Scattering Abroad Independent Christian Emailers Are Scattering Abroad

n the occasion of His description concerning the nature of His mission,
Jesus Christ

stated that all who were not working to bring in the harvest to the genuine
Gospel, were actually working counter to His setting up of the Kingdom of God:

"He that is not with me is against me; and he
that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad." (Matthew 12:30)

the epic explosion of Internet activity surrounding "Christian" newsgroups,
email newsletters, and evangelically minded net activity of every stripe, we are
seeing a virtual Tower of Babel
with conflicting doctrines, hidden agendas, and the occasional intentional
deceit. In the majority of cases, what we at GEO
call "Eblasters," mean well, but they are widely ignorant of the fact they are
routinely sending out information that is seriously tainted. In short, the
majority of those who are seeking to help are actually doing great damage to the

This situation is vaguely reminiscent of the storyline of a movie some years ago
called Children Of A Lesser God. In the film, missionaries are working
with a remote indigenous tribe to tell them about Jesus,
and they've translated the Scriptures and Christ's name into the local dialect
-- but can't understand why the aboriginal people group are so horrified every
time they're told about the LORD. After years of living among them, they find
they've made a tragic translational error, and the name they used for Jesus
turns out to be identical to the tribe's historic term for their version of the
Devil. In short, although their intent was good, they spent years of their lives
teaching an entire culture Jesus is the Devil.

Similarly, in the silicon jungle of the net, a huge number of believers are
doing the same thing. In a significant number of cases, believers in
Christianity, recently awakened out of their lifetime of slumber (and frequently
alarmed at the rapid descent into the demonic in America), sign on to support
and propagate a Gospel that is actually part of the problem. Unfortunately, in
their haste to sound the alarm as they've suddenly realized the prophesied end
of the age is upon us, they haven't taken the time to do their own homework.

many cases, these alarmists are forwarding material that is indeed newsworthy
-- i.e. the government did this, or the looming ecological holocaust indicated
that -- however, the conclusion offered by the source they're citing usually
moves the reader right back into the corner the so-called "church" painted
themselves into so many years ago. Many Patriots are beginning to understand the
leftist paradigm is only flourishing in order to drive us into the arms of the
right wing -- which is just another dance with the Devil in a different costume.
This Dialectical trap is also occurring in the realm of religion. In short,
raising up one bad religion to force us into fellowship with its Dialectical
opposite is the wrong answer.

stop to think that Christ warned us about this very circumstance when He stated
there was a gigantic
that would occur at the time of the end, and it would creep up so unexpectedly
that it would capture the entire world:

"For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole
earth." (Luke 21;35)

those would-be helpers of the Gospel, the Scriptures say that God will hold
those who lead to a higher level of accountability. To those of you
non-Christians who have ventured to read this far, if you've been disillusioned
with what you've seen in the name of Christ, understand the plan to discredit
the truth was engineered long ago, and those who are leading the way are mostly
blind guides -- so it's still not too late for you to come to the knowledge of
the truth.

won't find Him in the churches, nor on "Christian" TV, but He is indeed the true
and on the last day, we will see there are a huge number of people who think
they're saved who are not. We would emphatically urge every person reading these
words to take a very close look at the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
You don't need to go anywhere, or sign up for anything. Just get a Bible, and
start in the New Testament. If you don't have one, we'll give you one -- no
strings attached. Do it NOW, while you still can.

For more on the Snare which was
prophesied to overcome the entire world at the end of days, see the online video


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