Mormon Prophecy Says Religion Will Save The American Constitution Jewish Supremacists Move To Merge With Mormonism

he meteoric rise of media figure
Glen Beck, amidst the early American GOP polls which place Mormon
politician Mitt Romney as the current front-runner for the Republican
nomination, are but a taste of that which is to come. Riding an anti-liberal
backlash to Barack Obama's astonishing Islamic stupidity, and in spite of the
significant snickers from the snobs, GEO has already warned the
Mormons could very well rise to power in America. 

Few truly understand the media
revolution that is occurring, but obviously Mr. Beck is a master at perceiving,
and then manipulating the public's sentiments. Few can anticipate the impact we
could see when Glen Beck's new television network is launched. Media very
critical to every shift in the public mind, and Beck is positioning himself to
become even more powerful than he already is.

Considering the fact that we have
repeatedly predicted that when the cultural and political pendulum swings back
to the right, after the leftist disaster we've endured in recent times, the next
wave of radical conservative change could be downright astonishing. It could
also get downright nasty.

The unchurched fail to recognize
the true scope of the Mormon power, and how deeply ingrained religion is in the
American soul. Christians know that during ancient times, Joseph, the
lost son of Israel, was stranded in Egypt where he rose to unprecedented power.
Supernaturally warned of a great tribulation to come, Joseph's provisions became
the key to the survival of the family of Israel, who found themselves
sheltered under the powerful wings of Egypt. In this account, seen in the book
of Genesis, Joseph's two Egyptian born sons, Ephraim and
, subsequently received the reins of leadership of the tribes
of Israel.

Although Mormonism has a
downright bizarre theology that runs counter to primary Biblical precepts, their
people have been taught they are descendants of Ephraim for over a
century. The Latter Day Saint system (LDS) speaks of an alleged lost
tribe which came to America long ago,  and their story was
propagated in the 19th century by a man named Joseph, who shepherded the
fledgling group through a difficult birth of the sect. This places the Mormon
legend in a position to claim Joseph in America was recreating the
ancient Egyptian cycle, where the original Joseph wandered far from his Hebrew
roots, only to be positioned in a distant land in order to save his people years

The similarity is so uncanny that
a discerning observer will recognize a supernatural engineering in the way that
Mormonism developed. This is not to say the religion is in accord with
Christianity, or in tune with the true LORD of glory in any way, for it is not.
However, Mormonism's difficult beginnings inculcated a serious reliance on
stored food, preparedness, and good works -- all things which exhibit good,
common sense.

Conversely, mainstream and evangelical Christians have
swallowed hook, line, and sinker the stupidity of the Rapture Cult. In doing so,
they have also recapitulated the ancient Egyptian naiveté in their progressive
reliance upon the government. Thus, when America is crippled by the imminent
judgment of God, just as ancient Egypt was, a huge shift in power will occur.
Vast numbers of Christians will die because they've been taught preparedness
exhibits a lack of faith -- even as a disproportionate number of Mormons
will survive the forthcoming holocaust.

Simultaneous with the depraved
deterioration in the American political and cultural landscape, Messianic Jewish
theorists (Jews who believe in Jesus, but usually call Him by the decidedly
Jewish name Yeshua), have engineered a new theological system, which
seeks to unite the so called "lost tribes" of Israel with the Jews in the
contemporary political state. By redefining the tribes of Israel as the
progenitors of the European and North American Christians (and including all
decidedly unorthodox sects such as the Mormons), Israel is about to be
positioned to rule the entire world.

To a legalistic member of the
so-called "chosen people," seeking to re-assume what they consider to be their
rightful primacy, a Mormon looks just as pagan as a Roman Catholic.

Messianic Jews, as part of a
broad move to get back to the Bible's "Hebrew Roots," broadly view all forms of
Christianity as leavened versions of the Gospel. Thus, such Jewish believers,
presenting a very legalistic, Old Testament observant version of the Gospel, are
destined to rise to pre-eminence, and the presently developing alliance with
Mormonism is a significant part of the prophetic program. In effect, it's the
Old Testament rigidity brought back with a Christian veneer, and the very
conservative elements in Mormonism and Messianism are being drawn to it like a
moth to the flame.

Face it, in times of profound
change, life threatening disruption of normal life via catastrophic events, and
a soul killing slide into the Sodomocracy America has become, such a structured,
predictable conservatism is exceedingly seductive.

Revelation describes this
swing back to where things were so long ago as the healing of the deadly
, but believers can't recognize it, because they've been programmed
to see Israel as chosen when, in reality, the Israel of our time is

Thus, when Christians tell us
Israel was saved in the Old Testament, is not saved
now, but will be saved in the end times, they are unknowing describing
Revelation's formula which states

Beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless
pit, and go into perdition...." (Revelation 17:7)

This makes the so-called "church"
the False Prophet, the second beast of Revelation, who looks like a lamb,
but speaks like a dragon:

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the
earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." (Revelation

All of these events only need a
catastrophic trigger to set in motion the horrendous times the Bible describes
as The Great Tribulation and, unfortunately, the vast majority of believers are
immersed in the strongest of delusions.

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sleeper cell of Israeli Supremacism,
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