America As The Restrainer Will Be Taken Out Of The Way Ancient Belief Among Christians Said Roman Empire Was The Restrainer Long Before Rapture Cult Novelty

any politically sensitive
observers shudder to think of what would happen around the world if the global
order that America has provided for decades were suddenly diminished, or even
removed. Prophetically speaking, the Scriptures speak of a supernaturally
engineered restraint, which holds back an ancient evil -- but the New Testament
also predicts that restrainer will be removed.

The Rapture Cult, that tiny
European group from the mid 19th century that spread through England and
exploded with growth in America, put forth the idea this "restrainer" was the
Holy Spirit indwelling believers, and that when the so-called "Rapture"
happened, the Holy Spirit (as the restrainer) would be removed from the Earth,
and evil would dominate. Unfortunately, those in cults rarely escape, and the
modern millions ensnared in this fraud have been programmed to deny the late
development of the doctrine itself.

However, there is an amazing tool
available to even cultists, and they're called books. These
wonderful devices are so plentiful, there is an entire category called history
books, and with thousands of them available thanks to Mr. Guttenberg, many have
utilized them and avoided being ensnared in the Rapture Cult.

All caustic humor aside, anyone
who has actually studied early church history has learned the Rapture nonsense
was unheard for about 18 centuries; however, one of the most interesting aspects
of studying what was believed is found in the aforementioned view that
Rome actually restrained the evil in its day.

This is particularly interestng because we have come
to the perspective that America is a parallel kingdom to the Roman
Empire and, because each of the kingdoms in the Christian era have
recapitulated strikingly similar cycles to their ancient counterparts, we are
convinced that America is restraining what the Apostle John called The
Spirit of Antichrist.

The definition of restraint is
quite broad, but the key to identifying such things is to ask just what (or who)
was being restrained. The book of Acts clearly shows the primary opponent of the
truth of the Gospel in the first century was the power of the Jews. There are
repetitive accounts which show the Apostles maneuvered within the Roman
structure as a defensive posture to escape the Jewish power. The Apostle Paul,
for instance, ultimately appealed to Caesar as a last ditch effort to escape
being murdered in Jerusalem.

Because Rome/Judea was seen in
the first timeline doesn't prove the pattern repeats identically. Indeed, if
global Islam has any any impediment at all (read restraint), we would have to
say it is America. Thus, if America were to "be taken out of the way" (II
Thessalonians 2:7), global Islam would be emboldened to ignite the world into a
much deeper military crisis than the various wars we're already seeing -- and
it's not hard to see who will be attacked. In such an all out conflict,
will be compelled to use the deadliest weapons they have, and the
world will be plunged into a period usually called the Great Tribulation.

This is precisely what is going
to occur, but since most of the believers are all tightly packed into that
Rapture bus as they figure it's leaving soon, they don't have enough room in
there for all those books that could tell them the truth. However, for those who
have ears to hear the truth, we'll remind the truly inquiring mind that it is
indeed the truth that will set you free.

For more on the truth about the
prophesied restrainer, and the role of America in Bible Prophecy, see the
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