Lost Pyramids Will Likely Open The Door TO The Devils The Satellite Images Which Discovered 17 Lost Pyramids Are Probably Part Of The Disclosure Plan

or those who missed the recent,
relatively low key media release, a researcher has now demonstrated there are an
astonishing 17 pyramids which are unexcavated. In what would have to be
considered the motherlode of archaeology, we would predict this astounding
finding is destined to be a key turning point in a long standing move to reveal
certain data from antiquity.

Many in the present generation
haven't had the opportunity to realize the enormous scope of a finding such as
this, but we would liken it to the cultural impact of a Dead Sea Scrolls
discovery, or in the lesser known, but equally important find, seen in the
Nag Hammadi
library. At least 20 years ago, this writer predicted we
would see either a lost chamber found in an existing pyramid, or some similar
discovery where we finally stumble upon information which opens up, once and for
all, the supposed truth of the ancients. Anybody smell an alien
disclosure here?

Tactically speaking, there can be
no more convincing way to "reveal" the truth of man's alleged early encounters
with extraterrestrial species than to have a seemingly spontaneous discovery in
some ancient place -- and we don't find very many places as old as a long buried
pyramid. In short, this is the stuff of legends.

One can only wonder just why it
took until 2011 to actually point one of those million dollar babies called
satellites towards the Egyptian sands. After all, we've had the kind of pinpoint
imaging where big brother can tell you what brand of hot sauce found in the
pinprick size stain you got on your shirt at that drive through Taco place -- so
how is it we're just now looking for something as big as a pyramid? Methinks
there's something fishy here.

Further, with Egypt in
political paralysis via the present turmoil, no doubt the "alien artifact" laden
NSA Officer will be welcome to bring whatever it is with him in a briefcase that
he wants to be conveniently found at the scene of the about to be committed

Many of our readers already know
the fix is in, so we could see anything from a photo-shopped birth certificates
to staged scandals in which millionaire bankers running for office are
conveniently caught in suspiciously timed sexual escapades with average looking
maids. It's all part and parcel of the global game of charades which is playing
out in our time.

Mark my words, we're about to be
handed the big lie, and you can count on Skynet pulling the Spiritual wool over
our collective eyes. I can hardly wait for the Beast to say we now know our
space brothers were here, and the newly discovered Hall of Records tells us they
are indeed coming back. And don't forget the punch line, because it's my
personal favorite: They're Here To Help Us.

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"disclosure," See the video on


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