has left the US President with virtually no friends in the
troubled region, Israel's Netanyahu made such a powerful address to Americans
that many were wondering if we could trade leaders with Tel Aviv. Even Israel's
critics were grudgingly compelled to rate Netanyahu's statements as eloquent and
articulate, whereas the First Dirtbag looked flustered and unpresidential.

As Christian Media Daily
reported earlier today, the row with Israel comes at a particularly difficult
time for Obama, as virtually none of the important Middle Eastern leaders are
following his proposals. Hosni Mubarak of Egypt had steadfastly followed
Washington's lead, but the Obamabeast quickly threw him to the dogs in the name
of "democracy" -- even as American advisors rushed to show the Egyptian army how
to maintain power under a democratic facade.

Even the formerly friendly
Bahraini leader is now very distant, as his hiring of Saudi troops to put down
domestic dissent left him on the outs with Washington. There are now 11 Middle
Eastern and North African rulers at odds with Obama (Netanyahu is the 12th), and
the quartet of rulers directly opposed to the Kenyan born usurper (Qaddaffi of
Libya, Assad of Syria, Saleh of Yemen, and now Khalifa of Bahrain) are bound to
create huge headaches for American foreign policy.

The irony is, of course,
For decades the tiny state has been, essentially, the Jewish tail
wagging the American dog. Even without the threat of massive military violence
vis a vis Israel versus Islam, the fact that Netanyahu has such enormous
clout on both sides of the American political spectrum announces to the world
that Israeli power is so deeply entrenched in American political infrastructure
that the two nations are sometimes indistinguishable from each other.

Spiritually and prophetically
speaking, it's a completely differerent story. As a nation which was
significantly tilted towards the Christian way of life, America has thrown her
lot in with the people who reject the Saviour of the world -- and there will be
profound consequences for our collective inability to truly understand the
Spiritual dynamics at work. The short version is, this will not end well.

As the Little Horn seen in
prophecy, Israel is destined to conduct a deadly round of warfare, and the axis
of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon will be, in the prophet Daniel's parlance,
"uprooted." This will usher in another round of prophetic sequences, and even
though the prophets address Israel's role, they also tell us terrible things are
coming to America as a direct consequence. Think a deadly wound, as described in

Those same prophets also speak of preservation, but
most "believers" will not see it, because they are unknowingly moving in the
wrong Spirit. In short, this would be a very good time to study such things as
America's days are numbered, numbered. They're also weighed and divided, but
we'll save that one for another day.

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